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Nokia Symbian S60 Touch – Retro Tech


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  1. Nokia has the lead in mobile marketting. Why? Because they fucking own. Apple, on the other hand, is bad, but smart. They see what appeals to consumers, and build from that point of view. LOOK KIDS, U CAN TOUCH IT WITH UR FINGERS, ITS GOT COOL ANIMATIONS AND FUN GAMES.Then, nokia offers the best to the consumers. You want to pay 400$ for a phone?, we’ll offer you the best you can get for it. Thats nokia. Wait and see what nokia is gonna come up with, and then talk. This is only the beginning.

  2. Why should we even buy iPhone when it is so proud? when it came to singapore, it wanted a share of the profit(unlike other phone companys)and also locked the phone for only working with one telephone company.
    I still think that nokia’s S60 will be a success, or maybe better than iPhone? Who knows?

  3. Lots of inferior companies like Nokia are trying to make phone like iPhone but are totally failing.
    If you do not believe try latest Samsung Omnia side by side with iPhone you yourself will decide. The dirty pig Nokia is struggling to launch touch screen phone from last one year with pig slow OS symbian.
    Keep my word, Nokia’s future shit touch screen phone will not be even close to the greatest iPhone.

  4. everyone see the convenience of a phone with touch screen
    and the big icons?

    if you love big icons,
    click my username to check the video of this MyPhone application run on S60 OS.

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