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DJ Steve Porter featuring Vince Offer – „Slap Chop Rap“


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  1. „stop having boring tuna, Stop having a boring life“ lol i didnt know boring tuna led to my life being boring! OH NOE! lol epic win! this is actually the informercial now xD

  2. This video made me realize something… I will NEVER buy this Slap Chop as long as I live… This commercial had to of been made in order to show stupidity at it’s best…

  3. LOL Watch this ur gonna love my nuts, Watch this ur gonna love my nuts, watch this u gonna, wathc this u gonna, watch this, watch this, watchc this I love this remix of the comercial and this party is hella funny!

  4. I had to search for this video, because they just played on Directv UHD channel 564 in a commercial break during Hidalgo an extended version of this video. It had me rolling that they are actually using it for a real commercial, minus the people dancing clips. Then they followed it with the regular version of the commercial. I know I’m probably like 40 years late on this one, but it rocks.

  5. @HeadOfBucket Not necessarily. Since like 90% of this video is footage and dialogue from their infomercial, it’s considered derivative works and they can claim ownership of it. He uses much too much of their copyrighted footage to claim fair use.

  6. Heartthrobber! dis bloody song gets me straight to cloud nine.. Cant stop listening to this album, downloaded it @ DownloadMusic.iK (replace K by m) , keepin listening to it wherever i go 🙂

  7. @Budaphly
    I couldn’t have said it better.
    My friend and I were barely paying attention to the tv, but when we heard this commercial we automatically began to dance and couldn’t take our eyes off of it.

  8. Watch this. You’re gonna love my nuts.
    Watch this. You’re gonna love my nuts.
    Watch this.
    You’re gonna watch this.
    You’re gonna watch this, watch this, watch this, watch this.

    How much you wanna bet that’s what he said to the hooker he hit?

  9. That was AWESOME!
    There was no BOOBIES!
    Is it cuz boobies are only good for Slappin‘ but not Choppin‘?

    All hail DJ Steve Porter for this masterpiece!
    -and Vince for the best pick-up line ever;
    „You’re gonna LOVE MY NUTS!“

  10. after a joint…i turned on the tv….around 5:00 am was that ad on……and i couldnt believe in my eyes..
    i thought the tv was making fun on me..
    its f***ing hilarious!!

  11. Woot! This finally made this on TV for advertising the slap chop! Just saw it a few minutes ago. I was close to buying one of them lol.
    DJ Steve, how much did they pay you to use it? If anything… ?

  12. I was on the fence till I saw the footage from Breakin‘. Then I bought me a mother fuckin‘ slap chop. Now my life is complete. Thanks Vince and slap chop!!

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    P.S nice video!

  14. This is my family’s favorite version of the commercial, but we only see the one that’s short and has the random girl dancer lol. This is better with the scenes from Breakin‘ or whatever in between, rofl. We have it recorded on the DVR!!! 🙂

  15. What’s the point of the slap chop. You still have to cut the pieces small enough to fit into the chop. Why not just finish cutting whatever it is that your cutting.

  16. I wonder if the guy in the commercial actually watched this video, and i wonder if he said „OMG I WAS REMIXED AND GOT 11.1 MILLION VIEWS, OMFGBBQ MORE THEN ORIGINAL VIDEO!!“

  17. I bought a fucking slap-chop just because Steve Porter told me to.
    I don’t normally have such a weak mind but after i saw my favorite song play on TV i couldn’t not buy it.

  18. Watch this, you’re gona love my nuts.. watch this, you’re gona love my nuts.. watch this your gona, watch this, your gona watch this watch this watch this watch this…what about the fruit?!…


  20. I saw a commercial on television that was just a ripoff of this with the copyrighted clips replaced with some stock footage of a girl dancing. I don’t think you could get any money out of it, unless their use of your music was illegal.

  21. Guys Vince went to jail because he paid a hooker and he tried kissing her while humping her and she acidently bit his lip and he slapped her and she called 911 and he went to jail for prostitution

  22. @Constipated1337 If you’re inferring that I don’t have a sense of HUMOR*. Well, you’re wrong, I do have a sense of humor,but seeing all these comments on youtube saying „(insert number of dislikes then say what happens to them)“ just gets very boring very fast.

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  25. @slothXII They’re handy, but they’re just a manual food processor. You can find a food processor for a little more than one of these and it’s even easier, and you can do the same things with it that you can with Slap Chop, maybe even more.

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  29. Can we have a new rule on youtube?
    „Once a video recieves a certain difference in likes and dislikes, its not dislikeable?“
    Because it is clear that anyone who dislikes this is just trying to be an asshole.

  30. @DrClay999 Ya rly no joke eh, of around (roughly rounding people) 76 thousand people 74,500 did like this and about 1,500 did not. I’m fairly certain that all the world leaders have had a worse ratio than that har har har…

  31. Damn I just wish they had 2 things for that hit it like this part 1 being the picture in the Onxya wipe 50dkp minus video of a wuvable fuzzy bear humping a sheep, and also a video clip of Chris brown (no not him doing anything evil just a clip of his face, hopefully when he had a big smile or something, where you could just know you hate him but it don’t matter cuz it’s so funny)

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