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Squirrel on „Shrooms“


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  1. @BuffyGreen -:D YW-im going to repost it on FB.I nearly pissed myself laughing actually-not really but it was an excellent laugh and the video is well done also ;D-well done!

  2. Dear Mr. „All I can do creatively is put video games on my page“:

    Go to your kitchen drawer, open said drawer, remove dullest knife and shove it up your ass.

    You are not very nice.

    Recording guy from Squirrel on Shrooms

  3. @BuffyGreen

    How can you make an assumption like that? Woozy is stating, in a PERFECTLY legible way, that the noise you are making is ANNOYING AS FUCK.

    Maybe spend less time doing dumb videos to flood youtube with.

    More time practicing a skill you are good at.. like sucking dick.

  4. Wanna know what I hate? A screen name with a bunch of fuckin‘ Ys and Gs and double letters that starts with a consonant and ends with a consonant!

    Crap, mine does too!

    Regardless, You are not intelligent.

  5. WOW! I just tried to kick my own dick and could not do it. It’s true what they say about Ninjas.
    You’re Kung Fu is very good!

    Oh wait, that was a negative comment, wasn’t it? I take back the nice stuff I said about Ninjas.

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