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Thomas Edison Hates Cats


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  1. @903harman My basic response would be „who gives a shit?“ Most inventions have antecedents that either didn’t quite work or were not recognized as useful until someone else came along and perfected them, or marketed them properly. If Edison had been a lone genius coming out with original inventions in his basement, instead of a CEO creating products he could market, it still might have been decades before the public saw any of those things you name.

  2. @GoblinXXX 9 Inventions Edison Did Not Make
    „Keep on the lookout for novel ideas that others have used successfully. Your idea has to be original only in its adaptation to the problem you’re working on.“ – Thomas Edison.

    1. The Electric Bulb or Incandescent Lamp
    2. The Electric Chair
    3. The Movie Camera
    4. The Power Generator
    5. X-Ray Photographs (fluoroscope)
    6. The Storage Battery
    7. The Record Player
    8. Wax Paper
    9. The Telegraph
    he stole everything

  3. @spinemelter2000 Yes, because Westinghouse developed what we use now… But we might not be watching any sound videos on these computers without the motion pictures and sound recording Edison invented. (Or we might be a decade or two behind in technology.)

  4. I’m not sure that that means Edison hated cats. He exploited them, which probably inspired Bill Frist’s experiments. In fairness, would we have the technology to power our computers that we’re using to watch this clip if it hadn’t been for Edison?

  5. This biggest irony about the demonstration is that AC is actually safer than DC current. When you are shocked in your home, the change in direction of the current knocks you away. With an equivalent DC wattage, you’d remain part of the circuit and be killed.

  6. Thomas Edison said self:
    „I am a good sponge, I absorb ideas and make her usable. Most of my ideas originally belonged to people, which did not make themselves the trouble to develop them further.“

    I think, Thomas Edison was a great Inventor and perfectionist and Genius!

  7. Why is everyone ragging on Pinky about not mentioning Tesla? You all think you’re smarter for knowing this, but you aren’t – It’s just something you picked up either through someone else or doing the research on google – For a while, people didn’t know it was Tesla It also wasn’t part of her point, her point was that in technological advancement, buisness wins out – It’s always about cost, NOT betterment for humans Also, the irony of AC winning out because it was the better choice

  8. The ironic thing is that I’ll bet if good ol‘ Edison had used DC on the animals, same xact effect would happen … It’s electricity, of course it would electrocute you – Poor Tesla, everyone’s always stealing his work – Shows that when people are shown something is bad, they instantly take the other as good – I’m not sure whose to blame for the thinking of there has to be evil and the other must be good, cuz that’s often not the case

  9. Ha ha A common quote from T Edison, “ Ere I’ve stolen all these great ideas, do you want to help me kill as many animals, pets and people as we can? I’ve only got two hands you know. Ere get hold of the tail on that dolphin and help me lift it into the chair will you. I know it’s dead, I’m having this for my lunch as soon as I’ve cooked it“

  10. @johninva123 even heroes have an dark side!!! and WTH do you like see animals suffer and die slowly and painfull!!!, FBI must be watching you cuz you could be an american phsyco killer!!!

  11. LOL Pinky. Man O man you sure are trying the velify everything American. What next? Is George Washington really an evil master? I like the part where the elaphant was fried and I also like pinky throwing in the electric chair part. Poor little cats and dogs had to be electicfied just so we could have electicity.

  12. Consider the context, Topsy had already killed three men and thus was deemed a danger to her trainers and the public. Electrocution killed her in seconds. The alternative was hanging, which takes minutes.

  13. And what do you propose have been done with Topsy? Topsy killed three people, she posed a serious danger to her trainers and the public. Euthanasia was quite reasonable. As for the method of execution, electrocution was the quickest and cleanest option. She was dead in seconds. The alternative was hanging.

  14. Pinky never lets inconvenient facts get in the way of her story. She found a great way to deal with them, just leave them out and ignore them. Then they never exsisted and all’s right in her own little world.

  15. Edison was a half inventor and cruel business man. It is a team of inventors that invented most of „his“ inventions.

    Tesla needed no slave labour to dominate Edison.He was the brain behind all his inventions.

    Tesla is a genius , Edison just a sour cruel business man.

    Edison’s cruelty matched only by his tunel vision lunatic persistence.

  16. this was a simple video that was very nicely done. did not try to use big words or go off into sub topics. one of the best youtube videos i’ve seen. and it was true Edison was a prick in his life time, only cared about himself. and stole the work of others and didn’t like to pay for the work others did for him.

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