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Ken Block Gymkhana Practice – Amazing Driving Skills


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  1. that was an amazing clip! i would of pissed my pants if i was on that segway and some monster jap godzilla of a car with a god behind the wheel taming the beast doing a bunch spins around me…..EPIC

  2. @KevmeisterHo Wheel horsepower, it’s basically the true horsepower output measured at the wheels.

    The usual measurement is brakehorsepower, which is measured at the crankshaft.

  3. @dannifaye3oh3 sort of….. thay slide (drift) them round the corners to keep the speed (and look good). this is shwin what a rally car cud do if you wanted to im not shure of the hp of theis subie atm but in rallying its limmeted to 300hp i think 🙂

  4. @weealn34 I am not! But I dont mean that every idot can drive like that! but i can promise that i can drive like that if i have that car and dont need to worry about if the car wrecks!

  5. Fuck me „SABASTION LEOB would run rings round him, oh sorry he’s already doing that. Shows how good Ken Block is, look at the WRC standings, he’d nowhere to be seen. I’ve seen real pro rally drivers do this backwards while supping coffee.

  6. 6 troppo bravo ma come fai 6 un mito mi piace il tuo stile e la bravura nel guidare non ho mai visto un talento simile continua cosi 6 un grande…a un altra cosa ma quate gomme cambi al giorno??????????

  7. I bet this dude doesn’t even drink monster i personally hate that shit but they hook him up i mean come on that subaru i would „kill“ to have one every street would be a race track. He is legend though if anything monster gives you balls!

  8. i dunno how many comments i read saying he is the best driver ever, i think not, hes in 25th place in the WRC, the only time he wins is when he races Americans, he is good, but not even close to the best

  9. @BadBaru i get what you mean. but at least he tries his hardest to be the best. one day he will be if he keeps trying his best. pushin him self. and if you watch his other videos, like interviews n shit, he states he tries and he knows hes not the best….yet.

  10. Yes, it is a compilation of multiple shots and takes and yes, he is not the greatest professional rally driver and has had struggles in WRC. Even with those two points, anyone completely trashing the way this guy drives is either trolling or ignorant. The ones saying they could beat him on a road of their choice are also massively oversimplifying things, racing is about a lot more than the way you move the wheel and pedals.

    Bottom line, the man is a damn decent driver any way you cut it.

  11. @bajenman15

    Even though I never really been a fan of Ken Block, you’re just plain wrong.

    It takes years of practice to perfect these driving skills, but 5 seconds for you to type a comment on youtube.

    Just because you’ve done a couple spins in the snow, doesn’t mean you could jump into a 500+ HP AWD rally car and do this; please don’t kid youself.

  12. @Belbert95 Lol, yea i know, tbh I thought it was hilarious when they came to america and were making fun of it. And i was just making fun of them as they make fun of us, no true offence.

  13. @stevie2k10 True… American cars arent quite the performance of European cars, but at least in an American car the electronics dont seem like there trying to kill you by making it take 10 minutes to open a map while your trying to drive… :[]

  14. Ken Block has never won a meaningful rally in his life ….the only thing hes good 4 is skidding round car parks …he don’t know fuck all about racing or rallying …that’s why he ent won fuck all !

  15. @JasonHam41 i am a huge fan of rallying and this guy ent done shit…his claim to fame is skidding around a car park…which is very skillful…but its not racing and it wont win him any rally’s !

    Just a fans opinion

  16. @21RegimentSAS Of course my built wrx only makes 420whp but its my daily driver plus full weight, and im not the ceo of DC shoes… i only make a lame $700 a week, besides got other things to spend my money on..

  17. @EBTerriers Well at least He done great, Man… If you think hes not awesome, think again, not many Drivers could do that.. Ken Block, even if he is new at WRC, he’s already been anywhere, and won those races. He made perfect corners, breaking, and of course, accelerating.. Btw, I think Colin Mcrae can do better..

  18. @bajenman15 That is so offensive to a man like that, he would’ve spent years learning how to drive like that you silly Swedish prick!!! If your so good put up a video of you driving then asshole

  19. 1. I’ve never driven a standard (opportunity has never presented itself).
    2. This is the most amazing driving video I have ever seen.
    3. Given the opportunity, I’d like to learn how to drive standard
    4. Given the opportunity, I’d like to apprentice under Ken Block.

  20. @Neonblue81 you like that? well check this video there’s alot people crazier and have better driving skills than ken

  21. When have you seen real wrc pro doing this? Never! There is show drivers like Block and then there are real pros who can car drive fast! Drifting has nothing to do with rallying.

  22. @qettyz drifting has so much to do with rallying it makes me sick that you would say that. Ken Block is also a very skilled pro rally driver who would do donuts around you as you inched your away through a rally course. And was that not fast enough for you if you knew anything about cars you would have noticed that in most of the in car views he is in 5th gear, in a 6 speed sti, thats pretty damn fast.

  23. @timmy9428 umh, power sliding has everything to do with rally, drifting not.
    There is big difference in rallying and drifting. Drifting is slow and rallying is where car is pushed to the limit at top speed while power sliding.

  24. @timmy9428 If you knew the first thing about drifting, you would know that it’s RWD. Powersliding, which is what Block is doing…it’s completely different, it’s 4WD, and rally is 4WD. The handling characteristics are as different as day and night. But then know everything about cars, so I guess I shouldn’t be arguing with you, right?

  25. My dad had one of these. Not a tuned to the teeth one like this but still had a few mods and didnt stop my head banging back against the seat everytime he barely accelerated. Awesome fuckin car.

  26. @mzagas AWD, definitely. you can see the drive with the front wheels and he would’ve completely spinned if he was in RWD for the first corner. We went past 90 degrees!

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