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A Vision of Students Today


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  1. @peakdavid The beginning of wisdom is factual knowledge, yet you presume to know what my students meant, and what I comprehend about the digital revolution, on the basis of no facts whatever. If you knew the facts I suspect you’d be embarrassed by your own post. Learn first, preach later if at all: That’s my suggestion.

  2. I think the only thing people lack these days speaking as a gen y is that people set out to achieve something without even knowing what they have to do to get there and therefore dive into the first opportunity they have, when if they waited and or took to the time to research there goal they would find they could find a more direct route.

  3. This is a combination problem. 1)If you bother to teach – especially those who are not compelled to sit for education (above high school) – then why not bother to find out how to best grab their attention? 2)Students I run across *are* compelled to sit for education – by parents, or because that degree is what will help get them a better job. They are not fascinated by the topic. So if you *are* going to teach them, interest them in the topic, via a method which interests them (draws them in).

  4. our minds work like quicksilver, particularly the minds of youth. until we have dulled them by the drone of our having one in repeat. . life moves on, each picks up on where the world has already evolved through. no need rehash, safe for those interested. youth leap frogs over the stuck in their ways through the internet. now texting and soon? ? ?

  5. I think this video raises interesting issues about positions of authority in academia. Much of the „wasted time“ and „wasted money“ seems to stem from the idea that they have to learn from a teacher, at the teacher’s pace, rather than have the opportunity to teach themselves, using tools that can be fitted uniquely to each student. That same teacher expects rapt attention, and teaches at only one pace, and one size does not fit all.

  6. While I don’t think the education system itself is necessarily flawed, most students don’t get as much out of these large, impersonal lecture classes as they could. In my experience, it’s not because the professor is inaccessible or the material isn’t presented well, it’s because students in classes this size know that it really doesn’t matter to anyone but themselves how well they do in class. If you’re one student in a hundred you really don’t feel the motivation to extend yourself.

  7. @ttaf1944

    You are the classic example of holier than thou professors who pass blame on students. If the majority of students don’t do well in your class, you’re teaching methods aren’t flawed. The students just didn’t study enough.

    If student’s didn’t visit you during your office hours, it’s not because your office hours run during most students‘ OTHER classes, or because some students have jobs and other material to study for. It’s because they’re lazy.

    Professors ARE inaccessible.

  8. Bunch a fucking complainers. Get the fuck over it you emo losers. I graduated from college in 2008, am unemployed and in a shit ton of debt. Guess what, nobody forced me to go! I made the choice to go. Nobody forced you either, just like nobody forced you to bring a laptop, or dick around on facebook through class. As for the „I have to multitask“ complaint, boo fucking hoo, guess who else has to multitask? EVERYBODY ON THE PLANET. Oh, and you ARE one of the lucky ones, stop being ingrates.

  9. I do agree that the system (today’s education) is flawed due to too much politics taking over on what can and cannot be taught. I’m thinking about changing my major away from education to something else due to the fact that this profession is now on a leash. Aren’t leashes only supposed to be for dogs for when you walk them.This is to blame as well as todays‘ students who often don’t take advantage of the opportunities given to them

  10. @DimebagVision You really should try to base your thinking on facts rather than assumptions–all of which assumptions, in this case, are false. My students do fine; they loved the class; I’ve never called them lazy; and there were lots of ways to see me other than during scheduled office hours. My point, again, is that students at large universities tend to call their professors inaccessible even when this is not the case. Got it?

  11. One quote that stuck out to me was „Some have suggested that technology alone can save us.“ Is this true? Or is it in fact the exact opposite? Society seems to be creating a dependency on the internet and other media devices when maybe they are taking away from other valuable aspects in our lives. People are spending many hours on the internet, cell phones and watching t.v. This time can be spent outside or with friends and family, not in front of a screen.

  12. One quote that stuck out to me was „Some have suggested that technology alone can save us.“ Is this true? Or is it in fact the exact opposite? Society seems to be creating a dependency on the internet and other media devices when maybe they are taking away from other valuable aspects in our lives. People are spending many hours on the internet, cell phones and watching t.v. This time can be spent outside or with friends and family, not in front of a screen.

  13. @mezatopia Though, I do perfectly understand, and agree with that statement, to an extent: it can be changed.
    No one said it would be easy…more enforcement on education, and it’s importance may help remedy this societal tumor of decadence, and illiteracy…
    And down-right lack of any clear, common sense.

  14. @lukemayeux,
    You graduated in 2008 and are without a Job…and in Debt. Most likely this Debt of which you speak is Student Loan Debt: a type of onerous Debt that can’t be discharged via Bankruptcy or negotiated away while the interest on this Debt keeps compounding.
    Education was supposed to give you Freedom – but it has made you a Debt Slave: a free-ranging debt serf in the New „Service Economy“. Service, Servitude, Serf….Get it? I am sorry it happened to you. Please warn others.


  16. I was assigned to watch this video for my Info Literacy / Library Research class at Tri-C in Cleveland, OH. I enjoyed the video as it did not have any distracting chatter or boring monologues. The information was shared via handwritten and typed signage held up by the students of a very very large class. The signage gave interesting comments about information. I wonder how much their info stats has changed in just 3 short years? What’s the chance of a sequel Professor Wesch?

  17. Same as the Berkeley prof…I use a lot of technology in my classroom, and I even show this video at the beginning of every quarter to discuss changes needed in education (I’m a composition/literature prof). I hold office hours in person, live chat, and even arrange to be in the library toward the end of the quarter to help students when the writing center is closed right before finals. Rarely does anyone take advantage of this.

  18. Ahh nice concept. I am an educator and I have written several papers on this subject. I totally agree and I understand the message you are attempting to get through.

