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Jumpstyle duo by Jumpforce


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  1. \m/ possessed by sadistic murderblood and blackmetal
    \m/ fuck all kind of happy things in world, fuck all happy music and happy people who are dancing to this SHIT


  2. @TheMilky53
    thats a tough question. it all depends on the user. its just like with ANY dance form. can u really say that Tap is harder than Ballet or Krump is harder than Breaking? u might see someone Jumpstyling in a way u have never seen some1 do it before, and then see someone Shuffling and be like, „well that wasnt AS COOL as what i saw the other day, so i think Jumpstyle is tougher…“ u see what i mean? its all up to the user to entertain u enough to were u think that HE/SHE is the BEST!!

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