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The Day After – Nuclear Attack


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  1. @badger5079 Could be. But why didn’t the preacher just hurry through the ceremony then head for the nearest shelter?

    And why weren’t those shoolchildren under their desks like they would have been taught? Agreed, it would have been futile. But that’s where they should have been when they died!

  2. As for me, I’m just glad it didn’t happen. I know there are haters of America that are gnashing their teeth about that. To them I’ve got just one thing to say.


  3. Yeah, I mentioned the effects on another video. The real effect of the heat on a person would be too graphic to probably even try to show, but T2 did good in that aspect. This still loses nothing showing the horror of it, though.

  4. If you aren’t aware: those x ray effects are closer to what really happens at ground zero. The area is bombarded with X rays from the blast and if you are close enough and don’t get vaporized… you will „see skeletons“ just ask the soldiers that participated in nuclear testing…or do a search. Very interesting!

  5. Revelation 6:14 The sky receded like a scroll rolling up (mushroom cloud) and every mountain and island was removed from its place (buildings being destroyed). Then the kings of the earth, the princes, the generals, the rich, the mighty and every slave and every freeman hid in caves and among the rocks of the mountains (Fallout shelters).

  6. At the coming of the Son of Man GOD will use nuclear fission like he did at Sodom & Gomorrah. (Matthew 24:36-44). (Genesis 19:25) „But Lot’s wife looked back (she looked at the blast and was blinded) and she became a pillar of salt.“ (She was covered with nuclear ash.) GOD is angry because we’ve allowed child molesters to proliferate. Go to the internet and google NAMBLA (The North American Man Boy Love Association). They want to legalize sex between men & minors. (Matthew 18: 5-6)

  7. @krakken242 Upshot-knothole, yes? Couldn’t find anything mentioning that, but I thought the x-rays would do nothing more then irradiate you. Anyways, mostly the victims are incinerated, immolated, or have their flesh burnt of their skeleton, in the immediate range of the blast. T2 and threads do a good job depicting this.

  8. @Nutmegger80 Hahaha you are the absolute worst and interpreting the Bible. You should be ashamed of yourself for being so stupid. Next time you feel yourself stretching your analogies that much, do yourself a favor and put the Bible down and away for a while. Your poor attempts at spreading the „Word“ are just hurting your religion.

  9. The aim of nuclear power plants, is to make plutonium 239 for atom bombs,
    create the BIG STICK of political might, grab trillions of tax payer money to
    pay for our own doomsday, smile and lie about the man-made epidemics
    radioactive fallout has already caused. Feel safe now!

  10. Watched this movie tonight for the first time in 25 years. Scary to think about what COULD have happened. I think looking back, our Soviet enemies were no stupider than the west. Every one knew what would happen.

  11. The military peopel going through the launch ect, I thought looked too real in their duties. I checked it out. They were actaully military people going through drills in 1979 and filmed for a documentary. Added a real touch of realism.

  12. 1:19 This so horrific, watching a family burned alive. However, when the warning tone was sounding on the television and the news lady announced that NATO had nuked advancing Soviet forces in Western Europe, the parents should have went into action at that point to provide protection for their children from the inevitable attack. Instead, they snuck upstairs for a quickie! Irresponsible imo.

  13. @cochranexyz Our world is pretty screwed-up when a stradegy to keep peace is mutually assured destruction. It is really only a matter of time before a mistake is made or some loon(no offence to the bird) get hold of a bomb. The human race is doomed, because we are selfish and can’t see that the earth is our mother and we are all one consciousness.

  14. Yes, the special effects were cheesy. It looked more like a „backyard nuke“, a Blender 3-D Tutorial. The best Blender Tutorial was the replication of the Tsar Bomba, the 50+ megaton Soviet thermonuclear bomb. Living in fear of a nuclear war was a reality in the 1950s up to the early 1990s. The people who run this world may be passionate, irrational, and mad but we as a human race have been given some more borrowed time. Will we survive tomorrow?

