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Holographic Text Messages Fake


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  1. The „fake and gay“ comments really piss me off. 1) We know it’s fake and we don’t want you to state the obvious again and again. 2) How is it gay? Do you think it’s bad? If you do, simply say, „Fake and Bad“.

  2. @Ru55ianGrim this is fake because holograms have always same brightness, this is done by video editor. Usually, when you move it’s base, hologram moves in same proportion, in this case, doesn’t,

    It first moves the iphone and then the man is moved.

    Another reason, is because you need at least 2 projectors to make an hologram… read wikipedia and you will understand

  3. Of course it’s fake. You can’t just have an image in the air like that. The light has to be projected onto something.
    And if you didn’t know that, you can tell it’s fake by the out of sync movement of the hologram in respect to the phone when he moves it.

  4. @ninjajesus81 Your a idiot. Light doesn’t have to be projected onto something 0.o If you make the buoyancy of the light, lighter than air, then you can easily have light just in the air, without having to have it pointing against a surface. They just have not realised how to do it yet.

  5. @None0fTheAbove They haven’t realized how to make light, which is massless, lighter than air?
    Yeah I guess it could be tricky making something lighter than air when it’s already lighter than air.

  6. @None0fTheAbove dude you cant SEE light unless it move into your eye, if it is sitting static as far as your eye is concerned it doesn’t exist. the only reason we see anything at all is because light moves from a source, to an object, bounces off that object, and hits the back of your retina. light sitting somehow static would not be visible, because all of our senses are touch. light must TOUCH the eye to be seen.

  7. @ninjajesus81 First of all, stop saying massless, its not a word and it makes you sound retarded. Second, light does have mass, the mass of light is 0.005133. Everything has a mass, just some particular items have a mass that is so small, it is called „that without mass“

  8. @None0fTheAbove Look up massless in the dictionary. It has an entry. Not only that, but it uses „photon“ as an example of something that’s „massless“.

    And like I said, if photons had mass, they couldn’t move at c. Nothing with mass can move at c.

  9. @None0fTheAbove

    Photons can be said to have mass only when they are moving, as mass = energy, and if something is moving it has at least the energy of inertia. (Obviously a physicist could put this a lot more delicately.) The photon, then, is special. If stationary, it has absolutely zero mass/energy. I’m a little confused where you got your precise number, especially if energy is variable and related to the speed. (Photons only hit the speed of light in a vacuum.)

  10. @zoobiewa I couldn’t understand a word after photons can be said to have, all i read after that is blah blah blah blah blah blah blah, u stinkin‘ nerdy computer freak

  11. When is someone REALLY going to invent something like this?

    I mean, it’s the 21st century, for Pete’s sake!

    Damned lazy-ass scientists. I want my hologram phone like on Star Wars!!!

  12. Heck yea! It’ll be live and running on iPhone 5 and then done HUD-style when they chip us with iPhone 9! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Meanwhile, here’s an unofficial theme song;


  13. @one8apc1 RETERTED is not a word. Holograms are a possibility just no phone could do it now. The Gorrillaz used holograms for their concert. This is obviously fake but still holograms are possible.

  14. @dannielpreto The type of holograms the gorillaz used are not like the holograms everyone pictures, that you can rotate and everything. The gorillaz used the same trick disney’s haunted mansion has been using for years and years.

  15. @Dick4YouFaker wats with these stupid people saying Fake Fake Fake, WELL NO SHIT SHURLOCK
    ffs, if u noe so much abt holograms why say๏ปฟ FAAAAKEEE, make urself look like a tard.

    „SHURLOCK“ -> Did you mean Scherlock… Holmes?
    „tard“ –> Did you mean you are a retard?
    „these stupid people“ —> DID YOU SAY THE PEOPLE ON YOUTUBE ARE STUPID YOU NOOB??!!!

  16. @foxy3271

    if you are using youtube on iphone,ipod, or ipad, you can see this:๎•๎—๎€ถ๎ฎ๎€›๎…š๎ฑ๎ฒ๎ฐ๎…š๎ฎ๎„ถ๎€๎„๎…™๎„ต๎€œ๎ˆ”๎”‡๎‰Œ๎ˆฝ๎ˆ‹๎ˆง๎ˆ‹๎ˆ“๎ˆ‹๎‰Œ๎ˆ‹๎ˆ‡๎ˆ›๎ˆ™๎ˆšยฉยฎโ„ข๎€ฏ๎€ค๎€ฅ๎€ฆ๎€ง๎€จ๎€ฉ๎€ช๎€ซ๎€ฌ๎€ญ๎€ฎ๎€Š

  17. if an idea doesn’t sound mad at first, it does not stand a chance ( Einstein) , well done Dude, even if you hav used FCP or After Effects.. You idea is in the Universe!!

  18. @KoeiMooh Yes I have you moron, if you’re gonna say I’m wrong, then say why, explain. A photo is different to a video. You can make animated graphics which are GIFs in photoshop but they are bad quality, not like this video. You can use FX using other programs for animation but not PHOTOSHOP, so stfu you MORON.

  19. @G3org3Master If you really know how to work with Photoshop,you’ll know you can open up multiple layers of video files, create FX through adjustment layers,smart-filters,blue/gree n-screening via blending options. etc., and though it might be more effort than After FX,its still possible to create a video like this…Its possible your Photoshop is to old for video editing, but your ignorance and lack of knowledge doesnt give you right to tell me to stfu and call me a moron.go suck your moms dick

  20. So incredible what you can do with your iphone… My aunt has the I-vibe. It does replace hes vibrator, so sometimes when I call her, if she is using the device for her pleasure the message is like this
    OH YEAH WAIT , WAIT …OMG IM GONNA CUM, IM CUM… peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  21. fake more dude, good part of the video is some one what did this movie is have amazing skill on after effects and good montage on sony vegas pro 7 o think

  22. @cmvrego man ur stupid….its not ignorant when people use the word gay as a negative word……any word dat defines a person could be used as a negative or a positive word……dont act like u know everything……

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