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A Vision of Students Today


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  1. @Movieguy79

    I’m currently in college, so don’t say I don’t know anything.

    The thing is, the system isn’t right, but neither are the students that „Facebook through class“, pay for classes and textbooks that they don’t go to or don’t use, etc. Don’t push it all on the system, because it isn’t just the system that needs to change. You don’t become a black belt without years of practice. Students won’t learn without effort, and most of them aren’t even trying, instead going the easy way out.

  2. I think that we could all benefit from a more interactive education system focusing a little more on important life issues. This video raises some very important flaws with current day education. The problem might lay partially in the fact that universities are set up as businesses. I am currently trying to figure out how to make learning for younger people an exciting and interactive experience. The internet is a powerful tool that if used wisely can benefit us all!

  3. That was really wonderful! May I use it to suppliment a teaching project I am doing for my class in 2 weeks on TEchnology in education? I will use it as a hyperlink to start the class off! It was REALLY great!!!!!!!! (and not for publication or profit) TY!

  4. Students today are well equipped with high tech teaching. That said, it also makes life more meaningless as they never cherished the olden days of teaching and learning.

  5. It’s odd to see that these students have paid lots of money to study at University, buy $100 textbooks then sit through lectures uninterested in the subject and expect knowledge to jump into their heads.

  6. And he would give me the rejoinder… if I had not gone to college, I would most probably have started out a business of my own (yes – at that young an age) and would be EMPLOYING Harvard MBA’s today.

    Ditto for medicine, engineering…. about 80% you learn has nothing to do with real life (just like school… what good is my calculus knowledge today), but the remaining 20% makes the exercise worth it… there are a minority who impart give a high amt of practical knowledge… but …

  7. @Movieguy79 – Nothing new about it. This is how it has been for ages. (No – teh good ol days are a myth we oldies created)

    Most that I learnt at Harvard B’school has little real life application. My company’s founder always reminded me that I had wasted 2 years of my life there – which would have been better spent in my current company learning the ropes (opportunity cost come alive). I always countered that he would not have taken me if not for my Harvard MBA.

  8. @KacyG123 – No Kacy. This video is telling people that the world is changing. That student behaviors and working behaviors are changing. And that teachers shouldn’t fight it. They should embrace it. For example – what if the class had a facebook group page? What if the class had a podcast that the student could listen to on the lecture? I have friends who work in various positions where use of facebook and i-pods are very common in the workplace.

  9. My dad works with KSU students and directed me toward this video. I study and teach at a large university and it felt like I could have been watching a video shot in the lecture hall where I teach. Great work to the class who put it together. I’ll be passing it along…

  10. @christinabny87 My community college was like that last year, but then Rick Perry cut the schools budget in half, so now there is no more tutoring for mathematics, English, or any other classes; also, the disabled students have half of their services cut, so it is even more difficult than it originally was before.

  11. Wow. My classes were nothing like that. I went to a public college with a max of 30 students in each class. No one brought laptops and everyone worked more than 2 hours a day! The mentoring relationships I’ve had with professors have gotten me my 3 current jobs & are helping me get into grad school. I don’t think I wasted a minute of my time in college and the career that I’m going into IS around today. Amazing what you pay for and don’t get & what I didn’t pay for and got! 🙂 Go public folks!

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