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Retro Games – MechWarrior 2 – Gameplay. Wolf – Scorching Sand


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  1. Man, I loved this game so fucking much. I mastered the art of lagshooting on with my ollld fucking modem. Wasn’t even 56k. Some of my earliest online gaming. =) Good memories man.

  2. Image enhancement is reeealy improve the situation there )))))
    Damn how good it was.
    Each gamer has his own reality pulled on this basic structure.
    In memory of MW2 i have recreated intro in the a little bet advanced manner.
    So when you’ll got minute – check it.

  3. AHHH! The memories. I sucked at this game, but i was only 6 or 7. I loved it! And Ghost Bears Legacy! I have never played any other Mechwarrior games but this started me off on a long standing interest in BattleTech. I still love the Clans despite the fact the new ones make them look evil. The only other one I have tried was Mech Assualt which is an abortion of a game. Can’t wait for the new MW 🙂

  4. I still feel that the missile lock and missile salvo launch sound (in particular) effects from MW2 are the best in the series thus far. I wish they’d consider using the original recordings of those effects reproduced in higher quality for today’s faster machines.

    It shouldn’t be too difficult since, I’m certain the original audio samples would’ve been recorded in a much higher quality than what was ultimately released with the game.

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