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I Must Be Emo – The Emo Song


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  1. Anyone offended by this is clearly too young to understand. This is internet gold created before youtube got popular, and it will always, always, always be funny

  2. This is just shit. I mean I’m not even emo, or bothered by anything like that, but this is far too try-hard and just hits obvious targets. Trying to be „Being a dickhead is cool“ and failing dismally.

  3. @Silke6661 Of course they can wear whatever they want!!! But who doesn’t expect to be made fun of by people like me when putting on makeup despite being a dude?! And I am better than them, didn’t you know that already?!

    That’s my opinion.

  4. @bertrude123
    everyone should be able to wear whatever they want
    i’m not emo, but i don’t like it when people like you obiously think that they are better then someone else.
    that’s my opinion.

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