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Awesome Didgeridoo Techno


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  1. @Ozscii
    it sounded awesome…but it sounded pre-recorded from the rockbox? i dunno, not sure!…but you can get close to that sound rolling ya tongue like a purrrr and using ya voice together in the drone.

  2. I had the opportunity of putting my hands on his music CD… it is just brilliant, it has a sensational mixing sounds of nature combine with technological noises that transported me somewhere in the outback.. Greetings from Costa Rica!

  3. nah fuck those guys – i never been ripped off worse than the time i went to see shpongle – cost me over £200 for travel and ticket, they played for two hours, began before the audience had got through the doors, no support, no encores, and to make it worse, it was a release party for an album which came out over a year later….good album though, but they know how to make money despite claiming spiritualistic enlightenment… – playing for shpongle would be beneath this guy! love an peace

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