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TRex 600 Helicopter – Amazing Tricks


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  1. This is possible if:

    1.) You precisely organized a complex matrix of invisible Neodymian magnets…

    2.) You programmed a uC to send pulses through super inducters to instantaneously produce different magnetic fields within the helicopter…

    3.) Your chosen vicinity of flight is equal in magnetic phenomena to that of the Bermuda Triangle…

    4.) You are a theoretical astrophysicist that was born/raised at Area 51.

    OR… This isn’t the first time you’ve flown an RC helicopter.

  2. @Kpilot786457 ok, but there really isn’t or we would be boom striking the hell out of our helis, and Alan would have foreshore boom striked if there was any more than vary minimal flex in this flight. the blades on that heli are spinning at about 2500rpm ish. i thought you were saying the reason they can do 3d is bc of flex when in fact it is the vary opposite

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