    Unfortunately, from a pedagogical point of view the video has the exact same flaws of our educational system: it lacks of inventiveness and interconnection to efficiently deliver the message to a 21st century audience. Until we revolutionize education we will not have progress.

  19. I used to spend 3 hours studying, but my English lecturer always said that chalk boards we the best for teaching and he swore by them. This video shows how the online world is dictating students i.e. facebook. There is a lot to be said for the old ways..but really it all about personal motivation of the university student.

  20. did you notice that all of the students are white? 🙂

    Where are all the black students? Why are they learning and trying to solve problems? They make up over 30% of USA’s population….

    Why do only white people go to college and learn for 4-6 years only to be killed by a gangster 2 years after that doesn’t have any money to buy crack (let alone food) for his over-extended family which he made with a bitch (black women like to be called bitches… black culture tells us that)…

  21. It’s great to see students speaking about education. If you make a movie or write an essay talking about what’s wrong with education today and how we should fix it, as well as what’s working, then you could get a $1,000 scholarship. Check out:

  22. why does the education system… but more importantly, our lives as the lucky ones, should be so difficult?????????????
    answer: selfishness of the people in power

  23. I was walking past my hallway in my college and I saw this video playing in front of a class of which I thought was familiar to me but I didn’t know what he was teaching and I wish I was in that class.

  24. @Migueria No woman likes to be called a bitch regardless of what your CD collection tells you. You must not know any black women on a personal level. Would you honestly call a black teacher working in a school a bitch? There are black students in college. What do you think the affirmative action debate is about, invisible people? BTW, the last time I drove through the ghetto I didn’t see any white college kids walking around.

  25. @artsylovelylady affirmative action is a bullshit legislation. And regarding the bitch and whore clause: why do black women refer to themselves as such and why do black men do the same? They must like it and appreciate it. And regarding black students in college, it doesn’t matter if you are in college if you can’t finish it or get good grades. You are just taking space that would be better used. And ofc you don’t see white people in ghetto’s…

  26. @Migueria I guess you have never had the occasion to attend a college graduation ceremony. Plenty of black students cross that stage, some of whom graduate with honors. I should know. I graduated from graduate school with some of them. None of the black women in my class accepted being called bitches.

  27. @Migueria Not all rap music is destructive. There is such a thing as „conscious rap“ but you wouldn’t know about that because you don’t know much about black people and their culture at all. All you know are a couple of songs on the radio and a few TV shows, as if that were reality. BTW, your use of the n-word is creepy and don’t claim that all black people use the word. Actually there is a very hot debate in the black community about it, with the NAACP going so far as to „bury“ the word.

  28. tldr;

    Executive Summary
    „I will read 8 books this year
    2300 web pages
    & (most important number)
    1281 Facebook profiles“

    @ 2:10
    „I will write 42 pages for class this semester
    and over 500 pages of emails“

    @ 3:45
    „I Facebook through most of my class“

    Now you know why young people (and people in general by extension) are so ignorant and quite possibly stupid to boot.

    tldr tldr summary
    Social networking makes you stupid.

  29. @ttaf1944 You have to find new ways to become accessible to them!!! You cant teach a class in the same way it was tough to you! The world is changing very fast, students are all not the same.

  30. Its sad really.. bc i’m watching youtube videos while conversing with my boyfriend, eating, I have five other tabs open AND I’m watching TV. I seriously think we, especially Americans, have a bit of ADD. Its almost impossible for me to write an essay without logging on facebook, myspace….YOUTUBE. ug. I’ve really got to get off.

  31. @ttaf1944 This happened to me when I first started teaching. I had an open door policy, and I got the inaccessible comment. An open door policy to a student means that you need to be available when they are. So I and my TAs now have a total of 8 hours of office hrs in a week which are intentionally staggered. Students like it. In addition, I ask them that they can make an apptmt with me by sending me the hrs they are available, and I will set up a mutually available appointment time.

  32. So, so excellent. Thank you. I am just entering education and I really found this to be the best on the web for understanding how Gen Y works.

  33. @ttaf1944 They don’t mean „inaccessible“ in the way you took it….The very context and situation in which you teach almost dictates that student comment. If you taught in an amphitheater setting, you are way down there and they are way up there. The setting is NOT conducive to accessibility. In other words, you teach in an inaccessible setting, it is designed to create distance, encourage formality. It is closer to Bentham’s Panopticon than anything else….Think about it.

  34. I dunno, if you learn things at college or uni that make you into a better person and allow you to help others then it’s good. If it makes you into someone selfish, arrogant and full of a sense of being elite I think it is awful. Education should enhance people to strive to improve our society and build on good values.

  35. As a Gen-X college professor, I see my Gen-Y students each day do no more or no less than I used to do back in the 80s. At least you don’t have to deal with big hair and parachute pants. Get over it. Get to work. Show up for class!! Take notes!! Visit your professor and engage in a conversation with him or her. Don’t waste your effin‘ time and your youthful vitality complaining about things you can’t change in the present. Work to change the future. It’s in your hands. We got over Vietnam.

  36. Heavy. Real heavy. But what does it mean? That most students should be doing something else rather than sitting in a college class texting friends and updating Facebook? If that is the case, how about we return to the days where most kids DON’T go to college but go get a job they deserve: building houses or flipping burgers or getting married and having babies? The days when those who deserve a higher education get it and others don’t? I vote for that.

  37. these kids are complaining about having technology at their fingertips because they are too damn lazy and unmotivated to get off the damn computer and do something worth while? Im a little confused maybe i missed the deep meaningful point.

