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MGMT – Time To Pretend


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  1. i love this song but their harmonies on this version are disappointing. i hope it was just nerves from being on letterman and not the way their music usually translates live.

  2. It is funny to watch them back then. They were still getting their feet wet. Check out the 2009 and 2010 performances. Also I can NOT wait. I have tickets for the Columbia MD show in Aug. I can not F‘ ING wait!!!!!!

  3. it’s a cool band and this song is awesooome *with a high pitched voice*, studio and live version, but when i watched mgmt performing „kids“ live, it didn’t sound very good.. soo… Je ne sais pas 😉

  4. @didodadoo what the fuck? his comment wasn’t even rude or mean at all. he was just stating a fact. your comment on the other hand is ridiculous. are you a 12 year old?

    PS – letterman is boring as fuck. -_-

  5. They all have capes on! I don’t know for sure, but that could be one of the greatest onstage acts ever. Not definite, because I know there are a lot of awesome effects like lasers and fire. Still, they are all wearing freaking capes.

  6. I might say this band is the real thing- there is some quality song writting here in more then three of their songs – This live performance was well – simply weak- too much hollow reverb effect- missing that ‚umph‘ stage presence- that attitude we se in their production vids- but I’m sure they’ll get there…

  7. funny reference to Doors. Jim did say „high“ singing „light my fire“ at Sullivan’s and Doors got banned. MGMT didn’t say ‚fuck“ and might be back at Letterman.

  8. @elurseeknay huh..u think so too? i dug the song when i first heard it and the bands cool, but yeah they sounded off. what’s with the riff at the end? do they think they’re the doors, Lol?!

  9. it is true, although they still put on a hell of a show back then, they have become pro’s now. After recently just going to see them again and wathcing tons of their lives perfomances they have defenitly improved

  10. @Skywave89 I agree, it sounded fine to me… Being a big MGMT fan, they were younger here almost 3 years ago and were not as experianced as now. BUt they stll put on a hell of a show

  11. Maybe I’m being melodramatic, but I think this video should be one of those classic things in „rock music“ that you hear about all the time. MGMT debut. Feel like I’m watching The Who play their first live show or the Grateful Dead smoke weed for the first time. Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude.

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