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Ida Corr vs Fedde Le Grand Let Me Think About It (Extended)





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  1. OMG i cant believe i found this song, i use to have it, lost it, never knew the name, and i could only remember the sound at 1:30 but tonight when i went out i heard this song anf the guy i was with made the DJ’s song list.. its been at least 2 years.. LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Let women give themselves, and men even eat …. Come on, in total, an orgasm infidáveis excitations, will always have more …. Come get us, but do not cling … LONG LIVE ORGY!

  3. @mar7yan ? lol shut the fuck up ! to say that a black person is black has nothing to do with racism… and to say some positive aspects like funtimefox did, should tell you that he isn´t. in fact of that you´re the more racist than him, cause you say something you don´t know from what you know. Want to be a better person, hm?

  4. @Hokageoniichan


    No you shut the hell up you moron.

    So tell me since when are the girls in the video black huh ??
    they look like white women with a fuckt up afro to me. aint noting black about them. I things its time for someone to let his eyes check and please take that racist „funtimefox“ with you. dumbass

  5. @mar7yan what the ? just look at the main singer … i think she´s black. If i´m wrong sry that i didn´t learn how to recognize different races. But for me she seems like it. And about funtimefox you and me can´t know.. sure we could scan his profile and if his nickname would be „ArischerBruder“ or whatever, we could say that he is racistic, but we don´t even know.

  6. excuse me but correct me if i’m wrong.Is it that important whether or not she’s black?Would it make a difference if she were white.There r still signs of discrimination even in the simplest comments.please people enjoy the music and stop putting a colour on it

  7. @ptraiders40
    Check your facts you dumb piece of shit redneck. US has twice that of Canadians. not a single country has the obesity rate of the US. So keep shoving down those twinkies you fat lazy prick.

  8. @OnStagewwhs
    Stephanie Fitzpatrick (in this vid) is also one of the hotties in the Destination unknown vid. Dominique Tipper also sings and has a workout vid. Anchelique Mariano has been in numerous vids including Idas infamously racey Detroit vid and a few commerical spots.

  9. Fedde is Dutch!
    All the best Dancemusic is from the Nethderlands!
    Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, Fedde le Grand, Afrojack etc.
    Proud to be Dutch!! Dutch dancenation worldwide!!

  10. @MrReflus It’s about the only decent thing to come out of the Netherlands, because your women are fat, customer service sucks, weather is shit and the people are closet racists who try to feed the world a BS image of tolerance and openness….and this is spoken by a White Expat who’s lived here and experienced racism towards me as a tax-paying foreginer!! I can’t wait to leave when my contract is up.

  11. @caycu Hahaha! But apparently Dutch people are not racist enough for you to break up your contract! Stop being stupid! Yeah, we are not nearly as tolerant as the image was painted for 40 years. And service is horrible, almost everywhere you go. The weather… well, the best thing I can say about it, is that is helped to make our country the no. 3 food exporter of this planet. But since we now indeed have a lightweight fascist government, what we REALLY do not need, is more white trash like you

  12. @Keizerdraak Nice to see you think that law abiding tax payers are considered white trash….you must be one of those lowlife unemployed social welfare spongers that my taxes pay for….euro trash. Let me guess, where are you ORIGINALLY from, Turkey, Morocco or just a Bijlmer based white trash yourself?

  13. @caycu Hahaha!!! Funny, that you accuse OTHERS (like me, as being Dutch) being racist, but the first thing you want to know is my „heritage“. Sorry to disappoint you, but I am as Dutch as I can possibly be: born and raised in Vinkeveen, and my ancestry can be traced all the way down to the 15th century. Actually, I still have an ancestor lying in the same church as William of Orange: part of my family is pure nobility. And I pay all my taxes myself, being parttime soldier, teacher and historian

  14. @caycu Its perfectly fine to rant once in a while: glad to have been of assistance. Now, since we have an extreme right government that tarnishes everything good and decent in this country, and thus needs to be toppled as soon as possible, and since we also need to sort out the mess previous governments have created for neglecting small issues that have unnecessarily become much bigger, we can do just fine without people like you.
    Since you’re still here: buy some weed, chill, and disappear!

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