  38. Oh you poor babies! Did you expect someone to hold your hand through college? You got to be creative with ways in improving YOUR education, not complaining about the quality. You got a book in front of you, LEARN. And the whole money in debt thing, seriously, get your ass off facebook and get a second job. This is the time to grow up and make sacrifices to improve yourself and your future. It might be a pain in the ass, but you need it.
    Senior in High School

  39. Just remember kids, burger flipping is NOT beneath you. You will NOT start out your career as some high paid exec. so get used to it, get off the computer and study. That’s what will get you ahead in life. Signed, A Gen Xer who has been there and done that and is grateful for it.

  40. @DimebagVision Having attended a major research University for 5+ years, I have had zero professors who didn’t both have reasonable office hours and were willing to meet by appointment.

    The problem is not a lack of technology. The problem is college is (usually) paid for by someone else, so many treat it like the next leg of high school and screw around. That’s why class attendance is so poor and grades so bad – the entitlement mentality. Technology doesn’t solve that.

    Most students ARE lazy.

  41. @isaacwmiller

    Congratulations, you never had a problem with professors who were willing to make appointments and had ‚reasonable‘ office hours.

    I’m stuck with professors/instructors who don’t teach, (which does fit the ’next leg of high school‘ you were talking about,) and unprofessional advisers who really don’t know what they’re talking about,

    Oh, and students DO deserve the entitlement mentality. After all, we are paying for EDUCATION! Whether it comes from an outside source or not

  42. @DimebagVision It’s not just me-it’s a standard at major Universities. Blame tenure if you want to blame something.

    „Not Teaching“ is a very common complaint, even from classmates of mine. How do you define teach? Is teaching ramming information into your head so you don’t have to struggle at all? Learning is an individual choice – you choose to seriously try to learn or you don’t. Some who choose not to like to blame the teacher for „not teaching“ when they’re the ones „not learning.“

  43. @DimebagVision Most of those classmates complaining about the teacher „not teaching“ walk out the door and immediately get on their phone to see which of their friends is going out that night, and with who and where. Not planning to put greater effort into their studies.

    Not that there aren’t legitimate complaints – but student reviews at the end of each semester are taken very seriously (esp if a certain complaint is seen over and over).

    Teachers are a small fraction of the problem.

  44. @isaacwmiller

    Teaching is when you lecture on a subject that students are not familiar with or find un-interesting, turn on a switch in their brain that makes them understand what you’re lecturing, which results in those students possibly taking a heavy interest in that subject.

    This happened to me with public speaking, anthropology, and philosophy.

    Teaching is NOT lecturing from some book and not taking the time to lecture in your own words and showing your knowledge in that subject.

  45. @isaacwmiller

    What’s wrong with texting right after class? How do you know that every student who walks out of class are texting their friends to see what they’re doing that night? Texting in class is something that should not happen. Also, every university is different, therefore student reviews are not always taken seriously.

    Teachers are a small but important fraction to the problem in the education system.

  46. @DimebagVision
    „turn on a switch in their brain that makes them understand what you’re lecturing“
    Here’s the key set of words: **MAKE THEM UNDERSTAND**. You can’t possibly do that for everyone, or even most people. You can’t make someone understand something if they simply do not put forth the effort or change their mode of thinking to accommodate/integrate that new knowledge. Hence why the burden for learning falls first upon the student, not the teacher.

  47. @DimebagVision „Teaching is NOT lecturing from some book“
    What’s the point of a textbook, then? Once you go into any higher level learning on any subject, certain texts are vital because they are a central store of knowledge that a human being cannot be without many years of experience, and there simply aren’t enough professors with the kind of experience and brains it would take to replace seminal texts in certain fields.

  48. @DimebagVision „What’s wrong with texting right after class?“ I didn’t say there was. Don’t know why you ask this question other than trying to make irrelevant points.
    „How do you know…“
    I don’t. But I see it as a tendency-If not a majority, a large minority of students are unconcerned with trying to learn.They think it’s the teacher’s responsibility to give it in a way they can *easily* understand without too much effort.Teachers should accommodate, but can’t force things into your head.

  49. @DimebagVision As a final point, professors and teachers are usually heavily vetted, if not by degree alone, by a hiring process.Especially for CC/JC students who come into a major university, stdts are barely vetted.It would stand to reason that the quality of student is the deficiency, not the quality of the professor(who has been forced to at least deal with the standards of the hiring department).

  50. @isaacwmiller

    You implied there was a problem with students texting right after class and „seeing what their friends are doing that night and not putting any effort into their studies.“

  51. @isaacwmiller

    I said „teaching is NOT lecturing from some book and NOT taking the time to lecture in your own words and your knowledge in that subject.“

    Textbooks are important, but it is also important for the professor to teach in their own way rather than being some walking textbook.

  52. @isaacwmiller

    Some students do have that ability to gain interest in a subject that they’ve never been familiar with due to incredible teachings. Of course it would be silly to assume that ALL students will have this affect, but if you can get a small percentage interested in what you’re lecturing about, then you’ve done your job correctly.

  53. @DimebagVision You misinterpreted me on both counts – I didn’t criticize students texting, as you initially stated – nor did I criticize „texting right after class,“ into which you backpedaled – If you read the whole reply in context, you see it was aimed at the **priorities of students.** (i.e. recreation>studying) You’re focusing on a mere illustration and making an unrelated, irrelevant point – That I am against texting after class, which I’m not, nor did the context of that statement imply.

  54. @DimebagVision So if they teach from a textbook, that’s not „their own way?“ Maybe they prefer teaching from textbooks. Law Professors have to. Economics professors prefer to until math+modeling get involved (and even then some). Non-humanities majors (and even some of those) HAVE to teach from the classic texts and seminal texts; to some, that might seem like a cop-out, but its often the best way to understand a field of study – a large store of knowledge + an interpreter with experience.

