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Pole Dancing Clip


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  1. @TaraKarina i like it first i would see pole dancing like a thing hoe’s and stripers do but this is different you make it look like body expresion ^^ you’re art

  2. @caroll5682 you always get burns and brusing when you start, after my year off i have burns and brusing all over again – it’ll go in time when your body adjusts to the pole and movements πŸ™‚

  3. You have amazing control of your body!! If I were to jump up on a pole, I seriously picture myself sliding immediately back down the pole. lol I love how you can hold your body in amazing positions and move super slowly.

  4. It is obvious that you’re not a stripper, you lack the provocative movement. But you are AWESOME on the pole!!! I’d love to see a floor show but you’re too classy for that. Keep it up!

  5. holy shit….that’s amazing…it’s erotic (in a sensual way), but also I have such a respect of you, because the move are unbelievable…

    very very good…keep it up!

  6. Absolutely beautiful. The amount of muscle this must require…legs, arms core, it must be one hell of a workout. And I assume you have to stretch and warm up before hand and do a cool down after words as well…but jese you must have some muscles…

  7. Your wonderful! It makes me miss dancing so much! i had to quit after a bad car wrech which broke my back as well as my pelvis in 18 places. But I think I might put the pole back up and see what i can do, You inspire me!!!

  8. @blindspy hahahaha you people make me laugh, simply for the fact you love to judge, if you’d read my page or even the video info you wouldn’t look like such a twat!

  9. @52lionsmane do it do it do it! i can’t stress enough how good it is, it’s fun, stress reliving, i would teach anyone above 18, i saw a 70 odd year old woman pole dancing not long ago! do it do it do it! πŸ˜€

  10. You know, I think this video drastically changed my views on pole dancing! I thought it was reserved for, well, you know. But you are really talented, and it looks like you enjoy what you do!

  11. I normally always associate pole dancing with being slutty, but watching you has made me notice how artful and graceful it can be. If anything your dancing reminds me of mixing salsa, ballet, and gymnastics together and just adding a pole to hold you up. πŸ™‚

  12. This is pole dancing with class. You are a very serene dancer.
    I know that pole dancing isn’t just for strippers, pole dancing is just another form of art.
    You must have a lot of strength to be able to do those moves. πŸ™‚

  13. Whenever I see people pole dancing I never really think ‚omg slut/whore/whatever‘, I’m always just in awe that they can do that kind of thing ^^‘ Bravo. It looks so cool (and difficult). πŸ™‚

  14. you look great!!!! I am 29, with four kids….am going to get into this again, just in my own home as a way to get my body back to what it once was…it really is a great form of exercise, toning, and helps ypu to feel like you are sexy, to your husband, boyfriend, yourself!!

  15. @AwesomeGamer4 yeah she really is, so supportive and she finds the beauty in my dancing. she also understands and appreciates how hard it. very proud of the fact i’ve been working so hard to improve my health.
    (yes i DO understand that your comment was in some way meant to suggest my mother would be dissapointed in my form of exercise – but it just so happens she’s not, because she’s open minded, doesn’t judge, and all round rocks!)

  16. @ohitalo A, your video is 1:52 long, B, correct me if i’m wrong but you stopped and looked knackered, C, your not really displaying any „correct“ moves – which will result in you hurting yourself. D, nobody in the pole profession likes a „i’m better, your sh*t“ attitude, and finally E… do brush up on your manners.

  17. @masharcool123 a slut is a common word for someone who engages in sexual ativities with many different partners. a pole dancer is someone who dances with the aid of a pole… geddit now?

  18. I’m not sure if it would be at a „10 years experience I do this professionally“ level. But I still think it’s pretty darn good. When your going into your moves, you could probably be a little more fluid, but other than that, I think it’s pretty sweet. Good Job.

  19. People think of „pole dancing! oh she must be a whore blah blah blah“
    in my honest opinion,
    pole dancing is sexy. and after seeing this…
    girl you got it going on. (nohomo.)
    defenetly graceful, and it takes a LOT of upper-strength
    to do what she did at 3:12.
    Hands down the coolest thing i’ve ever seen anyone do.
    this woman deserves an award!! thumbs up if you agree.


  21. it takes alot of upper body strength, to pull this sort of exercise, pole thing off. its sad how many haters there are, i would pay them no mind. thr just jealous, they wish they could do it! and if they dont there boyfriends wish they could! i also love how you put a spin on it and are teaching classes, did you know that 45% of business’s out her are women owned! i def cant do this, but would love to learn. YOUR AWESOME

  22. @ohitalo Bhahaha u fag!! Ur the first guy I’ve seen pole dancin plus ur shit n fat leave it 2 da pros…..da girls……. m8 get a life!! you’re to young to be pissed n lose some weight btw dnt comment on sum1s vid sayin it’s whack n u can do betta cause honestly she owns u plus she has more stamina unlike u n she’s good lookin ur jst a fat slob!! Also get sum manners

  23. A big laugh for all the dumb people who either say that you must be a whore because you pole dance and say „I’m much better than you“. What you displayed in your video was extremely elegant and delicate, not to mention the amount of effort that you put into learning how to pole dance. I wish I manage to be as skilled as you one day!

  24. @Yetuset Wait, I just looked at your profile and it say’s your 42? tell me this is a mistake because your comment seemed like it was from a 15yr old.
    As for saying you hope I contract Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome or the advanced stage of Human Immunodeficiency Virus, that’s just pathetic and rather sad

  25. @Yetuset I’ve not looked at the origins of this thread, but I am curious as to how you came to view this video in its entirety if it bothers you so much? What exactly were you browsing for when you stumbled upon ‚pole dancing clips‘? Seriously, explain yourself.

  26. wow, you move so beautifully! i never new pole dancing could look so fluid and graceful! and it looks like it requires so much strength! and i find that there was nothing vulgar about this clip at all, dont understand the rudeness of some comments… or why if they didn’t like it they searched for it.

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