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Eight Impossible Video Game Feats Achieved

1) Halo 3 (360) – Legitimate Killionaire

2) Super Smash Bros (N64) – Fox vs. Two Falcons No Damage

3) Silver Surfer (NES) – Last Level Complete

4) Mario Kart 64 (N64) – 15 second Wario Stadium Finish

5) Guitar Hero 3 (360) – Dragonforce Through the Fire and the Flame 100% on Expert

6) Grand Theft Auto IV (PS3) – Escaping a Six Star Wanted Level

8) Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland (PC) – Two Billion Point Combo

Via Unreality – Eight Impossible Video Game Feats Achieved |.

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  1. nice job man, c if it was me i would get a bit excited after getting like 5 kills in a row then i probably would just start to get nervous and miss all my shots XD!

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