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Learn Chinese (mandarin) with Yangyang 001


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  1. Looking for an English-Chinese exchange partner.
    Hey . My name is Yang Yang, I will be going to the US. for my PhDon International Disaster prevention Issue from 2012. I worked as an University Chinese(Mandarin) and Martial art teacher for 3 years. I love Music, and cooking. I am eager to do Chinese English Exchange study. I am patient, funny and skillful with students. I could be your good partner. Please email me.
    Skype : bruceyang751

  2. Looking for an English-Chinese exchange partner.
    Hey . My name is Yang Yang, I will be going to the US. for my PhDon International Disaster prevention Issue from 2012. I worked as an University Chinese(Mandarin) and Martial art teacher for 3 years. I love Music, and cooking. I am eager to do Chinese English Exchange study. I am patient, funny and skillful with students. I could be your good partner. Please email me.
    Skype : bruceyang751

  3. @MrDanieltang: 1: You mean the spoken or the written language? Distinguishing the spoken languages is very easy as they are completely different. The Hiragana and Katakana also clearly identify the written japanese language.
    2. It really sounds great for my european ears, though I prefer japanese.

  4. @MrDanieltang
    I’m afraid I don’t speak Chinese at all, but I’m very interested in languages in general. I also want to learn japanese and chinese some time, but what’s scaring me is the huge amount of characters one has to learn and the languages in general – I’m German, so learning English or Italian is quite easy for me as these languages have pretty much in common. But asian languages are completely different and don’t have anything to do with German.

  5. @J0tunhe1m
    dont worry friend,look at us,china is also not europe,but we know english as well,chinese language is the oldest language in the world,and lots of japanese language writing ues chinese word,two of us(china,japan)has very good culture

  6. i really want to learn because im so close with chinesse ppl we are always around them like i love to go to hong kong but is so hard to learn keep making more vids:)

  7. As a Vietnamese boy, I can tell you, dear Americans and Britons, there are much more difficult Asian languages than Mandarin which have up to 9 tones/pitches (whatever you may call them). So, learning Mandarin should be a little easier than some other Asian languages.
    And to this video host: You are soooo beautiful. And great video lesson.

  8. lol same thing in sweden, when we go to US in businesses and they say „how are you?“ there’s always someone of us saying „well.. i had a argue with my wife“ and then all americans look weird at us lol

  9. @qq910323021 Well I disagree. Because when I went to Taiwan and used things I learned from Rosetta Stone they corrected me right away. The strong R sound from some words with the Northern accent will get you a swift and immediate correction where they have a southern Chinese accent.

  10. @dbielby
    Its more like the situation for English .
    there are black english.chinese english .japanese english
    korean english ..
    but as long as u can understand them ..its English..
    accent doesnt matter..
    however..for some places in china .they dont even speak Mandarin .In China ,it is just the official language ,they speak their own languages such as Hokkien,Cantonese,Hakka,Tibetan

  11. I think she’s absolutely right about people in America. Generally when people here ask you how your day has been, they don’t actually care. They’re just being polite. Usually it’s asked when people pass one another when they’re walking… but no one gets a chance to answer because they keep walking in different directions!

  12. @0oRevano0 The ‚r‘ sound in Mandarin isn’t a sound found in English. It’s the same likewise. The English rolling ‚r‘ isn’t found in any of the East Asian languages. The mandarin ‚r‘ sounds like the ‚j‘ sound in pleasure. It’s like trying to say an ‚r‘ without rolling your tongue and it ends up sounding like a ‚j‘.

    In Malaysia, most Chinese folk here can’t actually pronounce the ‚r‘ because it’s quite unique to the mandarin dialect. So most just end up pronouncing ‚r‘ as an English style ‚r‘.

  13. @0oRevano0 well „wo jiao“ is literally „i’m called..“ whereas „wo shi“ is „I am..“ either way will work if you’re saying your name. ie, „wo jiao Allen“ or „wo shi Allen“, however using „wo jiao“ for your name would be better. if you’re talking about your profession, you would say „wo shi yi sheng (doctor)“ or „wo shi lao shi (teacher)“ not „wo jiao yi sheng“ or „wo jiao lao shi“ because that would mean, my name is doctor or my name is teacher.

