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UNRELEASED!! Michael Jackson’s New Single “This Is It”


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  1. @jaxxcapone dude, pull your head out of your ass and think a bt before you open your mouth. video upload date?? march 09. this means 2 things, video was made when mj was still alive and that he hwas probs hunting for kids born 1990 onwards. haha

  2. @davee200 what I was saying is he should of taken this video off here after he died out of respect this is a obvious take on michael jacksons homosexual tendencies he has a girllish voice and the cutaways to gay guys in the crowd screaming like women

  3. i’ve always liked Michael Jackson. I’m a man of few (some might say „no“) morals, so the whole pedophile thing doesn’t matter to me. He was an amazing performer and those people that tried to make his life a living hell can burn. (i’ll personally provide the torch)

  4. @middlefingerspamma
    Its funny to make jokes like that on any celebertie, the people who made those jokes did probably not mean it. It is not funny to make jokes about dead people, well not as much fun, but the fact that people first made pedophile jokes does not mean those people hate MJ.

  5. @MichelleJasonMJJ Dam right i am! he was a cancer to the world but it seems that since he was able to make music all of his wrong doings were over looked. If he is not a Chester why would he sleep with childern and have to pay millions of dollars to keep these cases out of court. May M.J. burn in hell for all time!

  6. @MichelleJasonMJJ WOW you sound like the ass here. i never said his music was crap just his personal life. If it was your child being given alcohol and taken advantage of i hope you could look past your love for the „king of pop“ and protect your family.

  7. I have to say I love this remix! 🙂 God bless you, MJ. You have always been a true inspiration and role model in this messed up, jealous world. Thank you for giving your heart and soul…and your life…all these years. With L.O.V.E.

  8. @MrShitstained Kids dont go to hell… Thats MJs total reason for being there….

  9. lol ive seen this before and it got stuck in my head. i cought my self saying, this is it, this is it, ill be, ill be, ill be preforming songs…….. and so on lol

  10. i miss mj moonwalk is my fv dance ever? some of it ican do but im working on it

    Me missing Michael so much and atm Michaels not done mp3 from
    ObtainJackson(dot)tk made me cry MJackson could not be done with Michael publishings

  11. He is sooooo? SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Im miss Jackson very much and now his not shown mp3s from
    ObtainMichaelJackson[.]tk bring me cry MJackson didnt make Michael recordings

  12. dude are you freaking retarded i agree? with megabitler why is there these kinda music on? are you like retarded or something? His songs were great, unluckily there are not recorded songs in his time he was deceased.

  13. @aacarbone12 what the heck is your problem? if u dont like Mj then why the heck are u wasting yours/ and the fans time on his videos.? it shows your immaturity and by going on his videos and taking your precious time to do all that u must like him because you clicked on the link to see somethin.? i mean who is that stupid to watch videos of someone they dont like? oh wait that’s YOU! so get off Mj’s stuff and go find yourself a life God dangit

  14. @BROWNBEAR219 reallly he was framed. i dont think so. if ur accused of that 4 20 yrs ur probably molesting children. also y did he always smell like 12 yr old boy asshole?

  15. @aacarbone12 you dummy what the heck how would you know what he smelled like? you freak.! and also con artists can go a very long time if they are determined to get what they want and in this case they wanted his money but they did much more. they ruined his rep and got haters like you thinkin that stuff. and a question, if it was true why would they themselves admit he died that it was all a scam to get his money? dude get yor effin facts straight before you go aroun typin shiz.

  16. @aacarbone12 O please look heres a little advice if your goona try and prove to me and tell me that Michael did indeed molest little children then please try and come up with a answer thats a little less childish and has less lame name calling and insluts and throw me some cold hard facts that I cant wipe the floor with that prove that Michael Jackson beyond a shadow of a doubt was a pedofile who raped kids ok your answer Im afraid only proved how childish you are.

  17. Love Love Love this and I have Loved Michael Jackson for years, not just becuz he „died“
    Thank You for Making Steve Porter…You Rock. Michael, thank you for all the years of music and dance. God bless you/

  18. @Pugslee3 you know what, people like you fuck me off. why dont you go and die. you arent half as good as michael jacksons little toe. you never will be. your just a fucking peice of shit. now leave the guy alone to rest.

  19. To all you MJ haters

    FUCK U ALL y waste all ur time on watching videos just to put fucking hate comments on them? Ther is no fucking point and to those who call him a pedophile get your facts straight before you start arguments about it. the fucking family wanted his MONEY and took him to court for no reason but that.

  20. To continue on from my last comment there was no evidence that he did molest them and to all those who thought he did are wrong he was a kind thoughtful person who wanted to help the poor and needy and the terminally sick people so GET UR FACTS STRAIGHT BEFORE LEAVING HATE COMMENTS


  21. I love this song !!!! l.o.v.e. Where is the beat from? Have you made it yourself ? I love it. I really do. From the bottom of the heart. Oh he’s soooo…… cute !!! !! !

  22. Michael Jackson Rules I got all his cd’s from the jackson? 5 to the jacksons then to his solo career he will always be the king of pop His tracks were still amazing, unluckily some are unreleased soundtracks before his death.

  23. @aacarbone12 LOL you sound really pathetic… If you’re gonna judge him then at least give us proof to back up what you’re saying. Give us reliable sources, video proof, anything that you can to not make yourself sound like a fool. Incase you’ve not already realized, he was found not guilty on all charges, plenty of evidence to prove that he’s innocent but none to prove he was guilty. „Before you judge me, try hard to love me“, remember that quote from Michael Jackson.

  24. @aacarbone12

    what the……you just proved my whole point you moron.
    This is why haters are lame, you can’t even back up your accusations. It just makes you look like a prize idiot. &how would YOU know what 12year old asshole smelt like?…..exactly.

  25. irregardless of what he did or didnt do, its about the fuckin music… and he was 1 of the best off all time. And if any of you dont agree, go through your momma’s record collection.

  26. @imanmjfanforever wwwwwwwwwoooooooooooorrrrrrrrrdddddddddd. to bad this aint english class, its the fucking internet dumbshit, i dont need no proper grammer. also did u no he admitted 2 letting children sleep in his bed?

  27. @aacarbone12

    For one; Michael didn’t sleep in the bed with the child, he slept on the floor, when he rarely did it was because the children kept begging him to sleep in the bed, and he didn’t touch them at all. And it was all intended in a loving way, not sexual, just because it’s ‚bed‘ it doesn’t make it sexual!

  28. @imanmjfanforever cmon, y would he have kids in his bed. There was no1 there except MJ and the children. Just answer this question, why would he even have kids in his bed, and why would he have them sleep over?

  29. this is it
    the.. this is really it
    this is the final curtain call
    because um..

    I’ll be i’ll be perfoming the songs
    I’ll be i’ll be perfoming the SAAANGS

    I’ll be i’ll be perfoming the songs my fans want to hear

    I’ll be i’ll be perfoming the songs
    I’ll be i’ll be perfoming the SAAANGS

    I’ll be i’ll be perfoming the songs my fans want to hear

    I love you, I really do, you have to know that I love you so much fromthebottomofmyheart

    Love it 😀

  30. @aacarbone12 k so this means if you were alone with a kid you’d do something inappropriate? that does not mean mj would. you don’t know there was ’noone else there‘ and if you knew anything you’d know that family had a history of fraud and false allegations, and in the end mj was found not guilty. so please leave it at that.

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