  55. @DimebagVision But your whole claim is that professors are inaccessible and do not „help the students enough.“ If „the small percentage standard is objective, if a professor does not reach it, does that mean they weren’t doing enough for the students? What about subjects like Math, where very few will become interested and most are taking it to eliminate some general studies requirements? If your standard is subjective (it is), how can you criticize?

  56. Some of these responses seem to miss the point.

    Here’s how I see it: There is a large disconnect between the „idea“ of college, or the preconceived assumptions that many like to project onto the college experience – and the REALITY.

    This video just points out how on the one hand life has changed so much in past few decades (including what we expect from the young and college grads = the world), but colleges themselves have not really changed at all!

    So yeah, something’s not right.

  57. So, basically the students who made this video are indicating that they have short-term attention spans and if they aren’t being entertained and constantly stimulated by technology then they are bored and think everything is worthless. They are telling us that they lack the wisdom to really understand what they are learning, the self-discipline and good manners to go to class and pay attention for they length of class, and the maturity to take responsibility for their part of learning! Whiny!

  58. @Professor3131 I didn’t see anyone in the video whining.

    „short attention / stimulated / entertained“? What does that mean? These students are not entertaining themselves, they are communicating and conducting business. Walk into any corporate office, and you will see people doing the exact same things these students are doing. And if these kids are not up to date and grounded in the modern pace of life, they will be useless after graduation.

    Too bad academia is too insular to give a crap!

  59. @FatherElectric How many years have you been a college professor? You didn’t see any indication that students were saying they don’t come to class, don’t pay attention in class, etc.? You didn’t see that they spend time on the phone, texting, emailing, and on facebook more than studying? You’re saying that if I walk into any corporate office, I’ll see individuals doing anything but work? They’ll be checking emails, working on facebook, etc.? That doesn’t say much for our future businesses.

  60. @Professor3131 Phone/texting/email/facebook/google – that pretty much sums up much „work“ today (and self aggrandizing) – welcome to the 21st century!

    Studying? I’ve aced many a uni course without opening a text, or attending a lecture. Modern info processing is different than yesteryear.

    Apart from lip service that „playing good student“ imparts some metaphysical benefit , it’s becoming obvious that slaving through this ritual doesn’t benefit anyone except uni staff and their bank accounts.

  61. This film is actually great! I was sooo confused for the longest time. I had to sit and think even after the film was over. Definitly go and watch it again on Patüly.

  62. Loved the movie, was pouring though. Literally did not stop crying for hours coz tears kept coming back whenever I thought about the movie. Totally recommending it 🙂 Beautiful song as well 🙂 I saw at Patüly cause movie didn’t come at my town,but online warching was great experience..

  63. Being bombarded by constant media does make going to school distracting. I have a degree in photography and now am about to become a nurse. What students need is a goal they want bad enough that they can focus on it regardless of the rest of the world. It’s not easy, no one ever said it was, but definitely good to just work for awhile if not ready to dedicate yourself to showing up to class and actually reading. Can’t wait till I’m done with school, but not giving up.

  64. @artsylovelylady One of my nurisng program teachers is a black woman with a PhD…it would never have crossed my mind to call her a bitch either. I agree…not good to play into stereotypes, media, or try to categorize people into small boxes.

  65. This is a very smart video. Very few on this planet ask themselves about the meaning of school education, the purposes.
    There’s a great philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche, who treated this matter more than 130 years ago. Basically the school system doesnt shape people to a higher level of culture and consciousness through lessons of Art, Philosophy and greek culture ( these are the 3 principal pilars of a superior education, according to him) but only teach them to be good servants of the state..

  66. The Single-Career approach of formal education does not acknowledge the fact that the only viable future career of the future is the one of Multi-Tasking or changing jobs every 2yrs on average… anything and everything to save the world (or the little that’s left).

  67. Eh, I’m not worried about college education suffering. I’m worried that basic K-12 education isn’t working. My freshman year of high school had almost 1000 kids. My senior class only had 300 people graduating, and it was the highest number of graduates the school had seen in years.

    That is not okay.

  68. I think that there can many different opinions on what the main idea of this video is. personally I thinks students spend a lot more money on classes, books, etc and a lot less time in their classes actually focusing on work. whether they are in class or not doesnt make a difference. If you have electronics or some type of electronic device, then you are perfectly capable of using it in some way.

  69. I do agree with the authors argument, because I believe, if you spend money on college to get an education than you shouldn’t waste your time which would be your class time.students need to realize that when they listen to music during class or play on their laptops during class or even mess with their phones, that they are just wasting their money by not receiving what they payed for (education).

  70. I believe that when students abuse their education time, they cant get mad or angry if they receive a bad grade. they are the ones who did it to themselves.maybe if there was more strict rules against electronic use then it could help students stay a little more focused on class work during class time.

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  72. Students waste their time in college and don’t take it seriously. I agree because we pay for our education but most take advantage of it. I don’t think the current educational system meets the needs of students because so many classes are being cut. Some ways to improve this is to stop cutting the classes and provide better classes for the students. We all as a whole can come together and even hold fundraisers for this.. 🙂

  73. Good video- super creative.

    Maybe some kids aren’t ready for college. I think you get what you put in to it. If the lack of doing is driving you nuts; assist graduates with research, apply for internships that give you hands on experience, come up with an independent study project with real world application.

  74. Some kids do not really take college seriously. On some points I do agree and then some I dont. Cause I think some just are not ready and if they arent they should not go. If your going to pay for the class at least go. No I dont think the educational system meets the needs of students because classes are being cut due to the economy. Students are losing alot. Theres not much anyone can do until things start to change around the state. Then maybe teachers can be more clear on their teaching.

