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TRex 600 Helicopter – Amazing Tricks


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  1. Whether this video is fake or not, but this is the way it should be for playing rc helicopters. The others are just too ordinary where fly by, hovering and so on. In my point of view this is what I called as „Fully utilized the ability of a rc helicopter“.

  2. @hiteclaser yes this is very much realy and frickin impresive but if people are wondering “well how does it fly upside down then?“ the blades rotate so it changes the airflow from blowing out the bottom to blowing out the top! 🙂

  3. this is fake… they used the same editing program as to what they used in the video „impossible basketball trick shots“… there’s no way any helicopter can fly and go in circles with its nose pointing up… especially the trick at 2:05

  4. yall are stupid thats why… yu guys cant tell the difference between real and fake…. itss fake cuz the camera knows exactly where the helicopter is going… it never loses sight of it…

  5. @SiMigAtSiCaloy Just because you are behind the world doesn’t mean everyone is like you. Go back to school and learn some physic. I have seen people flying like that myself. DUHH!!

  6. @buneaalexpetru Calm down amigo!! It was not my intention to offend gay community. The video itself looks gaily gay and also fake. Its as beautiful as a gay carnaval dancer from Bazil…and also looks fake…but i dont mean that this is bad. The video is incredible!!

  7. @SiMigAtSiCaloy It’s called a funnel. I do it all the time. It works because you’re holding the collective down pretty hard and the cyclic at a downward and sideways angle, so the air is blowing at an angle kind of away, sideways and down toward the ground. It works a lot like if you put a ball on a string and spin it around. That stays up in the air, right? Or have kids been faking that trick for years too.. ? 🙂

  8. For those of you who think this is fake, find the other 100s of RC heli videos and believe it must be a conspiracy of sorts – or just find a local RC heli fun fly and watch people do these tricks for real 🙂 Love this video (it inspired me to start flying 3D) but I saw tighter flying than this this weekend by Bert Kammerer at pitchfest in MN on his 700e. You can go watch this stuff in person if you don’t believe!

  9. who said anything about it being a REAL heli? even the orig poster says this is rc. in other words, nobody is making anybody [much more you, ryanlaing, believe that this is a real chopper. it’s the incredible capablity of the rc heli and the equally fantastic skill of the guy on the remote control.

    thanks for the amazing post, gurvien

  10. Guys, thank you for watching and commenting on the video. I’ve read each and every single one of your comments. It makes me smile everyday because people keep commenting that it’s fake.

  11. 1. It’s an RC helicopter, a TREX 600.
    2. The pilot is Alan Szabo Jr., the Nolan Ryan (or Michael Jordan) of RC helicopters.
    3. It’s not fake, it is a legit helicopter.
    4. It can fly upside down due to the pitch of the blades being inverted.
    4a. Inverting the blades is like reversing the direction the blades rotate. Because it’s impossible to do that, at that speed, you invert the blades to accomplish the same thing.
    5. You cannot do this in a real helicopter, it’s simply not possible.


  12. Dude what is wrong with you? How old are you? grow up. This is real and it’s using the law of physic Duh! Why are you calling me retard shouldn’t it be you because you said this is fake? So if this is fake, 1000 of 3D videos out there are fake too? I’m sure people would not be bother flushing their times away making a fake video. GO buy one then you will know!

  13. @SiMigAtSiCaloy 0:56-0:57 – He uses the momentum of each swing to keep it up. These RC helos are extremely light and the blades put out an amazing amount of thrust. Remember that the entire craft is surrounded by air, it doesn’t matter what direction it’s pointing. It doesn’t have to point at the ground for it to go anywhere. You can see the helicopter starting to fall right before he switches directions.

    2:20 – Centrifugal force. The blades are probably inverted to fight the force.

  14. @NNOOPPAARRAATT why do you wanna know how old i am? wtf are you? a pedophile? calling something fake doesnt make me a retard…. what if i said your mom’s tits were fake…. that doesnt make me a retard… i know 3d vids are fake… but this vid isn’t 3d….so dont be bringing up irrelevant sh**….

  15. @SiMigAtSiCaloy Wow very grown up. I guess that their no point talking to you to you. Too hard to talk to dumb people because they never accept anything in their brain. Have a great life. I seen you video … dammMM you are ugly.

  16. @NNOOPPAARRAATT yea yu better stop talking to me cuz yu wont win anyway…. and hey at least i got some videos…. yu dont cuz you’d just break the camera and youtube wont let yu upload it…..wahahaha wat a fail in life

  17. @SiMigAtSiCaloy jeez, ur a fucked up retard, what the hell made u think this video was fake? just realize that some ppl are among the best in the world and are so pro they make it look better than u ever could imagine anyone could do that one thing.

    i also admit that many videos are fake, but try fitting sound with the video and u clearly see that it isnt.