  15. Skeleton crew lol.However not too realistic in my opinion.That old guy in the first few minutes will blind and burn in a real life in this distance not to mention the shockwave.And these skeleton effects are a bit lame.

  16. Wow, first time seeing this, thanks for posting. I remember kids talking about this scene the next day at school, I didn’t see it the night it was on. The skeleton effect was creepy!

  17. I was 12 when this aired and it absolutely terrified me. I was aware enough of the world at that age that I knew nuclear war was a very real possibility in 1983 and this rather realisically showed the violence and horror of such an event.

    I just hope that this never happens.

  18. @CRASHANDBURN28 The US military wouldn’t let them use actual footage of mushroom clouds, so they made their own by injecting colored oil into a tank of water. The rest is a clever combination of stock footage and rotoscoped skeletons layered over regular footage.

  19. @13664217 I watched it when I was 10 years old. Everyone said I was too young to see it, but I reasoned with them saying that I have experienced 3 real wars, that a movie about it wasn’t going to scare me…AND OMFG indeed! This movie terrified me! It took a long time for me to get over it!

  20. I remember seeing this as a kid on TV with my parents and I was scared shitless!!! This was scarier than an R-rated horror flick that my dad took me to see in the theatres, that’s for sure. Something this honest and graphic would never be aired on TV today, which is unfortunate because the threat is just as real, if not more so, today. The american media is now a monopoly anyways.

  21. @13664217 Me, too! I was even scared whenever there was a news program “ Special Report“…I just knew it was on with the Russkies. I was the only kid I knew who designed my own fallout shelters !

  22. I know everyone says that if a nuclear war broke out, you’d want to be vaporized in an instant so you wouldn’t live in a post-apocalyptic world.

    But what if nuclear war broke out and you were stuck on some deserted island?

  23. @Godzillaman Who cares if you live in a post-apocalyptic world? You’d just have to be prepared. sure there won’t be an electronics or convienences of the modern world. Sure you would have limited food and radiated water, but at times you could still have fun doing things without technology.

  24. This is not war, this is destroying the earth. There is no intelligence in this. No international dispute is worth all of this, nor would disputes be solved. There is no progress in this. This is not right. This is wrong. The missile launchers would die through this, then go to hell for doing it.

  25. @directorlog what the one with matthew broderick? the one thing thisfilm does well is the scenes when bodies are vapourised – very emotive with the sounds, threads is brilliant – love the documentary element to it

  26. The problem with The Day After is the build-up to nuclear war is virtually non-existent. There is so little tension. Another problem is the nuclear attack is totally unconvincing and looks like a scene from a corny 70’s disaster movie. But this film really comes alive in the war’s aftermath. A scene that will always haunt me is the preacher, nearly insane with grief, giving a service to a dying congregation

  27. @4rlorenti as I say the one with Joshua in it, yeh its a good ole 80s teen movie but great subject matter, have you seen1983: brink of apocalypse? that is a good one too, whole thing on google vids and YT presumably

  28. @the124Lscania Aren’t you rather overreacting?
    Also, if Oppenheimer and his team had not worked out the atomic bomb, someone else would have instead.
    There was a nuclear race going on.

  29. I do beleieve if we had a weak democratic president back in the 80’s we would have gotten attacked, but ole‘ Ronnie Reagan scared the shit out of the commies and instead their evil system collasped. Alot of people can thank old Ronnie for beating the communist into submission , now thats not to say that some maniac in the future may not start world war three, I believe it can and will, sooner or later happen.

  30. @unclefixer Umm no, the Soviet Union was already in shambles starting in the 1970s. The system was so full of corruption and inequality that they didn’t need anyone’s help to shut them down.

  31. well oldtwins , the CIA way back in the 70’s had already came to the conclution that communism would fail. The question is, would they go out with a whimper or a bang. Lucky for all us it was a whimper

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