  75. i don’t understand the point of this video. you only get out of education as much as you put into it. if kids want to sit there facebooking through classes and wonder why they fail, or don’t learn things, or why they haven’t opened a textbook, that’s their fault

  76. @popsterity As much as I agree with what you wrote, you must agree that there is a problem with the financial situation. If you are a professor, you must understand that this money does not just appear to pay for these classes and these textbooks. America is one of the most expensive places to go to school. Out of 200 students here the average debt is $20k at graduation, but mine is $20k after two years of class, a chunk of which doesn’t apply to me.

  77. @rocktronical That is on average out of 200. But I often purchase (or rather, charge to my loan) textbooks in excess of $200 that are required for class, but the teacher never uses it. I don’t mind not using the book, but inform us so we don’t waste the money…

    It’s all so expensive.. even for those of us who do try and do work hard and DO make the grades. There’s no catching a break. I’m $20k in debt RIGHT now. And I’m not even a junior.

  78. So what’s the point? Just a vision? Are the present students lazier than before? With sooo many distractions these days kids, not college students, need to go back to the basics before they can actually start using technology in a responsible way. They just don’t have the age to care about their future.

  79. @popsterity As a Gen X person (or Baby Boomer? 1963) – I think the world has changed. You cannot expect students of today to do what was expected of us. The jobs have changed, there are fewer jobs, there are more people and technology has a much bigger influence in our lives. We need to think about what the future of our young people is. Too many people of my age think that young people are lazy or wasting time – but things aren’t the same as 20 or 30 years ago.

  80. @flinkrch The point is that we are teaching like we did in the 19th century when when working class people went to work on a production line and middle class people took a profession such as law or teaching. All of these jobs are disappearing and what is needed now is creativity and originality – unfortortunately our school/college systems of testing to exams does not accommodate the change in the workplace

  81. Even more outrageous than the problems called attention to in this video is the fact that despite America’s amazing wealth many of its own citizens STILL do not enjoy equal access to the brilliant minds that sustain the country. Misplaced values disrupt the field of play. Some self-reflection will likely show that as a nation we tend to have only enough time for Fox News sound bites and text messages and have come to value sport, entertainment, and material profit over the pursuit of knowledge.

  82. @GravityWithMe I know textbooks are expensive, but that’s no reason to just waste a class… I personally see a lot of value in learning, and if it takes debt and a lot of effort to get good grades and succeed, I think it’s worth the cost.

  83. Poor little babies. They have their toys, but are shocked that they will have to make an effort in class, read the books, write the papers, and pay attention. Sorry, no sympathy for these spoiled little white kids.

  84. @helencollins200 I agree, the older generation of teachers & presidents & businessmen.. they created THIS future, this present.. they created everything that makes my generation harder.. they advanced technology & blame us for following their example and being their top consumers.. I’m just making a point… obsession/greed with advancing in technologies didn’t happen in the 90s or 00s.. it began centuries ago.. blaming or pitying us won’t help.. wish there were more John Lennon’s among us

  85. I agree, the older generation of teachers & presidents & businessmen.. they created THIS future, this present.. they created everything that makes my generation harder.. they advanced technology & blame us for following their example and being their top consumers.. I’m just making a point… obsession/greed with advancing in technologies didn’t happen in the 90s or 00s.. it began centuries ago.. blaming or pitying us won’t help.. wish there were more John Lennon’s among us

  86. Well Kindly anyone tell me that what was the whole purpose of this video??The last quote in the video said about the „Inventer of System“..Which system??I’ll be grateful to you guys

  87. I’m twenty and in about 30 years my kids are going to be blaming us for the for the problems of their day. No one wants to take a stand and we always blame the previous generation. (I still don’t see exactly why my MIS textbook sent me here)

  88. i notice something about life ,it keeps going .the other thing i noticed was i keep hearing the same bull shit over and over .you want the solution to start help people and the world ,its simple civil responsibility its the highest form of intelligence .education is just a form of control to keep you working and consuming .use your brain ,civil responsibility educate yourself on that .

  89. @kennedyland1 I’d like to see you try to make it through college with that attitude…and not end up either dead or on the street. There’s a reason so few college students actually graduate. Those who don’t either commit suicide from the stress, end up living on the street, or find themselves on welfare or in a dead-end job with thousands of dollars of debt that they can never repay. I DARE you to call that spoiled. Spoiled are the ones who DONT go to college and yet make millions…like actors.

  90. @popsterity We cannot find solutions until we identify the problem. No where in the video does it say, „Oh man, our life sucks, I feel sorry for myself…“ It’s saying, „This is what life is like for us.“ Furthermore, we can use the technology we have to improve it.

  91. @hamnat College has always been difficult. College has always been an expense. Most people never graduate from college and yes, people do die for various reasons. However, nobody made anybody pay all that money. Nobodh forced anyone to go. There are scholarships, and less expensive schools than other schools. It has always been like that. Also, the argument that it it is hard is absurd. It does ask the question, When was college ever easy? Did you think it would be one big Animal House?

  92. I dont think you realize that college payments have doubled in the last 10 years and continuously gets worse. Most people, since jobs are so competitive, don’t think very highly of community colleges which are cheaper and scholarships are really hard to get or aren’t very rewarding. Yes, college is not suppose to be easy and a party, but it is more difficult than you give it credit for

  93. Here’s a wild idea, write notes instead of fucking around on your laptop…you complained about how much you paid for school, make it worth the money at least.