  18. @TheAlsat im sure that im not a fucked up retard…. cuz if i was, then i’d look like you… you’re probably too stupid to know that the technology today is very advanced and that it can trick our eyes….. like that program Photoshop…. and you’re probably one of the people that beleive in what you instantly see….

  19. @SiMigAtSiCaloy as i said: i also admit that many videos are fake! jeez, learn to read. ur profile picture is a fucked up retard, so i just tok my standing point outta that.

  20. @TheAlsat yu calling my picture retarded when yur the one that doesnt have any profile pic cuz ur probably too ugly to show it….. but thats good u didnt upload any, or else you’d just scare the crap out of ppl….

  21. @TheAlsat I don’t think that there is much point talking to the guy. He has a metal breakdown. Dumb people don’t accept things into their brain very easily ^_^. If he doesn’t think that is real then why doesn’t he just piss off? All he can say is „retard“ what a joke does he think that he is not one of them?

  22. @SiMigAtSiCaloyLook if you really don’t think that this is real it’s ok, but pleases just leave. I don’t want to be a dick to you but it’s probably the best solution so that there is will be no more argument. Thank you and have a good day.

  23. @gurvien if u dont dont say bul shit there is no centrifugal force its a virtual force we asume to study movemnents so first study then talk about science

  24. Now I know why this guys name was all over the Align boxes at the hobby store today! I ended up getting a Blade mSR while looking for buggy parts and it’s killer! This guy is sick as hell, it almost looks like CGI! I can see why people would think it’s fake, it blows your mind at first! These helis are pretty sophisticate pieces of kit but imagine what the military has flying if a human can do this with a conventional helicopter design! or….ALIENS!!! eeep

  25. This can’t be real, I don’t even think the „UFO’s“ can do stunts like these, this guy or any guy that can do these kinds of tricks should be at the Air show!!!!!

  26. i would think you could actually do this in a real helicopter, except not as fast due to inertia. but i was just wondering about when he says, „you’re done“; were the batteries totally dead, or did you have the ability to fly a little more? it looked like it lost a lot of power very suddenly.

  27. @SiMigAtSiCaloy yes that is true but the motor is very powerful for a heli like that its real dude the blades reverse to do that…. thats the weird sound when it flips around and as i said be4 that motor is very powerful for its size

  28. @sillydillydokieo With rc helicopters of this size, you don’t fly until the batteries die, you start a stopwatch at the beginning of the flight and stop after a certain amount of time. It’s a method learned from flying fuel-powered helis – the second you run out of fuel, the engine just dies with no warning, hence the need to time flights 🙂

    In the case of electric helis, the lipo batteries perform best if not discharged 2 low

    If I’m not mistaken, the guy called it done after exactly 4 minutes

  29. When he rapidly oscillates it up and down (0:25 – 0:28), is he manually moving the throttle stick up and down (in „inverted flying“ or „idle-up“ mode), or is there some switch on the transmitter that he flicks on & off repeatedly to make it do that?

    And does anyone know whether he uses some sort of governor or a constant-speed ESC to keep the rotor RPM constant?

    Last question – do these stunts need the gyro in heading-lock mode, or just normal mode?

  30. @LMF5000 he puts the helicopter into idle-up mode. this sets the motor rpm at 100% all the time and the throttle stick now controls only the pitch of the blades. then you just flick the stick up & down to reverse the pitch and it forces the heli down. or if your inverted, this allows you fly upside down. oh yeah, the receiver controls all of this. the gyro is purely preference, more advanced guys use rate mode and the „newer“ guys use HH mode. if you have any more questions, just ask. ok?

  31. Once again my Algebra has sent me to another idiotic web site that has nothing in the world to do with preparing for a test! I hope he gets molested by a rabid Giraffe.

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  33. God, this is amazing. That pilot has got some serious skills right there. And for people saying this is fake, how on earth could it be? What do you think they attached strings and used it as a puppet?

  34. @gurvien you cant do this in a real one because the blades on a real one are really stiff and are completely fixed to it, so if there is too much stress on them, they’ll snap! they can only do this because the blades are more flexible. (and a lot smaller, with lower rpm.

  35. @Kpilot786457 ok, but there really isn’t or we would be boom striking the hell out of our helis, and Alan would have foreshore boom striked if there was any more than vary minimal flex in this flight. the blades on that heli are spinning at about 2500rpm ish. i thought you were saying the reason they can do 3d is bc of flex when in fact it is the vary opposite

  36. This is possible if:

    1.) You precisely organized a complex matrix of invisible Neodymian magnets…

    2.) You programmed a uC to send pulses through super inducters to instantaneously produce different magnetic fields within the helicopter…

    3.) Your chosen vicinity of flight is equal in magnetic phenomena to that of the Bermuda Triangle…

    4.) You are a theoretical astrophysicist that was born/raised at Area 51.

    OR… This isn’t the first time you’ve flown an RC helicopter.

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