  14. If you are interested in learning Chinese online, I would like to recommend another professional Chinese tutor, add my Skype to inquire about online lessons:


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  15. I’m planning on going to China with my dad for a month (I love to travel and he’s never had the chance to go somewhere other than resorts in Mexico or Hawaii before) and am trying to learn some Mandarin for it and I have to say, I was TOTALLY impressed by this video! It makes Mandarin seem so accessible and doable! Thanks for the video, I’ll definitely be watching more 🙂

  16. I’ve watched a couple of beginner Mandarin videos, but this is my favorite out of all that I’ve seen! Simple. Not too fast but not too slow. Great explanations.
    I’m Thai and my language has tones too. I’m glad I can hear the tones because most of my American friends can’t hear the difference.

  17. @dbielby u know in china, there are too many local accent, even though the northern Mandarin accent is the most standard , but Northern Accent also have many local accent. but don’t worry about it. YANGYANG’s accent or her pronunciation is very very standard!

  18. Ohhh thank you so much!! Mandarin to me is the most beautiful language in the world and I have always wanted to learn it. Thanks so much for the lessons! :3

  19. You’re such a good teacher! I wasn’t very keen on learning chinese because I found it just impossible to learn. I got impressed by your class and now feel motivated to keep up with this.

  20. Actually, when you really think about it, the word for „you“ (ni) takes on the second tone when you say it in the context of „ni hao“.

    On its own, it is a third tone word, but in the context of „ni hao“, I would say it resembles the second tone far more. Same goes for the word for „me“ (wo).

  21. Hi Yang Yang ! My name’s Flavio, I’m from Brazil, we have many chinese people here in our city , the most part of them don’t understand me….that’s why I would like to learn your language to get in touch with them and make some new friends. I currently speak portuguese, spanish and english and I’m really enjoying your kindness in teaching chinese….It’s awesome. i would say that pronunciation is not so hard to get, however the simbols are so tough to draw. I’ll keep studying hard with youXX

  22. Very nice… simple and clear. Step by step. but the lesson fee is a bit too expensive for me… 80USD/50mins? But maybe it worth if I could really be able to speak afterward.

  23. This is a good lesson that includes some of the most basics phrases for learning Mandarin. Learning Chinese isn’t easy by any means, but it isn’t impossible either. I think the most important part of learning language is hard work, you just need to keep practicing and practicing. I do agree with some of the other posters that learning Cantonese must be harder than learning Mandarin because there are even more tones. Check out my channel if you want to see lessons on related mandarin topics.

  24. I know this is a long shot.. but I’ve been trying to find someone that can read Chinese to help me. I’ve been trying to use a Chinese website (which I can’t read) to download a video game link. If someone is kind enough to help me register with the site (google translates the page, but not all of it!), I would really appreciate it! Leave me a message on my page.

  25. @tannguyen1981 thats interesting, but u must understand tones are difficult for westerners at first. i stopped speaking mandarin for over a year and now i have to re-practice tones again. Until i can actually travel to the east to practice my mandarin and really learn cantonese and practice my japanese and work on my korean then i will be able to move on to other languages around asia and its many islands and possibly learn them.

  26. I’m curious; I study Mandarin with Rosetta stone and quite a few key pronunciations seem to be different. Are there signficiant differences in pronunciation between the individual dialects that would explain this?

  27. Lol…I am a Chinese native speaker and I watched this video…after learned the beginner Spanish ,Chinese is a much easier to learn , believe me, the grammar is easy, but while hard to pronounce and write,,the other way around with spanish…

  28. @heinz57mama I know, that’s why I said, ‚there are much more difficult Asian languages than Mandarin‘. When I said that I included Cantonese among those Asian languages. If I ever want to learn Chinese, I probably would choose Cantonese because the melody of that language sounds much very alike Vietnamese. This same could be said about Thai as well. I don’t understand any Thai but when I hear Thai, I sometimes think I would be listening to Vietnamese.

