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KISS – Rare, Incredible Performance!


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  1. Now, that was hilarious….could you just imagine KISS playing this for real??? I’d have to look at my ticket to make sure is was in the right concert. LOL good job Sync’ing,

  2. Dear Father Demon, bless me for I have been Rick Rolled. It’s been years since my last Rick Rolling. I was weak and failed to see it coming. What penance must I do? Say one Hail KISS and one Praise the Band??
    Hail KISS!
    Praise the Band!

    Finally, I am clean again. XD

    Thx, dude… it was a great joke.
    The rest of you dissers, get a grip, it’s just a joke. Get a sense of humour.

  3. @melao1971 Yeah you give it all the big man talk over the internet…but would you really „kick his ass“ and why the fuck would you waste your time kicking someones ass because of a video…you dick. I personally thought it was pretty funny.

  4. Hey You don’t fuck with that!!!!!!! if i found you i kick your ass…’s not funny…scracht your ball if you don’t have nothing to do ass hole….more respect for this awsome band and fans…..

  5. This is my 7th time getting „RICK ROLLED“ today!!! this video is one of the best videos i have seen in a long time. The editor did a FANTASTIC job syncing. thanks for putting this on youtube. Thumbs up people if you agree!!!

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