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3d Nessie Effect


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  1. @MitakaShyun Sony.

    I am still questioning if it is really, well, real. I’d like to belive it, but CNN did a „Broadcast with holograms“ that was clearly fake, but this is more convincing, especially with tons of people uploading it fromn different angles.

  2. @Abyyss3344 you guys mentioned situation is happening all around the world
    while internet is getting more popular, more immature and naive user( usually the one we called as IDIOT) deliver many irresponsible and totally nonsence speech,
    all they know is just some wild-language such as FUXK, SHXT YOU BITCX
    i’m starting worried about he future of our humanity

  3. @CloudPulse No shit! The sad part is, if they figured out what they were looking at, they would realize that it is a hologram, therefore, it is not fake! In the sense that it is a hologram. Don’t mind some of these idiot kids. They are too busy playing Halo, dressing in goth and emo attire, and watching that American Idol bullshit, to be able to see any new progressions in the world. The Japanese are masters of technological development!

  4. I think they should of did Godzilla instead lol non the less the Japanese are still raw at creating things.. Fucking USA…. I got to go to school for 10yrs just to be in debt for the potential manufacturers to say that I dont have enough credentials 🙁

  5. This isn’t exactly a first. They do the same exact thing every night at Disneyland out here in Anaheim.

    It’s a night show called „Fantasmic“ and a there’s a dragon „hologram“ that’s done the same way.

    I don’t really think this is all that impressive. It’s just light projected onto a „screen“ of water mist.

    I’ll be impressed when someone finally invents a real hologram communication device like on Star Wars, or like the Holideck on Star Trek.

  6. go to and theres a new ride called ednor and go look the video its a real one cuz when they are building the coaster they saw an ednor so they called the coaster ednor

  7. fucin retards fuc up bout fake and real we all know it fake u fucin retards but its real in a way to. fuc how stupid can u be. u dont have to tell everyone its fake fuc heads. can someone jst put a mute on this like cloudpulse said

  8. its not „fake“ its a water and light show. if you even beleive they were trying to make you beleive it your a retard if you translate the woman speaking shes talking about a glorious water show outside of tokyo

  9. OMG all you people that think THIS vid is real well get a life ok I beleive in Nessie to but look behind the „monster“ and you will see the building lights! WOW This is FAKE

  10. @ITSHIM10

    hmmm i wonder which would get us farther in life… a big brain or a dick ? guess i’m gonna have to go with a big brain lol
    fucking idiots nowadays just racists and jealous cause you’re dumb as hell hahaaa

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