  29. @cmatrix4761 No, most Chinese dialects are so distinguish like the difference between Scottish and English, for example Cantonese is a kind of Chinese dialects.

  30. I don’t really like the language chinese (i’m a cantonese speaker) although i’m a chinese
    it’s very difficult, i usually failed in my chi tests and exams.

  31. @a0001521 there is no language called chinese. chinese is actually a language family. cantonese also belongs to the chinese language family. so is mandarin, taiwanese, shanghainese, etc.

  32. @SirFancyBubbles there is no language called chinese. chinese is actually a language family. mandarin belongs to chinese language family, and it’s the official language.

  33. That was brilliant…..I would love to learn how to read and write in Mandarin.
    This has inspired me to perhaps take classes.

    YangYang is cute. Forget „thank you“, I want to learn to say. Hi beautiful.

  34. how are you and beautiful story youre talking to them ,haahaaa same thing in Poland -we say Hi or good morning and thats enough but for some people its a great idea cause it makes them more human;) anyway -this is a great lesson thank you very much fot posting it!!!

  35. @namitsu1 „ma“ don’t technically have a tune, but it sounds closer to the first tune -, you know how in music there’s a scattato note??? that’s basicly how you pronounce „ma“, with a bit of the first tune.

  36. This is more annoying than helpful. I also wonder how highly these weak-minded individuals would have rated this video had Yang Yang not been attractive. *sigh* Animals are so predictable.

  37. Beautiful Yang Yang, although I don’t agree with your language, I agree with your beautiful looks. I love Eurasians, and you must have a Caucasian father mixed in somewhere down the line, much like the Eurasians of China such as Mongolians and Tibetans, when Hun-Turkish invaded China during Han Dynasty.

  38. why you want to marry/sex our chinese male/female? because you’re not accepted or respected by your own race? exotic show off? What’s your good argumentation? any blog for this public opinion? BBC? New York times? der Spiegel? just curious

  39. @mhks68 im younger than most of u AND i know what im talking about. Test Paper? Stocatto is usually used in music so that rele and truly has nothing to do with it. Oh sarcasm, i get it now! fuckin asshole.

  40. @AltaicSupremePride
    uh, Altaic faker, just because an Asian is tall or has bigger eyes or pointed nose doesn’t mean they’re related to Caucasians. 100’s millions of people in China will have these physiological features and they’ll tell you they’re pure “Han Chinese“ ethnic.

    BTW, your alleged “Han Chinese vs Hun Turkish“ propaganda is utter nonsense. Hans and Huns are from the same Xia ancestry, and before that Chinese characters developed from Banpo and Jiahu, the origin of Turkic script!

  41. Holy Smoke! I am 46 and was just thinking about Rosetta Stone to learn Chinese. After watching this I am positive I am too old to learn a new language. Should have done it when I was younger.

  42. @allmostout

    There’s an interesting story about this. A famous applied linguist named Stephen Krashen met a very elderly woman in Eastern Europe (forgot which country) who spoke 17–count ‚em–17 languages. The woman, speaking to a Krashen already in his mid-fifties, talked about his fortune about how much time he has left in life to learn more languages.

    It’s never too late to start. I teach English to people in their 70s who never learned a second language, and they do great. You can do it.

  43. xie xie yang yang. this is wonderfully done! sure to help me along! ive always wanted to learn chinese .. i cant wait to figure out the lettering system haha seems hard tho!

  44. 感谢 and 多谢 actually sound more more like proper chinese then 谢谢… we kind of lose touch with the complexity of the language, it kind of like doublespeak… lol.

  45. Hey guys, I was just woundering. When you learn chinese, do you learn the character along with every word you learn?
    Also, do you learn how to write the characters or just how to read them?

  46. Good video but i did notice when you said ni hao you used 2 3rd tones however whenever you have 2 conescutive 3rd tones the first 3rd tone becomes a second tone. Such as so -> nǐ hǎo would become ní hǎo

  47. AltaicSupremePride: Do you have anything else to do other than dreaming about being caucasian? cengiz haan was a caucasian?(maybe only in your sick dream!) and mongolians and koreans are caucasians? You better go to hospital! You are from a brave nation? You can’t even bear different opinions in your channel! Get a life!

