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Blame Ringo – Garble Arch (A Day in the Life of Abbey Road)


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  1. @richimorton – AND they also have NO traffic lights. It’s done with braking. All the traffic lights in American movies are CGI, using images from the UK and old footage from Sweden from before 1967 (the year they changed sides). Please, don’t thank me again.

  2. @mtflesruoytsacdaorb Not necessarily driving on the right (although roundabouts seem wrong too ) but changing gear while steering just seems so awkward ! This does not change with practice . Maybe this is why all American cars are Automatic & they have no roundabouts !!!!

    Wow what a revelation – thank you so much !

  3. @mtflesruoytsacdaorb – OMG – WOW ! . . . I was just being facetious , but you know what ? You have won the argument for right hand drive hands down (geddit) ! Whenever i have had the misfortune to drive American or European cars it has just felt so wrong !

  4. @richimorton – True. Most people are right-handed. Safer to have right-hand drive, with right hand on steering wheel, and left hand for gear changes, than left hand on steering wheel and right hand for gear changes.

  5. @Sanjizzay the zigzag lines run in both directions away from a crossing and they mean ‚do not park here‘. you can not park either side of a crossing, and the zigzag lines are there to tell you that, this is so approaching drivers can see if someone is about to step onto the crossing. if vehicles could park right by the crossing, approaching drivers would not see pedestrians stepping off the curb to cross the road and could hit them. if you park on the zigzags you get points on your licence.

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