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Web cam captures home robbery


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  1. @JMRabil675 it’s probably a black dude that she saw on camera….would you say that it was a red SUV that hit and run you? or would you just say it was a POLITICALLY correct SUV that hit you?

  2. @sosmart3 Madoff stole Millions and Millions of dollars and drained peoples savings and retirement accounts…These black guys stole a kids wii and ate some cheese lol

  3. its 8;40 at night and som dude rang my door bell and there were 3 guys and they asked if we would like are carpet cleaned rite now
    wtf at nite
    glad i answered the door from ym balcony
    they basicly said they were robbers

  4. shes just describing them, i mean whats so racist abou it? the robbers are black and tehy are black, wth was she supposed to say? “ oh theres 2 robbers in my house and their chocolate cofee skin color?“ wth is so racist about just saying black? like nothing change if u call them white or brown or pink, at the end there still black.

  5. Ok.. I can understand that.
    Recognizing that these people are individuals who are making bad choices. And not an entire race is really important. But also is remembering that there are consequences to those bad choices.

  6. There was no problem with her mentioning the color of their skin, she was just describing what the people look like. I’m tripping over the people who turned it into a race issue earlier on in the comments though… I think we should be more concerned with how to treat the problem (the problem being kids who most likely live in geographically fucked locations, and feel the need to steal and commit other crimes) instead of pointing figures at a whole race.

  7. Exactly, I think we should be more concerned about how to treat the problem (the problem being young men in geographically fucked places feeling the need to rob and commit other crimes fro whatever reasons) instead of pointing fingers.

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