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Best Wrestling Match Finish Ever


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  1. @DJCandyManMike its because wwe and tna are nothing but over paid pansies.. i agree, the best wrestling ive ever seen is at indy shows where theres less then 50 people there.. support your local indy fed people

  2. This goes to all World Wussy Entertainment TNGay and Ultimate Fucking Crap fanboys these guys r the real heroes of Pro Wrestling and in MMA Bellator and DREAM those r the real heroes WWE TNA and UFC r overrated always have been always will b fuck u if I offend u stupid fanboy (or fangirl) p.s. save ur hate mail WWE TNA and UFC fans and complain 2 someone who gives a shit

  3. @indywrestlingrocks I’ll agree with you partially… WWE and TNA are for sure a waste of time. Nothing good coming out of them in a long number of years. However, how can you compare UFC to any mainstream wrestling? UFC isn’t wrestling 😛 It’s fair enough if you don’t like it.. but come on dude.. the two sports are opposites..

  4. @camrivacam I didn’t exactly say UFC was like WWE or TNA but UFC has alot of overrated guys right now I like 2 see innovation like in Bellator and DREAM in Japan u kno UFC been there done that see u later homeboy the only good guys in UFC r GSP,BJ Penn,Clay Guida,Lyoto Machida,Anderson Silva,Damien Maia, and some of the people I hate in UFC r Liddell,Lesnar,Mir,Nelson,and a few others I like UFC but that comment was 2 piss off marks no offense 2 u

  5. @ERock471 And you know what’s funny? The „pansies“ that are doing the same stuff constantly, will always be making more money than any of these guys, so put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  6. Omfg that was an insane set of spots right there. Best finisher to a match I have ever seen. Better than ANY wrestling on USA or Spike TV right now. You won’t see that on Really Awful Wrestling on Monday nights.

  7. @indywrestlingrocks did you make this account just to post that comment? I have nothing to say about your actual comment, but I’m curious nonetheless lol

  8. @smackknot the reason I posted that comment is 4 the simple fact there r hardly anymore „real“ fans of MMA or Wrestling it’s mostly marks and fanboys my mission on YouTube is 2 piss off every fanboy and mark I am the original Fanboy Destroya the Mark Killa and U kno how u defeat marks and fanboys don’t u with INTELLEGENCE cause most of these marks r not very intellegent so my mission DESTROY FANBOYDOM 4EVA !!!

  9. @jhniscolV2 watch a PWG or ROH dvd and you’ll see all styles of wrestling not just high flying alot of the matches r technical catch wrestling hold 4 hold u kno i’ve watched wrestling 4 a very long time and right now ROh and PWG r the top indie companies right now to u it may not b wrestling but it is screw the storylines screw the corny gimmicks and just put 2 of the best wrestlers out there on the same skill level and that’s a match

  10. @indywrestlingrocks
    im criticizing this vid. the back and forth action is admittedly cool. its fun to watch however this isnt wrestling.
    davey richards. kurt angle. steve corino. jack swagger. early scott steiner
    those are wrestling
    high flying stuff is just a lot of stunts, which are entertaining but leads to nothing in my opinion

  11. Sir you are ignorant of the sport. U want so desperatly to be a „purist“ that u sound clueless. What goes into these types of moves is some of the purest athleticism in the world.

  12. @jhniscolV2 i kno ur criticizing the video I like all styles of pro wrestling whether it’s high flying, technical, hardcore , lucha , puroresu , etc. that’s how you see who the best wrestler in their respective category is right now the best technical wrestlers r
    and that’s just 2 name couple of the world’s best

  13. @indywrestlingrocks
    im honestly not a big fan of lucha or hardcore.
    i understand the difficulty of lucha, but i just dont see it as wrestling. wrestling is grappling. it is catch-as-catch-can or grecco-roman. something that doug williams specializes in is wrestling.
    as for hardcore, dont get me started. the only hardcore i like was the one in mainstream. not over the top, and stil involved some wrestling. besides that CZW is garbage

  14. my ass. that was just a frankensteiner counter into a powerbomb style pin. Christopher Daniels monkey flipping AJ Styles into Samoa Joe then AJ doing a Hurricana off of that was a better move >.>. It was really athletism that pulled it off it was just simple physics of using someones momentum against them. still nice counter. Even though you could have seen that off Scott Steiner who would whip these guys ass in his prime.

  15. @ArsenalAza sorry if i offended u but almost everything in the mainstream sucks these days doin the same ole shit over and over again that’s because ppl r less intellegent these days releasing brain farts all the time I’d rather look at innovation than the same ole shit over and over again I like WWE and TNA but I want 2 see more frm these mainstream companies p.s. Morrison or Mcintyre 4 WWE champion?