  94. As a teacher AND a long time student I can say this about today’s students:

    There are far to many spoiled little brats among them. The sense of entitlement many of them display is shocking. The majority are allergic to work. They have bad manners and lack respect for their teachers.

    Unfortunately this ruins it for the students that actually come to class to learn.

  95. Men, technology can not save us but HELP us, but not with fb or emails, the solution is just to not abuse it and go to school to LEARN and prepare our own job, there are problems more important then that, actually i have family in other countries and they‘ re very serious in school and they know what they want to do but there‘ s one problem : MONEY … We are very lucky to have the chance of go to high school, very lucky

  96. Stop whinning life is hard if you don’t apply your self.No one said it was easy, or your entitled to it , if you want it. Go get it. If you pay all that money for tuition then why don’t you also pay attention. If you dont care maybe the person beside you does, atleast be respectfull to them and not search the web. That may distract them from learning. If your like this at school what makes you think someone wants to hire a person thats going to complain ,talk on the phone,search the web or FB.

  97. Technology has both its benefits and faults for our generation. We are able to take in so much information through modern technology, but kids underestimate how lucky we are. I feel that technology is advancing so fast that were almost not able to keep up with through all of the distractions from facebook, youtube and other web sites that people spend so much time wasting away on. Time management is easily the most important thing at college, and they way we use technology is a major factor

  98. Welcome to the real world. These problems that they face seem mind boggling to them not because of our system today, but because kids are carried through life up until the point they enter college. These problems are something they need to learn to handle and manage, and with the proper time management they can succeed like so many have before. Life isnt easy if you want to make it have a positive growth mindset, and not only learn information, but learn how to live and work at the same time.

  99. This is my summary of this video:
    The curriculum and structure sucks. Classrooms suck. Teachers don’t know the students. Students don’t study. Students spend time doing „fun“ things when they should be studying. School is expensive. Lots of people are poor. School (as it currently is) won’t help solve the world’s problem, such as poverty. Technology hasn’t changed the fact that students don’t pay attention in class. Chalkboards suck.
    This video has A.D.D.

  100. College is hard…that’s the point of College. It is called higher education. While some schools haven’t embraced technology I know many professors who are trying to utilize all the technology that they can to help students learn. Heck even my econ professor right now has a twitter hash tag so students can ask questions during lectures and outside of class and get answers right away.

  101. There are more people being born everyday, and yet all of us here are working hard to reduce the amount of work needed to be done by human (e.g. robot, automated machination, internet…). I mean, technically, we cant compare whats happening today compare to what happened 20 or even 30 years ago, but if you look at the trend of how things go, we just going to end up doing less and less (remember the movie Wall-E where human just sit around and get fat in space?).

  102. LOL what is this liberal bullshit? I’m not going to college to deal with war, hunger, poverty etc., I’m doing so to improve my life. Why would a college kid be dealing with that stuff? This video is retarded. I agree with the person who said this video has ADD, lulz. Oh and just for the record, powerpoint sucks balls.

  103. you people have all missed the point of this…its commentary on how a broken university system is eating up money and solving no real problems, even my professors believe that half the shit they are teaching us is useless. THIS IS OUR LIFE, THIS IS WHAT ITS LIKE, DO NOT MAKE ASSUMPTIONS THAT WE ARE LAZY! As far as I am concerned we got here, you didn’t don’t try to tell us what college is like when we are currently living it.

  104. Well its true about the computers and hrs of sleep..and costs for books. I mean, I’m a freshman at SBCC right now and I just spent like $200 on just books for only 4 classes and so far, I’ve only had to use 2 out of the 6 books. A few of the them aren’t even able to be taken back..but I guess matters are different when attending a university,

  105. La solucion no es una protesta en la que estemos sentados. Sentados frente a una camara, frente a un ordenador o en una huelga… Hay que traspasar los limites de los que demas, de los que pueden hacer algo, porque esto solo emociona a los adolescentes.

  106. @fav14 I’m still dumbfounded by people who buy hard copies of books. I download/torrent my books for free and I will continue doing so until publishers and universities stop conspiring to take as much money from mostly poor students.

  107. whats very interesting…first… is all this is so true…. second… for 4 minutes i thought that this was in australia (my country, where i study) but its in America…. so it shows the whole world are living almost the same….! well uni students anyway.

  108. This is what I imagine with the @LockSchuppen, an entrepreneurial think tank where people can really strive to their inner strengths.

    Remember quite well writing the business plan last summer together with 10 collaborators across the globe (from New Zealand to China and Germany) – @coins_2010 next week will be next move on the change track 🙂

  109. This film was awesome, thank you.
    You are obviously a very creative bunch. I hope you don’t let college change that, as they keep trying to teach us rules and systems by which we should do science, but creativity is the most important thing when trying to figure out why your statistics don’t verify your hypotheses 😉

  110. I’m a college dropout. A crazy story unfolding now regarding 2 big brands (Sports Illustrated Swimsuit & HTC) and their national contest ‚Behind The Tan Lines‘. Checkout our youtube vid explaining the amazing job we did becoming a tribute fan page for a nation-wide contest. CEOs are trying to figure how we did their Social Media job and we still control it.

    BehindTheTanLines . com

  111. @screamingmeanie there is no fail on my part, it says Listen by Tri^d; it’s the ablum as well as a song, however, I DID do some research, and it wasn’t the song Listen. Kthx.

