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The Infamous Double Slit Experiment


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  1. @jreaper5000000 It’s because the instruments we use to observe it disrupt how a proton acts normally. By being in a space that allows it to observe, the instrument does not allow the proton to act as if the instrument is not there. Or maybe it’s a little space ship and a tiny alien is like „Whoa, why is that thing all up in hur?“ We may never know :\

  2. @Kpatable in it. its the bollocks of learning it that bothers me. i wanna find out how a proton can sense it being watched and acts normal as if its a theif in a shop trying to decieve. lol

  3. @jkman10 Because it’s strong evidence that there may be things that we may never know… not because of the difficulty of the experiment but because it’s actually impossible to know. The double slit experiment takes the standard scientific method (theorize, gather evidence, experiment, observe, record results) and turns it on its head (as the act of observation determines the results on it’s own). Can it be understood, or is it truly unknowable? The implications are potentially disturbing.

  4. Being horny, and watching this … != Relief. Weirdest porn ever. „Two slits.. Every body splitting up etc.. “ Lamest gangbang. Big GangBANG Theory… Oh, there’s another channel I should annoy.. lol

  5. @JamiePolo1
    I actually came to this conclusion MYSELF BEFORE Stephen Hawking’s latest book was released, how about YOU do some research instead of telling people that they’re stealing other people’s work.

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