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Pole Dancing Clip


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  1. wow, you move so beautifully! i never new pole dancing could look so fluid and graceful! and it looks like it requires so much strength! and i find that there was nothing vulgar about this clip at all, dont understand the rudeness of some comments… or why if they didn’t like it they searched for it.

  2. @Yetuset I’ve not looked at the origins of this thread, but I am curious as to how you came to view this video in its entirety if it bothers you so much? What exactly were you browsing for when you stumbled upon ‚pole dancing clips‘? Seriously, explain yourself.

  3. @Yetuset Wait, I just looked at your profile and it say’s your 42? tell me this is a mistake because your comment seemed like it was from a 15yr old.
    As for saying you hope I contract Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome or the advanced stage of Human Immunodeficiency Virus, that’s just pathetic and rather sad

  4. A big laugh for all the dumb people who either say that you must be a whore because you pole dance and say „I’m much better than you“. What you displayed in your video was extremely elegant and delicate, not to mention the amount of effort that you put into learning how to pole dance. I wish I manage to be as skilled as you one day!

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