  16. @livewithsin 4 the love of god do I have 2 explain everything I was not comparing wrestling 2 mma I just said wwe tna and ufc r overrated mainstream companies I’m rebelling against mostly everything mainstream

  17. @indywrestlingrocks i get you don’t like the mainstream, but what is your problem with UFC? how is it overrated? they’re the ones that brought MMA back, it made MMA bigger, brought in newer greater fighters. now back to wrestling, i like the indie stuff just as long as its not hardcore garbage. When it’s wrestling.

  18. @livewithsin You see it’s like this I am a fan of all wrestling and mma but that was just 2 piss off the smarks r u a real fan u say u don’t like hardcore I respect all forms of pro wrestling puroresu,hardcore,lucha libre,high flying,catch,technical etc. but as far as mma goes I like ufc but I wanna see guys swing 4 the fences not thai clinches up against the cage for 3 and a half minutes I wanna see innovation not the same ole shit over and over

  19. @indywrestlingrocks i was talking about promotions that are just grabage backyard wrestling hardcore, that to me isn’t wrestling. I’m a huge fan of UFC i like the Muy thai clinches where they hit those brutal knees, submissions that come out of nowhere, i also love it when they just go at it, just trying to knock the other man out.

  20. indywrestlingrocks….. all im going to say is if you dont like ufc or wwe or tna dont watch them then you dont have to come on here and complain about it. simple.

  21. tna is getting better……..wwe really sucks…atleast the new ecw originals storyline in tna will be good and hey do good hardcore bloody matches……but i juss wanna see where bryan daneilson goes

  22. @camrivacam I don’t like UFC, but I don’t compare it to pro wrestling, when they are two completely different sports, I just thinkg UFC is overrated and overhyped and that there are actually better MMA promotions out there like most of the ones in Japan like K1 for instance

  23. @indywrestlingrocks How do you feel about CHIKARA? Personally, I love it, but it definitely has all the corny gimmicks and storylines you bemoan. For that matter, PWG has its fair share of comedy and ROH has Prince Nana getting rich from Obama bailouts. If you think the wrestling and storylines are better on the indy circuit that’s your opinion (I’d be inclined to somewhat agree), but don’t try to break it down to anything more objective than a matter of taste.

  24. @DrunkEdgeSociety I complety disagree. all most every k1 fighter that tries to transition to UFC never makes it big in UFC, same goes for pride fighters. UFC is the best MMA promotion in the world.

  25. @DrunkEdgeSociety I complety disagree. all most every k1 fighter that tries to transition to UFC never makes it big in UFC, same goes for pride fighters. UFC is the best MMA promotion in the world

  26. Just so the stupid people know? So people are stupid for not knowing who these no-name nobodies performing in a gymnasium in front of 50 people who can’t afford tickets to a real wrestling show are?

  27. People, have some respect for non-pro wrestlers who aren’t in the big times showing off what they can do. From what I saw in this video, these two guys are better than half the WWE (not TNA) roster. So what if they are performing in a gym? If you knew anything about pro wrestling back in the day, ALL wrestlers who you love today and yesterday had to perform in these crap holes trying to get bigger, gladly. This is what they love and they do their best for ungrateful fans like you. Respect!!

  28. @MistaSteffy They pan and show at least 1/3 of the crowd. So do you think a whole 3rd of the crowd that is sitting next to each other would sit there and have no reaction while the other 2 sections stand up? Why don’t you use common sense first!

  29. @wwfsimulator1325 I did use common sense. Is it always at a show when something cool or funny happens that every single person stands up at the same time to clap? No usually someone stands up and starts clapping then the rest of the people do. Go to a live show or something.

  30. u know what i hate every wrestling video there is someone that says this is fake and then follow up by saying but still cool or something we know its fake yes it is cool so jus keep ur bad comments 2 ur self and btw

  31. ill just say this. these are great wrestlers and well this was a great finish but tna and wwf/wwe are too main stream to allow their wrestlers the chance to possibly suffer serious injury. i mean think about it. if you had matches like this every night including in the house shows then wwe would be losing atleast 1 superstar ever week due to injury and they would be liable for the bills due to the contracts the wrestlers have.

  32. Wow, that was amazing. Claudio Castagnoli and Mike Quakenbush are both great wrestlers, but that was just insane! lol. Oh, and I like how you threw in who was who at the beginning, for the „stupid people“ lol nice touch

  33. As cool as that last move was there is no way that could actually work without both wrestlers cooperating to do the move. Granted in all finishers both wrestlers are cooperating as the moves are being done but at least it is possible for one person to do a body slam on another without one person cooperating in real life. in a fight I actually gave a person a bodyslam in real life. No he wasn’t cooperating. There is no way this move, however, would work in real life.

  34. @24Pacs I don’t personally see it that way because I was an indy fan for many years. Eventually I got tired of seeing the same type of match worked, i.e., forced workrate, overblown choreography and it distancing from the original way of working.

  35. @DanTheManHatesYoutub you know, when it comes to wrestling MATCHES you don’t need the big stadium, the flashing lights or any of that shit, you need a ring and 2 wrestlers who have a passion for it and who can put on a great show

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