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Tower of Pisa PWNED


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  1. funny but obviously fake- the way he says that guiineess records are coming NEXT WEEK to evaluate it

    evaluate what anyways- it’s just a big crap model of the leaning tower of pisa

  2. omg, and he said that the guinnes world records would come in two weeks to watch it out, and it took two weekends to build, and oh man this is just so sad 😀

  3. That tower was great until the reporter had to ‚Accidently‘ knock down the tower with his chord microphone. Why didn’t he just get a chordless microphone instead of that. Or else that man who made it would have been in the guiness book that year.

  4. not fake it was a wr rec sorry for the builder but hopfully they count the pieces and make it wr anyway.
    search on Clumsy Reporter Knocks Over Tower Of Pisa
    and you found the orginal

  5. wow is that really all that he can say? „i dont know what i can say“ whatta douche dude, not even funny, he didnt even seem that upset, hes just chill like nothing happened

  6. @hahyunlee I think that that video is fake, it just makes no sence that there’s a sudden laughing guy with another microphone and video is just other, doesn’t even look much like related with original video.

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