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Spider above my bed


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  1. No, it would be okay until it moved then you run like hell crying and shitting your pants to the door. can some air freshener and a lighter…. spiders like that DESERVE TO DIE

  2. Well because of this lovely fucking video im not going to Australia anymore for schooling ๐Ÿ™ was looking forward but this video completely turned me off to aussie. Switzerland here I come wooooooooooo ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. DDDDAAAAAMMMNNNNN……..i would just completely overreact and torch it or something man. I wouldn’t be able to sleep for a couple days if i knew it was watching me

  4. Normally I don’t mind spiders, so long as we respect each others personal space. But that thing is sitting up there like a serial killer waiting for you to sleep! Fuck that! Fuck that with fire! That is an Evil Spider thats the fucking Crimson King!

  5. OHHHHH MY FKING GODD!!! OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MANN THAT JUST GAVE ME CHILLS!! THAT THING IS HUGE. ……………………….WOWWWWW WOW WOW. sry but thats a big azz spider overyour bed.loll

  6. Seriously though, how would you get rid of it? It’s not like you can catch it in a cup and throw it outside, or smack it with a shoe… What would you do in that situation?!

    I cannot even comprehend something that large above my head at night… Gives me the heebie-jeebies.

  7. haha if a spider like that was in my room i wuld move really slowly and whisper to me self sayin ok mr.spider im ur freind just stay there and ill leave its guna be ok then ill get a BB gun and seriosly shoot it in my house i wuld shit my pants if i came back and it wasnt there i wuld shut the door and sleep in a diff room

  8. i saw a spide like that in my room it was walking twords me and i jumped out of my bed and screamed bloodymurder and my mom thought i was getting killed by a mad man and i mad my dog pee by my sceam. when i told her it was a spider she started LAUGHING at me

  9. if i woke up and saw THAT kind of big spider , i would probably get a heart attack.
    If not , i would take a 50 caliber sniper rifle and kill it.
    or i would just get a stick and poke it

  10. in, case i have absolutley innocent little spiders in my country who do nothing, i still have a big fear of them. start crying like a baby and get hysteric. (? don’t know why) and if i could see one of this big poisoned and alive spider in my room, i could immediately go psycho.

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