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CamSpace: Play any game with any Webcam


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  1. hello would like to know how I can download games for CamSpace but without vens because the games I downloaded from the website last 5 minutes and I can not play them more, could make a tutorial for that?

  2. @sohvoodoo

    1. Yes it can

    2. Yes it can

    3. Depends on the developer

    4. It’s still in beta, there’s no telling if they will ask for money later

    5. It never works properly.

  3. Can kinect recognize and use objects?
    More then 2 players?
    Can you use kinect to play all your games?
    How much money you spend with camspace?
    The same price of a webcam, kinect U$150


  4. in 2008 i saw this ans was like wow! and i hurried to the website to get it and it said it is curently only available for windows but mac is on the way. i forgot all about it untill today in april 29 2010 and still no mac version 🙁 they need to pick up the pace

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