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Classic: The Ultimate Pen-Spinning WTF


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  1. Видио доказательство отсутствия мозгов у планктона.
    Ведь надо додуматься сначала себя заземлить, а потом полезть в фазу… А ну да. Если лампочка не светит- значит можно… Ага можно, если нравятся фейерверки.

  2. Not sure if im right but If you look very careful at 0:27-0:29 you can see the pen spin off screen to the right and then appears going in a straight line without spinning into the lamp

  3. @Huitzinga Actually, it’s real. His arm’s position only moves because he got scared… and the room got lighter because cameras are designed to dim a lot when theres more light shining at the lens. So when the lamp died, less light shined, so the camera brightened.

  4. This video is fake,after the explosion of the lamp,thera are more light in the room,the table is more iluminated and the position of guy´s arms changes a bit.

  5. @MegaPickels
    3 days ago
    copy and paste
    2. send this to 2 other videos.
    3. hold your breath for 10 seconds.
    4. press refresh twice.

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