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I Must Be Emo – The Emo Song


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  1. @silentblad

    Simple, because from an evolutionary perspective a guy fucking multiple women means his genetics remain in the human race, it doesn’t go both ways. Now I don’t necessarily agree but that’s what it stems from.

  2. Lmao all you bitching fucking emos shut your fucking lip and go cut yourselves. Go put on more masscara and cry about how much you hate fucking life. hahahah.You whiny lifeless pieces of shit. If you really hate every damn thing about life why dont you go borrow a revolver and and play russian rullet with your other emo buddies. make sure the damn thing is fully loaded just in case. You emos must watch anime and all that naruto shit.

  3. this isnt funny emo arent anything like this like im emo i dont cut myself and i have feeling and i dont always wear tight close im girl but this is so not true like fuck u who ever made this fucking song fuck u get to no a real emo than maybe u could write a song

  4. @451ll um, you realise the fact you dont cut your wrists means your not emo, emo stands for, emotional wreck, you dress like an emo, you however are nto an EMO!!

  5. lol this is so sad but true. its annoying how some kids that are „emo“ label themselves as individuals. they’re not. they are ALL the same with the ridiculous and not to mention ugly hairstyles and makeup. why would you want to look THAT ugly. have some self-respect. its kind of a disgrace to our society and it is far from original. buttttt whatever floats their boats i guess to make them feel more accepted in this world.

  6. emos are disgusting. make me wanna puke. i dont get why they hate living that much, or are they just doing that to grab some attention. whatever they’re doing, fuck them big time……

  7. I swear this song is really the kind of stuff that gives emo’s a „bad image“, I’m nothing like this stuff and I’m emo, soo-
    Yeah, I dunno why I’d listen this song, I was bored.

  8. god, ppl like that is a reason y im sooo glad to be out of high school. i had a friend like that. he was sooo stupid i couldn’t stand him once he became emo. once i was out of high school emo disappeared for me cuz emo is just a fad. no one in my college was emo lol thank goodness!

  9. In 1876, a young girl named Jenn was walking down a river, an insane man killed her by stabbing her in the back, raping her, and then hanging her in his closet. While he hanged her he said Bukakke Bukkake.

    Now that you have read this message, she will find you and her dead body will haunt your house for 5 years. Every night you go to sleep she will appear in your closet, hanging their with her glowing red eyes.

    repost 3 times to be saved

  10. @Asiiee

    then don’t classify yourself as emo, why would you want to? emo is just short for emotional.. and everyone is emotional, just the ‚emo’s take it to the extreme, i used to be „emo“ in a way, but i would never dare classify myself as that, its pretty embarrassing.

  11. honestly if u want ur life to b better then just stop ur depression ur not the only 1 with problems u dont have to dress like everyone else and if someone has a problem with u fuk em‘ but dnt sulk it doesnt solve anything

  12. @TwistedReality187 I know!!! I’m just starting to but all the older games for like N64 SNES and NES. I love all the old school Nintendo. I mean, xbox and ps3 are cool but they dont have that nostalgia to it that makes it the best. XD

  13. @TwistedReality187 I still like the wii but like i was saying in other comments around youtube, all the new games dont have that nostalgic effect that Super Smash Bros. or Banjo-Kazooie and especially Donkey Kong 64. Anyways.

  14. Fucking emo scum. Firstly, Their all short as shit, and though they add tons of makeup, they still just cover their face with their stupidly long fringe. Secondly, Emos dont deserve SNES. Fuck you all.

  15. it’s just kids doing their thing. they’ll grow up soon enough, and then march up the cattle cute to the harsh reality of being an economic slave in a world that doesn’t give a shit about them, so don’t worry about it. let them have fake problems to get ready for the real tragedy of adulthood just up the road.

  16. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pretty funny lol Emo guy’s i don’t like you. your gay whiny little unmentally tough idiots who do what you do for attention and write dumbass suicide letters because you threaten to kill yourself for attention! Realize the nobody cares how you feel besides your family….maybe.. Grow the f**k up and man up stop your bs! phew.. just had to get that out lol BTW SOME EMO girls look pretty. If you comment back to this mad ur probably one

  17. you people love to stereotype people you don’t understand, at least the music they listen to has actual substance. you are the bullies at school that make people feel so shit about themselves, yeah you are really cool -rolls eyes-

  18. The emos they talk about here r cheap rip offs of goths(whish it says in the song lol).(emo stands for emotional not all of us r fucking depressed or cut ourselves(even though i almost did once))

  19. hahahaha…

    hahahahahahaha…. 😀 First you get to lol at the video. Then you get to lol at the god damn comments: „Well… im not emo but once I almost cut myself.. stop looking down“ xD

  20. emo kids should be sent to a concentration camp, and killed like how the jews were killed. emos are just the garbage of the universe, and don’t worry, you are also included in the worthless piece of shit category.

  21. @711grim People with depression can’t just stop it. It’s a common misconception that many healthy people have. It’s like telling a rape victim to just forget about it and it didn’t matter.

  22. @ReconSignal

    1. Nintendo is NES, which was the first one, you would know that if you were alive back then.

    2. The only people that still play that old stuff is emo kids. The people that played them when they came back are done with them.

  23. pppiiisss off fuckers. i think you guys seriously need a fucking brain transplant. emo is so popular. preps are the idiots. here is some prep dialouge.

    jessica- ohmygod seriously thats like soo bad omg omg.
    terry- i friggin need a mani. stat.
    jessica- omg yes you do omg omg like wow omg omg omg

  24. wow, seriously, even a song about it? Damn you people have no life, all of this just to bother us? Well pathetic way to loose your time, cause it dint bothered me a bit.

  25. @DrSmokeTrees Dude wow i freakin love the old games systems it brings back the good old days unsted of the lame shit now…but i dont hate new systems i hate the music…and u ppl…

  26. @bertrude123
    everyone should be able to wear whatever they want
    i’m not emo, but i don’t like it when people like you obiously think that they are better then someone else.
    that’s my opinion.

  27. @Silke6661 Of course they can wear whatever they want!!! But who doesn’t expect to be made fun of by people like me when putting on makeup despite being a dude?! And I am better than them, didn’t you know that already?!

    That’s my opinion.

  28. This is just shit. I mean I’m not even emo, or bothered by anything like that, but this is far too try-hard and just hits obvious targets. Trying to be „Being a dickhead is cool“ and failing dismally.

  29. Anyone offended by this is clearly too young to understand. This is internet gold created before youtube got popular, and it will always, always, always be funny

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