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Miss Teen South Carolina


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  1. @communistjesus Considering the fact that The United States of America is the only country is the world to use ‚America‘ in its name, I’d say that grants us the right to call ourselves Americans and shorten our name to America.

  2. @communistjesus Oh, and you’re wrong….. Again. There is no continent named „America“. There are, however, continents named North America and South America.

  3. @hawaiidkw Seriously. Under glaring lights, maybe scintillating brilliance is too much to expect, but basic English syntax? I’ve watched this video a few times, and I can’t figure out for the life of me exactly what went wrong. I think we need a psycholinguist or something to weigh in on this one.

  4. @efciaq question: a fifth of americans cant locate the US on the map, why is this so? answer: some people in the US out there dont have the education like the people in south africa and in iraque, the education in US should help the us and south africa and iraque to build up the future.

    in fact she is talking nuts ;F

  5. Thats kind of a hard question to answer WHILE being politically correct. I bet she still would have gotten bashed if she just said Americans are getting dumber.

  6. Damn…are you kidding me? This has video must have been altered. There is now way this girl is that stupid. Prime example of why doing inhalants while pregnant is not advisable. lol. On Maui we would just use this stupid wahine for ulua bait.

  7. why can’t they just answer like normal people? Even though this girl clearly didn’t know how to speak/think, why do they have to answer in such stupid ways?

  8. Someone please tell me she didn’t win. Go back to school dumb ass. I bet her coach said… no matter what say south Africa and Iraq and for extra brownie points throw in „and Asian countries as well“.

  9. Well, I personally believe believe that pageant girls in pageants are unable to answer these questions because some girls out there in pageants don’t HAVE question marks and I believe that schools should like such as Australia and the Liechtenstein, everywhere like such as, and I believe that they should, our schools over here should help our schools, I mean should help Australia and the Liechtenstein and the pageants so that we will be able to build up our future.

  10. LMAo, her last name is TEEGARDEN. like if you loled too.
    ps. SHE IS SOOOOOOO STUPID and although she made a good poit about education, she didnt even answer the damn question!

  11. Being from South Africa, I’m glad to see that people are thinking about us. I mean, I grew up without any maps… I wanted to immigrate to to Australia, but ended up in England.

    For a donation of only £2 a month, you can save 1000’s of South African’s like myself from ending up in the wrong country.

  12. I’m afraid I’d have to tell her that just coincidentally, you have that map shape on your bootie….of course she’d e surprised so I’d have to show her where it is…..

  13. what did she said?? all i heard was something about south africa and something about helping the education in africa?? i thought her question was: „Recent polls have shown, a 5th of Americans cant locate the US on a world map. Why do you think this is?“ i did not understood a word that girl said.

  14. Oh my gosh, i was embarrassed for her! That is such a pussy answer, it didn’t make sense! It was like „If i say Iraq and 9/11 and Africa over and over again, it’ll sound like i’m smart!“ oh god!

  15. OHHH EVERYBODY! Its like Obama’s cousin. She relates our education to countries that are all the way across the sea, and he believes there are 54 states in America. Oh. Nice to know there are so many people who know about the country they live in.

  16. @TehChunks Well Sorry x]] I’m Not Going To Do Somthing Just Because You Called Me Stupid Eh? Its The Way I Type … It’s Not Like Its A Fucking Grammar Class Or Anything.. Sorry If I Offended You But Typing Like This… I Guess… But Anyway…Like I Said I Wasn’t Trying To Offend You So You Dont Have To Call Me Stupid And Be Rude… x]] Thanks For Your Time

  17. Aaaaargh ha ha ha ha ha haaaa! The actual answer is: because they’re ignorant and don’t feel the need for any interraction the rest of the world.
    This lass is living proof that God doesn’t give you looks AND brains…

    „That US Americans are unable to do so…because…ahe….some ahh…people out there in our nation don’t have maps and I believe our ed…education…like suchasin South Africa and the Iraq everywhere like suchas and…I believe that they should…ahh…our education OVER HERE IN THE US SHOULD HELP THE US…Imaer…should help South Africa eh should help the Iraq (***DING***) and the Asian countries so we will be able to build up our future…for our“ 🙂


  19. I totally agree with Miss South Carolina. Sometimes, when you put on a tin foil hat, bend all the down (forwards), spread your legs and look through them, you’ll see some people walking without their feet touching the ground. Do this at shopping malls and ball parks and concert venues.

  20. I think she is so cute, and beautiful I saw her on Jimmy Kimble show last year and she was so funny! Oh well, she was so young, as long as she doesn’t try to run for a VP or WORSE FOR PRESIDENT !

  21. that chick Aime Teegarden was fucking beautiful…and this is coming from someone who views woman as sex objects….god she is perfect!! shes fucking gorgeous and in my opinion way hotter and prettier than the actual contenders for miss teen USA…oh by the way….wtf did she say LOL


  23. Considering the girl was nervous as hell, I’d say her answer should be something like: – Well, with all do respect – some Americans, just like anywhere else in the world prefer learning new information less than others, or perhaps it’s a problem of education programmes, thank you.

