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Portal – Chamber 18 – Edge Glitch Tutorial


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  1. So the key is to be accurate with the blue portal, not with the orange, correct? I feel like I’m getting the blue portal as close as I can, but when I walk to the orange I don’t teleport. If I shoot the orange right under myself as I look over the edge the screen shakes a bit, as though I were to glitch, but doesn’t quite do it. Any suggestions?

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  3. @dstebbin I toggle noclip so I don’t fall to the floor. Its a tutorial, so I’m explaining how to do it, not proving that the glitch exists. If you want proof-of-concept, watch any other Portal edge glitch videos on YouTube.

  4. Nice. Yep, got it to work. Took quite a few tries to get the first one, however now I can do it fairly easily. Even uploaded a demo video that starts the beginning of Chamber 18; the demo shows can be done without noclip.

  5. its not even possible if ur not using noclip – u cant get 1 portal at door and one at the edge. u can only reach it if u use noclips. sorry but failure..

  6. Really cool. Thanks.

    Could you make a tutorial on how to load up and play custom maps in portal? And when you do so assume we know nothing (because I don’t). I would greatly appreciate it.

  7. i actually have tried intentionally getting stuck and i can’t xD i also know how to get out i recall me just crouching alot to get out or maybe i crouched and jumped

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