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The real speech of George W Bush


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  1. the bit where he tell the iraq people to go home and die isnt croppe, the whole thing isnt crop more than an average congress vid, btw h isnt being hounest because it suppost to be secret

  2. ‚We must offer every child in America 3 nuclear missiles‘
    ROFL typical republican, im sure all his dingbat supporters in the south would have been excited to hear that.

  3. Poszukiwaczy prawdy zapraszam na pierwszy w Polsce kanał IRC (czat) dla osób chcących działać w ruchu anty NWO – Wystarczy wpisać w google „STOP NWO CZAT“ – znajdziesz na pewno xD

  4. Poszukiwaczy prawdy zapraszam na pierwszy w Polsce kanał IRC (czat) dla osób chcących działać w ruchu anty NWO – Wystarczy wpisać w google „STOP NWO CZAT“ – znajdziesz na pewno xD

  5. wikisource . org/wiki/George_W._Bush’s_Third_State_of_the_Union_Address
    This is an interesting read for how this was edited.
    „The American flag stands for more than our power and our interests.“
    „After recession, terrorist attacks, corporate scandals and stock market declines, our economy is recovering“
    „Our first goal is clear: We must have an economy that grows fast enough…
    „He has shown instead utter contempt for the United Nations“
    „dramatically improving the environment.“

  6. @admiralPs I saw this for the 1st time a couple years ago, and it was obvious to me after the 1st absurd thing he said, I knew it was fake, if this had been a real speech I’d be extremely scared or dumbfounded at the idea of hydrogen powered doctors, giving kids nuclear warheads, and how could 400 billion people fit on this planet. I thought it was cleverly edited and had a good flow to it. I have a warped sense of humor, so I found it amusing.

  7. @admiralPs lol, believe me, i figured that out in the 1st 17 seconds. „Threaten the world“ what?!! hydrogen powered doctors does sound pretty useful. and nobody could mess with anyone if we all have 3 nuclear warheads

  8. @JASM4collection hmmm seems like you know politics. i dont even know who „al gore“ is. Seems like ur obsessed with politics, get off Bush’s dick already.

  9. @JASM4collection You said the guy who made this video has no life but you’re clueless that you’re the one who doesnt have one. theres ur explanation genius. And first of all im not in America right now, i’m in the Philippines for a 1 month vacation so when it’s morning there, it’s night here. Get it? Nice try troll.

  10. The only times I go on here is when I’m on my lunchbreak at work and when I wake up before I got to work douchebag. Wow, that really proved your point Jackass. Secondly, how the fuck am I supposed to know you’re not in america. Do you go around telling everyone? Go surfing there and hopefully a shark will attack you.

  11. @JASM4collection Someone’s pissed off hahaha. Take it easy troll I know it’s embarrassing to get owned but you really are just a troll. First off I don’t surf, secondly its your fault for assuming that I’m in america just for a pathetic attempt to screw with me, and third that’s flattering that I’m in your mind even during your work LMAO! get a fucking life mr.troll

  12. The truth is that the conservative republican leadership and the large banks and corporations are waging war against the middle and lower classes. It started with Bush/Cheney and now we have Barton/Boehner. Please wake up and stop voting in the republicans. They do not care about you; they only care about wealthy Americans, the large corporations, and getting more powerful themselves. Please vote with your mind this coming November.

  13. No less distortion of a person’s message than is done routinely by the Faux news and the far-right in the U.S, atleast this editing/distortion is actually changing the lies to truth instead of vice versa.

  14. Sad part is some stupid son of a bitch will believe this video clip. As the sign in Minnesota on the bill board says with Bush on it……..Miss me yet? Yeah we do as we are so sick and tired of BO!

  15. that could be OBEYME talking. the way he has handled the oil gusher, and now has come out of the closet with being a muslim and sent more troops to their death in afghanistan>>> then NO jobs…

  16. VIDEOS:
    „Obama DRUNK!“
    „Birthers‘ Delight“
    „Death Panels Explained“
    „Look Out, Grandma!“
    „Special Interest“
    and more…
    <<< at ObamaSnippetsDotCom It's not political - It's just for fun...

  17. @MrKrlos099 Good point boy, the only people who should be causing terror in these here united states should be us conservatives shooting people and crashing planes into the IRS, mm hmm. Like the bible says „kill everybody that don’t agree with you, mm kay“ Doucheronomy 9:11

  18. @Hogan10298 Well said, son. Afghanistan is a waste of time. Who cares about Osama Bin Laden, let’s go after other people in the name of 9/11 instead. Hell, let’s go to war with Canada since they gots more drinking water than we do and say it’s cause they once had somebody go on a trip to afghanistan. Hell, Obama is a shitty president who’s done things such as fix education, give more VA benefits, and keep promises like pulling out of iraq as opposed to the great W Bush who only raised alarms.

  19. @ConservativemanOmega No, that’s you left liberal dipshits that want to force your agendas government and country wide and destroy and smear everyone that disagrees with you. The guy that crashed the plane into the IRS was also a communist, jackass. Not that it really matters though because nearly everyone hates the IRS regardless of their political background, could of been anybody.

  20. @ConservativemanOmega Also just like your Islamic friends Osama Butt Laden, the Times Square fail bombers, fail plane shoe bomber, US flag burners in NYC, Fort Hood Jihad for Allah shooter that was an Army Major after numerous threats. Which got many of our service members killed because of the treasonist, delusional, and ignorant dreamworld policy of morons like you. Not to mention the all too common everyday attacks against our troops by your pals.

  21. Isn’t it what people used to do in Communist countries? The party leader speaks and everyone gets up and applauds for no apparent reason.. What has America become ??

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