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Impressive Optical Illusion – Mindbender


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  1. aha.. that was nice… it because the grey one on top is surrounded by white tiles, and the gray one at the bottom i surrounded by darker grey tiles ( or at least thats what i believe )

  2. No, its real, its easy to prove, just take a screen shot of this, load into into a program such as paint shop pro, select the dropper tool to get the colour info, and you’ll see both squares are exactly the same.
    Its so hard to believe because they look so different, but really, they are the same.

  3. It’s Black Magic!!!!! hahaha….just kidding. That’s cool. Is there a website that I can print off that image, I like to show stuff like that to my nephews so they can try to figure it out on their own. (Home Research)

  4. I believe its just a natural compensation mechanism in your brain. Your brain notices how the B square is in a shadow and so, taking note of this it compensates for it by making it look lighter.

  5. „it’s contrast“ lol seems to me if you take any two colours and put one in the shade, the other in a bright light, they will look like different shades of the same colour. when they move A, they move it from light into the shade, then back into light.

    or am i totally wrong? 😀

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