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Cat On Roomba Vacuum Cleaner Robot


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    Omg. This is a cat. Riding a Roomba. A complacent cat. Riding a Roomba. A curious cat, riding a Roomba. I am agnostic / athiest, but this video brought my soul into focus in mine eyes. O. M. G. Best video on YouTube.

  2. @Baldev

    I’m proud to announce I was the #383, who didn’t like this video, and I believe you are douche, yelling at people in text, telling them to go to hell. YOU go to hell, sir, for not being able to settle with the fact people have different opinions. ;p

  3. Ohkay people, I don’t know WHO wouldn’t like this video, it’s pretty much the most peaceful thing on the planet, but if you feel the need to dislike it, then you can all just burn in a firey hell, all of you. This poor freaking cat is just taking a nice little ride and you have to dislike him for that? BURN ALL OF YOU BURN. DIEDIEDIE.

  4. @Baldev much agreed…… but trust me you wouldn“t want your worst enemy to go to hell. But whoever voted dislike has a black heart of cold miserable ruthlessness!

  5. is this mathboy with whiskers giving cotorra a blow job in pizza hut?is he in circles pooping a good 1 because erwins asshole flew his mouth to the moon in delight?or is this mathboy on wheels asking an 80 year old woman at burger king if he can get in front of her in line and fuck her to the song:went for a walk had dinner at my bros ……then yessenia gave stalking cat a blow job with fresh pasta haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  6. @Baldev they are stupid but dont say goto hell. Say get a life losers or something….

    THIS IS AWESOME!!! I have a roomba and im going to buy a cat to put on it!!

  7. @colemccamman Well, it’s a figure of speech, really (lol). It is a statement famously uttered by Mr. Garrison from South Park (Thought that was pretty much common knowledge, to be honest (no offence intended)). I wouldn’t suggest that someone be sent to hell for not liking a complacent Rhoomba kitty. <3 But perhaps to therapy... Thur be suntin' wrong wit' uh persoon who ain't like lil' cute kitty cat critters! lol..

  8. @yeuthub Au contraire! Verily I do accept that fact, and it is simply that I am voicing my own opinion, including the over-exaggerated ’surprise‘ for comic effect. One needs not include a disclaimer in each potentially controversial expression, when any internally developed idea will obviously be an opinion.

  9. @Baldev

    In a nutshell: I find the „music“ pretty annoying, and the video itself is average quality. There are way more funnier cats around the national interwebs.


  10. How wonderful to be so contented and awed by riding a roomba. Oh how we occupy our lives with such busy mundane tasks that we don’t take the time to just „ride the roomba“.

  11. Hello, my name is Carl Lucas of PETA and I am very unhappy with this video. This could be animal abuse because it endangers the health and wellbeing of the feline. It could get sucked into the vacuum or mauled by the robot device if it goes awry.

  12. @Yyyyzyyy you and your organization give me headaches!! you are too radical when it comes to small stuff like this!! you might as well ban people from having pets. by the way, MEAT RULES!!

  13. cat behavior problems… make em stop. nuuuu. thats what makes cats special. their own lil funny things they do :3 like my lil russian blue female. shes so cyoote :3 and what she does for fun is is jump up on your shoulder. and crawl carefully up on your head and flop herself over your head while your sitting still xD. even better when your asleep she sleeps on your face xD so funny

  14. Anybody know the song name? On my shows up as Breathe in (Instrumental) by Bayern 3-Band, but I cannot find that song….(App used is Shazam) I tried Soundhound…nothing turned up (another app like Shazam)

    Such a cute video!

  15. That cat can’t ride without a ticket. Also, the cat is drunk and does not have a license. I’m gonna have to ask you to please step out of the vehicle and cough out any fur balls you may be hiding as well as any catnip.

  16. @BetaScorpion dont worry!! were ok, we will call a truce and provide acres of flowing catnip & grass, and provide them with all the tuna they want. then once they take all our tuna and eat it- they will die of mercury poisoning… few will live to tell tales of the miss-hap, then their children’s children will once again mount even more fantastic floor vacuum robots- and go after the pet food industry.



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