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Head Tracking for Desktop VR Displays using the WiiRemote


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  1. @CitizenRare I think it is to early to say if they are cashing, when i ask people i know about Sonny and Microsoft motion controls they just say they already have a wii. And that is the problem with this market. Just like the PS3 which was released one year after x box 360 controlled the market for so long the effects can still be seen. Making x box 360 a more preferable console not because its better but because its more popular

  2. BEst technology vid i have ever seen .. that is without showing off 😀 …
    And you are good explainer too :D… i wish my comps teacher was too….
    I would rather buy wii rather than Nvidia goggles now 😀

  3. I’m quite curious how it would work out with the Wiimote + or the PlayStation Move. The latter would be even better if you would fit the camera onto your head and play something like a shooter. You could upload your played matches and show it to your friends. I hope this finds a spot in de games industry in the near future.

    Thanks for showing 🙂

  4. i would like to see this done with kinnect and face tracking. would rid us of the need of glasses. and offer support for future kinnect remote like periferals. woud allow you to play 3d head tracking games, and use a wiimote or plastation move like interface if microsoft ever releases one together with connect.

  5. Hi Johny Lee.

    Greetings from Poland.

    THIS IS THE BEST 3D EXPERIENCE I’VE EVER SEEN. Even that I see this through your camera I can imagine how it would be to wear such thing, and actually use it. I guess that’ll do crazy stuff to my brain. This looks even more realistic than those sh* 3d glasses.

    On the other hand I guess that after some time this effect might be annoying (is it?)

  6. You are a LEGEND!!! SERIOUSLY!!!

    You fully need to take over game development. Those guys have had the last 30 years to do something decent with VR and 3D tech and they haven’t managed to do sh*t,,, You need to step up and show them how its done!!!

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