  112. Schools are producing
    Workers not bussiness owners
    There brainwashing us America
    It doesn’t make sense to graduate and
    Have dept and only make $11-$18
    An hour
    glad I didn’t go to college I make Over 65k
    Being a tech
    Focus on what will benefit you

  113. Go to ghostrade(com)…we will ensure that everyone has access to technology and what was learned can be shared…we call these assets whether technology or learning-Ghosts! And believe there is a secondary value that can be reused for all thereafter….go to ghostrade(.com) and help kick this movement off (free-impactful and cause based)

  114. I am writing a paper on this video and find some things very interesting. If it is supposed to represent today’s student. Did anyone else notice that everyone is white, and between the ages of 18-24? Also, it leaves me with the idea that these students are supposed to be the victims. 3.5 hours online? 2 hours on a cell phone? 2.5 hours listening to music? No wonder only half of your readings get finished and you never open your textbook….

  115. And maybe if your online 3.5 hours a day you could spend less time looking at facebook and more time looking at scholarships or grants for school to lessen your debt. Im a student, and don’t think this is accurate. Most of my peers work at least part-time and some even have children to take care of. Maybe this is the difference between community college and a university?

  116. #1 Surely this movie is sad and disturbing. Even the music helps to create such an atmosphere. There are the main problems of students nowadays. In our century, the century of modern technologies and technological revolution of course there is a new system of education. But it is still somewhat imperfect. People waste too much money on education, books, etc. and then don’t even attend their classes – they study not for knowledge but for graduation.

  117. #2 Modern students read few books but many web-pages (as a rule full of useless information), write few essays but many messages, comments and so on. They spend almost the whole day on-line and as a result don’t have any time for eating, sleeping, going out or meeting their friends and slowly start to forget where is the difference between the real and virtual world . Students spend their classes facebooking instead of listening their teachers.

  118. #3 This problem also concerns me, in my opinion it is a kind of disease, an internet addiction. But I try to control myself – to do only necessary things on the Internet (sometimes I can, but sometimes my „illness“ wins) while many people don’t! We are multi-taskers, we do so many different difficult things, but often we don’t realise for what. A number of students simply don’t know why they study at this or that university and even what they try to learn.

  119. #4 There are great problems with the employment nowadays and nobody knows what will happens and where we will find ourselves tomorrow, after our graduation. So this videoclip makes us wonder about our lives and our appointment on earth.

    P.S. I have written rather a big comment but I think this topic is really actual now and discussion may be endless.

  120. @Movieguy79 well im not even in university and that happens at high school
    here in mexico 5th year of preparatoria is the HARDEST school year of all your life and when we ask teachers what will this help us with? „if you wanna be a dr“ „for nothing“ „80 percet of what yopu see here will be useless but we try to form a consciousness on you“i already have my consciousnes and i know what i wanna be when will the stop bitching and stop eating 500 dollars a year per student >_>

  121. It is hard with distraction. It is hard with constant pressure. It is extremely difficult to succeed when there are so many people doing the exact same thing as you. Exact. Same. Thing.

  122. @xphilphilx It’s also hard because you realize when you apply that you will be in debt. You’re going to be working a job you hate (don’t give me none of this follow your dream crap. Majority of the people in the world have jobs they don’t like). Not enough jobs for people studying hard. Back in the day, having a degree meant something. Now, it doesn’t mean anything because majority of the people have one.

  123. @KacyG123 Now, there’s people of all ages in all races. I have at least 2 students in my classes that are over the age of 30 and I am 19. However, Kacy they are saying that they don’t read or open the textbooks because they do other things in class. And in the midst of all that, you got kids not paying attention or showing up to class yet pass the course through cram studying. I can’t say for all colleges, but the 8 colleges i visited for friends were all equally pathetic. good colleges too.

  124. @KacyG123 And they aren’t playing the victim… Sure there are scholarships and grants but nowadays it IS harder and harder to get them. Because the money is running out. Regardless of if you do it on time. Certain things I don’t see but the general point of this video is relevant in most colleges. You pay ridiculous amounts of money, you fool around, you get a degree. Now what? You’re in debt and you can’t help any of the world’s great problem. It means education system is going down.

  125. @KacyG123 School in general is starting to fail. Education and all that ain’t what it used to be. That’s not the difference between community/university. That’s the difference between the money the school has. Read the news often? I’m a student that witnessed both poor and rich side of education, including colleges. I find this more accurate than any other „school critique“ media I’ve seen. Maybe we differ in opinion because we are from completely different places.

  126. dont thumbs this up but i gotta say… im supposed to be a Computer Engineer in three and a half years. im currently flunking a gov class for which only half the test questions are from the twice a week, 2hr lectures and the rest are “implied”this is destroying my GPA, lowering my morale and decreasing my chance at a successful job. also my other class, labeled “Engineering” is having us do an architecture assignment. how is any of this relevent when i still cant even work Adobe Flash?

  127. @KacyG123 I noticed one thing not everyone there is white. I saw at least two students who are of Asian descent, and maybe a female student who maybe have Latin/Spanish Descent. Let’s not try and make the view and point of this video diluted by involving ethnicity. Second the students may be listening to their music while they’re doing their school work. The student being on the phone could also be related to getting help from a fellow friend or student on homework.

  128. @KacyG123 (continued from last message) If the student isn’t involving the two to school work, so what. Are you implying that the students should not give any time to themselves? We’re not machines that have to be maintenanced every other day. We have become a society that is only bent on becoming a more powerful nation with a government with no concern of the citizens they should be representing/working for. Teachers are also to a point to blame but it’s humainity’s fault for the over…..

