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Amazing Mario Level


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  1. Ha, for the people wondering if this is a real level in the game, it’s not; it was made with a level editing program called „lunar magic“ it’s kind of technical, but pretty fun to use. You can make your own mario levels with it. Obviously they can get pretty complicated and fun.

  2. it IS a real lvl! i own the game, and i remember it cause it took me forever to do! goodness i DONT lie.

    on another note, whats the point is picking a fight on the comment stream of a youtube vid? im not gonna stoop to your lvl, so next time, dont trouble yourself.

  3. its not a real level. Why do people lie on the internet? You could have said something truthful and people would have been equally uninterested in the truth so why trouble yourself.

  4. woooooooooooww

    this man is a amazing creator.
    i can’t believe in my eyes…

    i imagine the hard work watch he has.

    congratulations crafton200

    (sorry about some wrong words, i don’t speak english a lot, just a litle bit, because i’m from Brazil)

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