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How to change the iphone battery


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  1. u dumbasses who think its his money that he threw away or hes a dumbass YOU ARE

  2. It’s not the iphone that I’m concerned about specifically it’s the fact that they are expensive and that there are many people in this world with much less. Why waste the money?

  3. NO! i won’t be silenced by someone who THINKS he is superior…you are not, and neither am I, and stupid trolls that whine and bitch DON’T get to state thier opinion….its an electronic device, who cares….and yes he doesn’t have to do something like this but HE DID…so build a bridge and get over it! and to insult my intelligence, lol its kind of funny because you are the one that seems to have an odd fixation on a crappy piece of technology for no appareant reason…so yeah, whatever…

  4. Ya I’m sure you would know by reading one of my comments that I would have a life or not. I do have a life so shut the fuck up. I don’t have a right to say what he can do, but I do have a right to state my opinion, which was he is a fag for doing this. Just because someone can do something doesn’t mean they should. Try to get some intelligence please?

  5. its youtube…get a fucking life huh…he can do whatever he wants, you have NO FUCKING right to say what he CAN AND CAN’T DO so SHUT THE FUCK UP

  6. I can tell your a rich boy fagot jock just by looking at your clothes. Why the fuck would you waste your parents hard earned money like this?

  7. Great another addition to our landfills. Oh well no big deal. Lets spend and destroy because it is somehow fun. That won’t bite us in the ass economically one day. Thank you America!

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