  48. i’m watching taiwanese dramas for learning mandarin recently. am i doing it in right way?; i’m worrying because first step is very important. which mandarin is more good to hear? and….is shanghai language very different with basic mandarin?(i heard that even beijing people have different pronunciation with basic mandarin) beijing or shanghai how much they are different?

  49. @soundofocean
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  50. I am an Arab girl trying to learn the Chinese language for more than 9 years
    I could not get any lesson or any help in learning the Chinese language
    And I need to learn

    You put your great help to me

  51. What a superb clip!, She explains the tones really well, is there a whole language course by this lady, or something done as well as this?, as China assumes a bigger and bigger role on the world stage more and more people like myself will be interested in learning about Chinese culture and even having a go at learning the language.

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  64. @funkytownchannel
    The 5th tone is used very specific and few cases.
    I only know one, is „嗎ma“ you put at the end of questioning sentence.
    The tone doesn’t go up down but stops shortly

    ps:sorry for the late reply…

  65. I am a Foreign born Chinese, and I have considered learning Mandarin (my grandparents speak it). But it seems that my business partners in China are getting better and better at English everytime we conduct meetings. I’ve noticed many road signs in Chinese also have English translations too.. hmmm… I don’t know. Maybe I should spend time learning something else such as IT or similar computer course… I really like computer stuff

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  72. OOOohhhhh … Miss. Yang Yang, i’m so crushing on u… you are so pretty and cute… … i’m going to watch ur video everday.. Shie shie :P… you are such an exotic oriental beauty… you remind me of orange blossoms… can’t wait to learn chinese and write poems on you.. 🙂

  73. Thanks, I was very happy to take your first lesson. I have been wanting to study Mandarin for years but I am so busy that I couldnt think of a solution for fitting it in until now. Please tell me you have recorded hundreds more lessons? I am very interested in understanding the Chinese culture more.

  74. thx Yangyang for this learn Mandarin fun primer, anybody who can bilingual with Mandarin along with English or Spanish will be way ahead of the curve to success!

    BTW Watch out for racist and propaganda trolls around here pretending to be Chinese or Korean, or some other Asian ethnicity to try and raise hatred among Asian nationalities! It’s the cheap way for some department of defense against China to destabilize Asia without using bombs and rockets!

  75. Chinese is probably the most poorly designed language and it hasnt evolved since the stoneage. How about using an alphabet of like 30 symbols instead of having to learn over 10 000 kanji and their different combinations

  76. @Nurg0 It is true that Chinese is more complicated as compared to other languages, and hence not suitable as a global language that connects the world together as compared to English. However, it is this complicity that grants it a better ability to accurately express an emotion or feeling. For example, there are various ways to say sorry, including 不好意思、抱歉、对不起 etc. Although this is seemingly redundant as compared to the simple and sweet sorry, it is more effective in expressing the intensity.

  77. @Nurg0 As any person who is skilled in more than one language will know, it is impossible to directly translate some words and phrases from one language to the other. Hence, we should not criticize any language as being ineffective, as as long as it is able to facilitate communication within the population that uses it, it has fulfilled its purpose as a language.

  78. @Nurg0 Poorly designed? Are you kidding me? Can you not see the effort put into the characters or kanji as you like to refer to it. I assume you’re somewhat familiar with Japanese since you mentioned kanji. So will you be criticising Japanese as well for borrowing a „poorly designed language“ for one of its alphabets?

  79. It’s always funny hearing a foreigner speak chinese. They would almost always pronounce every word with the same tone.

    btw, the third tone is overly complicated – going low then rise. I was taught it as a low tone and that’s it – like the „per“ sound in „paper“. I am sure many people pronounce it that way, especially when they speak fast.