  24. @ Mercuryisrising Obama graduated top of his class at Columbia and Harvard Law, where’d you go to school? Or are you one of those white trash backwoods hillbillies who fucks his mom and believes George Bush was America’s white Knight?

  25. @thugsingh1 This generation has been stupid since birth. I mean come on, look at our last two presidents, the economy, the environment, even the social scene is retarded. We’ve fucked this place up hardcore, and I honestly see no going back. Granted, we’re moving at high speed with technology and science and what not, but at what cost? If the theory of 2012 being the end of the world, „Dooms Day“, what have you, DOESN’T happen, I’m sure we, as a nation, will find SOME way to fuck shit up.

  26. I get it 😛
    lol, i reckon she was saying that these people who don’t know where America is on a map should be taught. She is saying that in some places education is poor.
    Not really answering the question but she was just comparing the education of parts of america to africa and etc.

  27. Being nervous can make people act strange, like freeze up due to nerves. She clearly isent the brighest candle but i would bet most of the people persecuting her have a lower IQ then her. So have some understanding unless your one of the masses that like to make fun of others to make yourself feel better.

  28. Maybe they cannot pick America out on the map because they want you to be more specific, for example, America encompasses North and South America, North America includes USA, Canada, and Mexico, and maybe these people think that USA is USA NOT AMERICA… It might not be the intellect of the person being asked but the poor intellect of the person asking the question…Just a thought…I couldn’t finish watching it either…LOL

  29. This is inherent to Americans. The reason for this most Americans think the USA is the center of the universe, when it is not. In 1994 the Miami Herald quizzed students at University of Miami by asking them to point on a map of Florida ( a blank map, just the state’s outline ) where Miami is, 64% of students had no idea, I rest my case !


  31. I can understand why 683 ppl don’t like this video, I mean really…This is why Women don’t run the country, that and every month there would be a nuclear bomb threat, right along with a apology speech, I hope she would have some practice before hand.

  32. @TheBlankityblank They didn’t won WWII they made the victory quicker. Einstein was a jew, and he didn’t want to make atom bombs to Nazis, so he escaped like many other european scientist. America got first to the moon, because other nations used the money to educate their people. And watch the video again, why so many americans can’t find their OWN country from the map? IF you r so smart then WHY you CAN’T find USA?

  33. So she wants to educate ppl from South Africa and Asia. So that American people can locate their country on the map? Thats just about the stupidest answer, i ever heard. But man if about 60 million americans cant even but their finger on map, and pinpoint where the US is, i find that HILARIOUS. Thats more than 10/1 of what there is in Denmark. And i bet that atleast 4/5 of the danish population can pinpoint where america is. Well done. Man i better go. Getting stomach pains from laughing.

  34. Everywhere such as..
    Such as..??? what? This makes me ashamed to be an American. Forget that stupid song „I’m proud to be an American.“ Really…proud of this trash? I’m moving once I get the funds. 🙂

  35. Presidential candidate – Come back George or even for that matter Dan, all is forgiven. Does somebody have a transcript of this as I haven’t the feigntest idea what she’s dibbling on about

  36. The same 1/5 could probably tell you the stats of their favorite sports icon going back 10 years. The issue isn’t intelligence but priorities.

    This girl reminds me of the old wisdom that „looks are fleeting, but stupidity lasts a lifetime.“

  37. I personally believe that U.S Americans are unable to do so because uh some people in out Nation don’t have maps and uh I believe that our-rr education like such as in South Africa and uh Iraq everywhere like such as and I believe that they should uh our education over here in the U.S should help the U.S or should help South Africa, and should help Iraq and the Asian countries so we will be able to build up our future ……. I wonder what kind of education she received?

  38. Perhaps she’s heard that monkeys thrashing away on typewriters will eventually write a Shakespearian play and that if she talks long enough she’ll say something intelligible.

  39. She is such a sweet, beautiful, loving woman (I hope). With an extremely kind, intelligent, and financially independent man, she should have a wonderful life and ideal offspring.


  40. I get what she is trying to say

    Basically some Americans dont have access to maps (good education) and just like we love helping other countries like Africa/Iraqi, setting up schools ect possibly we should start a little closer to home but for some reason that doesnt really appeal to people. Its as though we think giving to our fellow countryman is not charity but yet we give millions away to foreign countries.

  41. @ Eezaspanner I highly doubt what you’re saying, but should this be true, then she lacks in communication even more than a 2-year old.

    Still, she never actually says anything like ‚even though we help other countries such as South Africa and Iraq, we should first improve our own education‘. Or am I seriously missing the point? We should have a transcription of what she’s saying..

  42. Oh. My God.

    Mother fug. I am leaving my stupidity damned country as soon as possible. WTF? The question was about how stupid the majority of my country is, not education and aide for other countries. Wow, and people are actually this dumb in the USA if anyone was wondering.

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