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Gina Carano Interview


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  1. 6 fights and shes a legend? sorry no… maybe shes popular because of the novelty of women mma.

    watching ppl beat each other up is fun, but for men only. its just disturbing when i see girls get so damn bloody.

  2. Well, ok UrbanMonkeyy, what you say is true, but if people are going to get angry at anyone, get angry at the organization not her. She didn’t do anything. Even Erin Toughhill said that it isn’t her fault. Gina even said in so many words that she doesn’t care. She just wants to fight. Again, she just loves the sport.

  3. I guess peopel are getting upset because shes getting alot of attention because shes a female where as if a guy was a good as her he would’nt get near the amount of attention shes getting…plus shes hot

  4. I’m not going to dispute the list of names you gave on here as great fighters, because they are. That’s not the point. Gina would fight any one of them. Maybe she would win maybe not. I’m not saying she’s the best in the world, I’m saying she is VERY good and she doesn’t just talk. Remember to that it’s other people who build her up. She’s actually a humble person who just loves the sport of mma who just happens to be pretty. Why are you so upset? It’s like you’re taking it personally.

  5. Who are the top K-1 fighters???? Semmy Schilt, Andy souwer, Peter Aerts just to name a few. Ilonka Elmond and Lucia Rijker would kick in her ugly pussy face!

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