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Tattoo Removal – Oh Dear U’d Better Think


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  1. Technician needs to be retrained. Laser needs to be straight on the skin. Not angled. Black ink needs to be gone over once on 1064 wavelength. This treatment should be over in less than 2 minutes. Sad!! My advice is RUN!!!

  2. I’m amazed that the tattoo has faded so poorly after four sessions. It should be much lighter by this stage!

    Going from this video it looks like the operator may be holding the handpiece a bit too far from the skin surface. This will reduce the power density on the tattoo and hence the effectiveness of the treatment.

    It appears that handpiece has been designed to be placed on the skin surface to achieve the correct spot size, when in the perpendicular position.

  3. After five sessions I imagine this person was hoping for more progress in the removal of this ‚I hate you‘ tattoo. Hopefully it’s all gone by now!

  4. meh, i persnaly think laser tat removal is one of the bigest scams out there (cough cough, doctrs too). It only works for homemade and shalow tatoos but not on the other types. show me one real photo on the net or anywhere that isn’t edited w/ either program or lighting. There’s not a single person who’s posted a sucessful pic or vid on utube. By the time u get to ur 20th sesion, ur skin is scarred anyway. u may see progress but it never comes close to being gone like u see on those fake fotos

  5. @iiLulu10 @iiLulu10 it’s her life it’s her body. and she make mistake it’s ok. dont talk like your perfect then other. why you come in her video start saying shit? maybe you done something worser and talking shit make you feel better? if that help then good for you . dont you feel like an idiot now? no wonder black ppl have a big mouth cause 90% of yall talking shit , being loud is best solution poor you hah haa

  6. @1WorldDocumentaries lol no, i don’t feel like an idiot at all :0). why make a permanent mistake with a tattoo? that’s what markers are for, really. i don’t talk shit to feel better about myself, because i know who i am & i’m very secure with that! :0) and all that black people stuff…you can eat it, really. poor you ;0)

  7. @1WorldDocumentaries haha nigger, hun? spell it right & that’s definitely not what I am. grow up, chick. are you trying to put me down to make yourself feel better? really….grow up.

  8. @RetardsIncorporated1 I agree. she got the tattoo now she realizes it was a mistake and wants it gone there’s no need for all this racial shit come on people grow the fuck up

  9. @1WorldDocumentaries damn your comment could have been great if u didnt have to include the racist part. i have a couple of black friends but they dont talk loud or talk shit

  10. @BrittanyBlitz
    why? you can always get wrecking balm?
    and just follow a good rule of thumb and never get anyones name on your skin and you will never need anything removed.

  11. What I love the most about this is it says „I Have You“… on her back… clearly for when she’s getting fucked like the whore she is so her boyfriend can read it

  12. @sandis52 actually my friend is getting a cross removed from his arm, i wanted to see what he was in for. and i dont consider my tats „cool“ each one has a meaning important to me.

  13. she must wet her pants wen thats done motherfucker thats what u get bitch think before u get a tattoo only get a tattoo about something really important like ur kids name or ur mums name not no i hate u on ur back like a fukin retard gud enjoy the pain

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