  129. still going. It’s humanity’s fault due to the over population growth that is overloading our economy which makes it harder to give better funding to schools, Teachers are overwhelmed by the amount of work they must accomplish in a short time frame, Which then falls on the students themself of being overloaded with school work, not getting the proper help that they need, Socializing has gone to crap since everything is done by texting. It doesnt help we have illegal immigrants getting a free ride

  130. with our tax dollars that we work our butts off to earn to pay our own bills and provide for our own family. I don’t blame the illegals I blame the government for they are doing this so they can get votes from the anchor babies that are born here. AKA Democrates/Republicans who will support these welfare programs. Also just to state something straight from our government „We have just recently realized the illegal immigrants are giving birth in America to get these social benefits.“

  131. hey Kansas state Univercity students..
    if there is someone that can advise me…
    I want to attend there but I have no so much money, Is there any company or something that can help me to earn money for my fee..
    I would love to work during the year of study..
    I know that a year at KSU costs 24.000 $ … so who can help me

  132. @Laxjoh and 223Carnage_\ While I see the points in your comments you are misinterpreting many things I am saying. I am analyzing the video itself and how well it potrays students today, and how well its evidence correlates to its argument. Yes there is people in there that aren’t white, I overexaggerated by saying everyone is white….(by the way I am white). The question I am asking is that truly vision of students today? Are the ages of the students really representative of students today?

  133. @laxjoh or is there more of age differences at the community colleges? No one mentions working full time or having kids…isn’t that the case with some students today? If you have the privilge of going to school and not working, awesome, take advantage of it…but I don’t believe that is the case for most students. All I am saying is if you are going to be on facebook however many hours a day, talk on your phone for 2, spend 3.5 hours online, of course you aren’t going to have time to study.

  134. and maybe you shouldn’t be complaing about your quality of education, when Facebook and your ipod takes priority. Students need to look at their part too. Yes education is failing and it „aint“ what it used to be. I won’t argue that. But I believe the video provokes the audience to pity them, but when really looking at whats is says its diffucult to sympathize. It implys certain things are the result of teachers or the system, without telling us the facts.

  135. I don’t doubt many things are the fault of teachers or the system, but not all of it. And no, the video doesn’t say they do other things instead of open the textbook. Trust me, I have watched about 15 times. The student himself may choose not to open it or the teachers may not have assigned anything in it, the point is WE DONT KNOW!! However a certain idea is implied. The videos tactics and presentation are powerful and persuasive, designed to provoke sympathy. It obviously works.

  136. @laxjoh- if you read my comment i was asking about the difference in community college and universities when it comes to students having kids and working full time, as well as the difference in age. And no I don’t watch the news. I read the newspaper online. I even read books that I aren’t assigned to me by my professors. And just a tip, if you are going to insult someone’s intelligence and life experience, you should probably refrain from using the word „ain’t“.

  137. Wow. My classes were nothing like that. I went to a public college with a max of 30 students in each class. No one brought laptops and everyone worked more than 2 hours a day! The mentoring relationships I’ve had with professors have gotten me my 3 current jobs & are helping me get into grad school. I don’t think I wasted a minute of my time in college and the career that I’m going into IS around today. Amazing what you pay for and don’t get & what I didn’t pay for and got! 🙂 Go public folks!

  138. @christinabny87 My community college was like that last year, but then Rick Perry cut the schools budget in half, so now there is no more tutoring for mathematics, English, or any other classes; also, the disabled students have half of their services cut, so it is even more difficult than it originally was before.

  139. My dad works with KSU students and directed me toward this video. I study and teach at a large university and it felt like I could have been watching a video shot in the lecture hall where I teach. Great work to the class who put it together. I’ll be passing it along…

  140. @KacyG123 – No Kacy. This video is telling people that the world is changing. That student behaviors and working behaviors are changing. And that teachers shouldn’t fight it. They should embrace it. For example – what if the class had a facebook group page? What if the class had a podcast that the student could listen to on the lecture? I have friends who work in various positions where use of facebook and i-pods are very common in the workplace.

  141. @Movieguy79 – Nothing new about it. This is how it has been for ages. (No – teh good ol days are a myth we oldies created)

    Most that I learnt at Harvard B’school has little real life application. My company’s founder always reminded me that I had wasted 2 years of my life there – which would have been better spent in my current company learning the ropes (opportunity cost come alive). I always countered that he would not have taken me if not for my Harvard MBA.

  142. And he would give me the rejoinder… if I had not gone to college, I would most probably have started out a business of my own (yes – at that young an age) and would be EMPLOYING Harvard MBA’s today.

    Ditto for medicine, engineering…. about 80% you learn has nothing to do with real life (just like school… what good is my calculus knowledge today), but the remaining 20% makes the exercise worth it… there are a minority who impart give a high amt of practical knowledge… but …

  143. It’s odd to see that these students have paid lots of money to study at University, buy $100 textbooks then sit through lectures uninterested in the subject and expect knowledge to jump into their heads.

  144. Students today are well equipped with high tech teaching. That said, it also makes life more meaningless as they never cherished the olden days of teaching and learning.

  145. That was really wonderful! May I use it to suppliment a teaching project I am doing for my class in 2 weeks on TEchnology in education? I will use it as a hyperlink to start the class off! It was REALLY great!!!!!!!! (and not for publication or profit) TY!

  146. I think that we could all benefit from a more interactive education system focusing a little more on important life issues. This video raises some very important flaws with current day education. The problem might lay partially in the fact that universities are set up as businesses. I am currently trying to figure out how to make learning for younger people an exciting and interactive experience. The internet is a powerful tool that if used wisely can benefit us all!

  147. @Movieguy79

    I’m currently in college, so don’t say I don’t know anything.

    The thing is, the system isn’t right, but neither are the students that „Facebook through class“, pay for classes and textbooks that they don’t go to or don’t use, etc. Don’t push it all on the system, because it isn’t just the system that needs to change. You don’t become a black belt without years of practice. Students won’t learn without effort, and most of them aren’t even trying, instead going the easy way out.

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