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NASAs Methane Rocket Engine Concept Is A Real Blast (XCOR XR-5M15 LOX)


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  1. @Puzzoozoo nerva? Methane is a great propellant. It’s not the most powerful, but it’s a lot easier to handle than hydrogen. Methane won’t leak through tank walls like hydrogen.

  2. Methane is a really smooth-burning propellant, I can tell by the sound and exhaust. I think it would be a really good propellant to launch humans, because it is so smooth. As for lifting quality, nothing is better than a bunch of solids strapped to a hydrox stage.

  3. youll be surprised to know that its maximum speed is quite low, infact its a midrange speed engine…. it simply looks good… if you wanna see a fast jet.. look up Gravitoelectromagnetic toroidal launchers or Bussard ramjets….. apart from warp drives, as fast as they get

  4. Haha did anyone else see the wheels on that thing? Imagine the acceleration you’d get if the rocket station wasn’t strapped to the ground. It’d be all the way to the Middle-East by the end of the video.

  5. I don’t know how practical this thing is yet but it would be awesome if the Orion spacecraft’s main engine was like that.

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