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Cute Squirrels Fighting


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  1. squirrel hitting other down(squrrel1) : I KILLS U
    squrrel getting hit down (squrrel2) : AHH! *falls dead*
    squrrel 1: oops r u ok? elo!!!!
    squrrel 2 :*gets up* I LIVE AGAIN >:D
    squrrel 1 : OMG DIE * KNOCKS DOWN*
    squrrel 2 : NOO! *dies *
    squrrel 1 : i win 😀

  2. That squirrel’s not playing dead, it’s luring the other one into a ground submission lock. Unfortunately the language barrier for the dumbstruck squirrel is just too formidable. 🙂

  3. now it almost makes you wounder did the cartoon guys see them doing this stuff before they made all thoes funny karate scenes in the movies or did the squirrles see that shit on T.V. and say hay that stuff looks fun and i bet people see us do it and they ll start feeding us instead of thoes stupid birds hahaha this was a good one though (oooooo im hurt—–OR AM I face the dragon squirrel back flip kung fu pow puch ooooo no pulled a mucel OR DID I ha your no match for me)

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