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John McCain: A Chicken in Every Pot


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  1. these politicians talk super smooth but do fuck all for the country but run it into the ground and make profit for themselves

    all these rich cocks should fuck off to their ranches and allow decent people to run the country whos first priority is not themselves

  2. as a worker the Economic Crisis did not have any effect on me.

    what hit my life was the price of Gas.

    As for Wall Street and all the bankers and rich people that made money and created this so called Economic Crisis. That we the working class backbone that is fundamentally strong.
    Are not having to Pay for this crap with our Tax money. We are tried of paying for the Rich.

  3. He keeps evading the question then gets angry when the journalist asks him to precise his answers. He’s got nothing else…that’s why he can’t say anything. Plain and simple, he’s completely stupid.

  4. One of McCain’s major problems is that he often says things that underline his lack of knowledge in an area. Then he has to play linguistic Twister to cover his ignorance. Eventually, he pretzels himself so badly that no one (with a functioning set of neurons) can believe in what he says anymore.

  5. Now with the government taking over our banks, I honestly believe we have bigger issues to worry about in America. Let’s allocate these billions in a wasteful drug war over to more effective programs and put all these drug dealers out of business by legalizing it and taxing it just like tobacco!

  6. Any dumb Obama fan can take news clips and organize them to make McCain look bad. Well…At least 99% of his friends aren’t terrorists like Obamas oh and not to mention parts of his *cough,family,cough* Racist Preacher, Racist family members….hmmmmm You follow this dumb biased shit?

  7. i agree dont give the election to this shit!!!youll make one of the biggest presidential mistakes ever.However i dont really want that piece of poop Obama, to get it either america is not yet ready for such a change.especially now with the problems they face now, at home and abroad.

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