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Funny Southwest Flight Attendant


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  1. Text transcription: PART 2
    water evacuation we have hidden under each and every seat of this plane an beautiful yellow life vest.
    Please all remove that vest when you’re told to do so, turn to remove it, pull down the red tab of that container under your seat, open the container, take out the pouch, take out the west, put over your head, already you look beautifully fashionable.
    However to extend your overweight ram that black strap around it, buckle up it to one sideof an aircraft to inflate

  2. Text transcription: PART 1
    Some parts are missing due to the voice’s gabbling

    We do have seatbelts, they’re not as dangerous as they looks…missing…
    If you don’t like our service, the flight gets too long, we have 6 emergency exists,
    2 front exit doors 2 overwing exits and 2 rear exit door, signs over head and lights on the floor lead to those exits.
    The seatback pocket – this beautifuly illustrated, multicoloured safety information card,you may notice in that card in case of

  3. I don’t even wanna imagine the pitiful, sad lives the 87 people have who voted thumbs-down.

    I wish everyone could act like this at work, the world would be so much nicer!

  4. @CoChatt And I had such a crush on the flight attendant too. They’ve got more than a few cute ones. She kicked off the decade long blonde phase I went through. lol

  5. I love Southwest. Even when the weather SUCKS and we’re like 2 hours late, they’re always good to us. The first time I flew I was 14, and my little sister and I were stuck overnight in Houston during a bad storm with no more flights to Dallas. My mother was gonna make the 3-4 hour drive down, but as soon as conditions improved, they put my sister and I along with 4 others on our own plane. I doubt they sent that plane just for us, but it was nice. Unlimited peanuts. And Sprite after midnight!

  6. @beergut111 have you flown for southwest? Safety may not always be a main concern but it sure does occur. Other airlines have had more crashes *uneexplained* . So why hate on southwest

  7. @onealhart54 thats cause you ride in the back. being a passenger you dont have all the info. No excuse for running off the end of a runway. at least twice….hmmmmm

    you get what you pay for. Tickets are cheap because safety is expensive.

  8. I’d fly with this airline only to listen to this guy and will find out which airline it is and always fly that airline if I have that option. Hilarious.

  9. Haha, so nice you were able to record this! I flew Southwest from Buffalo to Baltimore recently and had a flight attendant who was just as hilarious. Refering to the pilot as Captain Whatshisname, among similar phrases this your flight attendant did. They’re by far my favorite Airline, just the best serivce and the fares are very good.

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