  80. @Kuzya3k i really doubt you can pronounce chinese tones fluently. I do not know of a single foreigner (not raised in china) who can pronounce chinese tones perfectly – without some sort of foreign accent. That said, I am sure your friends will be impressed anyhow.

  81. @gwajadanji Taiwanese accent of Mandarin is the best in my opinion. It is clean, and free from the turn twisting crap that Beijingers use. I can’t stand Beijing accent. But, if you’re trying to learn Mandarin for the first time, watch out for the other dialect (a.k.a taiwanese / hokkien) that are often interjected in those dramas.

  82. @DarthChrisB Maybe the characters are too complex for him. Chinese words aren’t so bad to learn, it’s similar to Japanese. There’s just alot more of it than in Japanese. Like 大学, those two characters on their own mean different things as I’m sure you know but together they make daigaku. So its quite similar, its just there’s no hiragana or katana to break up the words but its not as hard as reading Japanese without any kanji in a sentence. I find it hard to read only hiragana by itself.

  83. I am also trying to learn Chinese. Although I am of Chinese nationality, I grew up in a western country and mainly speak English. I am looking for someone, preferably from China or someone with very fluent and accurate Chinese pronunciation. Would be great if that person has Nimbuzz on their android phone or skype…

  84. I am teaching Chinese Mandarin on skype(id: roaming.gpiggy) for free,and I’v collected all of my friends who are learning Chinese on my QQ group(id: 119679521),They can get my lesson there everyday,and share their expeirences about learning Chinese.Welcome to join us!

  85. @KatPianism true ~my auntie she is from north vietnam ~and she has been to china about few year ~first she started to learn contonese and now she can speaks both of them tooks her about 5 years

  86. @ChinaFace27 don’t pay attention to him, hes just one of the millions of Youtube trolls…….. i don’t know if any of you notice, but almost every single video that is even remotely related to China the chinese or any other asians….. half of the comments there will involve racism and trolling…… and probably 1/4 of all those comments include the word chink, gook, or any other original slangs they invent themselves such as how this guy said Chinknese

  87. @pokenei You’re right. I meant that it wont sound like garbage, but I’ll sound pretty close. It’s like how Spanish people raised in a Spanish country coming to america always has that Spanish accent under their tongue, but they can still speak pretty good English.

  88. to poenei doubt taiwanese accent sounds nice. its bitchy and choppy especially when spken fast

    lots of shanghainese, beijingese, hongkonese dont like that accent. but only taiwanese say its best. u need to take into account foreign opinions

  89. @Crapidiot i dislike Beijing (northerner) accent because they twist their tongue too much. I have a hard time even understanding what they’re saying. I think the best accent is having no accent. Just straight, clean Mandarin which Taiwanese and perhaps many part of mainland Chinese people speak. I don’t recommend hongkong accent…i think it’s more like bad Mandarin. However, the new generation do speak good Mandarins.

  90. @pokenei Yes I am agree with that. But they said that Beijing accent is 标准的 (standard). Me? I prefer the southener accent, it’s easier to understand.

  91. @OomJim this is the best form of chinese to know?

    i want to learn but if i am going to I want to know the most widely spoken one, so mandarin is like main language in china?

  92. @valushka21 I am also learning chinese but i think its kinda easy than it seems. I dont know how you are learning but I started by leaning the pronunciation, proceeding to how to introduce myself and I have a chinese friend who I practise with. I hope this helps.

    All the best

  93. @OlderG0ds yes, this is the most widely spoken chinese, in mainland china. If you wanted to know a language that’s mostly in one area like Hong Kong, it would be Cantonese, Hakai etc. But mandarin is definitely the most useful to know, unless you plan to just visit Hong Kong.

  94. i told my friends that i was reading a magazine for kids and that i saw that a little girl could rite very difficult chinese letters so i told them the name and spelled it it was something xiao and then shes like how can x turn into sh? lol i was like THATS JUST THE WAY IT IS lol

  95. @mygodDYLAN1 i ilved in china till i was 7 years old. myy current location is uk and im 16 years old so i havent’t gone back to china for 9 to 10 years now so i forgot how to write chinese and read

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