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Die Hard – Music Video


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  1. I have the dvd too, live free or die hard, on the back of the case it says it has the video, i´ve gone gone thru the few features and cant find it….where do you find it? please help. i was only able to watch it here on youtube.

  2. love this song !! my mate at college call me bruce no willies cz i wacth die hard to much !! but who carres cz it bloody good film and you cnt get bored of bruce kicking ass can you 🙂

  3. i mean,
    i am really miss the old John MacClane!!! I love John with the cigarette in the to the mouth and with the beretta cal.9 I grew up whit this, and i miss it so up.

  4. I love that film<3
    But it sucks a little bit,how the germans looks like.I'm from Germany,and we doesnt wear boots all the time.These times are over,why can't you understand that?

  5. The one thing I notice out of all the die hards, the 1st one you can clearly see the stunt doubles doing all of Bruce Willis action scenes which kind of throw away the magic I felt when I was a kid.. That is why Die Hard With A Vengeance is the best Die Hard movie ever…

  6. @RatedRsupeRme Sorry but your comment is very pathetic. Year, I love Bruce Willis very much and Stallone would suck as Mclane but on the other hand, Willis would suck as Rambo or Rocky. Mclane just suits him, that’s all

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