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Strange Weather – Gravity Wave ( For RJ Thisper)


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  1. I had a family member show me pictures of this. Those were the craziest cloud pictures I have ever seen! There were pictures of what looked like mountains upside down, a face of a lion, with a saint praying in the left eye of it. God! It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it as I saw them. I’m from IOWA originally & to date I had NEVER seen anything like that before there or ANYWHERE else!!

  2. @St0n3dGuRU Every 3-4 thousand years? The last major global catastrophe was about 600 thousand years ago, if something major happened over 4 thousand years ago, there would be no humans, there would be no you, thats an idiotic statement with zero relevance to actual fossil records that do not support your opinion.

  3. @St0n3dGuRU How is it living believing that a mysterious planet that has never been seen that is going to crash into the planet in 2 years, might I add that it is larger than earth and would be easily visible to us, and kill ALL life on earth, every you loved and your dreams would be gone that day?

    Doesn’t seem very pleasent even though its not going to happen, life will continue till one day it will end, not by God.

  4. @St0n3dGuRU

    Nibiru is completely bullshit, there is no proof of this massive planet, if it were to swoop by in 2012 we would already be able to see it in our night sky or in telescopes, but this is simply a low pressure current with warm air from the ground rising causes the clouds to fluxuate. Nothing more and nothing less.

  5. @OverlyExcitedNewJack lol, I know right…It seems whenever a video of nibiru pops up people say „sundog!“ then another vid popped up that was clearly not a sundog, and they called it a „swamp baby“ or some shit like that…I finally just asked them for a list of all the atmospheric phenomena that is known to happen, so we know when something is out of the norm.

  6. @OverlyExcitedNewJack yep air in altitude is thinner than over the ground, because the pressure is less important, air is compressible, and thus the density is also smaller. I can send you pictures of wake gravity waves because the air encounter an obstacle. Sorry ffor my english, I am french.

  7. @masonrunner100 …..HAARP stands for Highly Active Auroral Research Program and it’s some of Tesla’s work. Just google it. Thanks to our govts, people laugh when they hear the word conspiracy. It just shows their success in brainwashing. HAARP is in Alaska in the middle of nowhere. It is capable of pushing the ionosphere up like 80 miles and allowing it to slam down where they want in return causing things like earthquakes, tsunamis etc. Weather control is another aspect of it. Look it up…..

  8. @OverlyExcitedNewJack ….dude it does us no good to convince some people of the truth. They are too busy watching football or American Idol to take the blinders off. I just pray that not everybody is so fucking ignorant to think that weather modification is only sci-fi……..hey bro, do like I do and tell everybody you can in a civil way- hell just point out a chemtrail or 20. People who know me would never think my name is unstableminded on here. Know what I mean? Plant that seed…….

  9. it’s a rare cloud form called undulatus asperatus where the winds above the cloud level create waves similar to how surface winds create undulating waves in the oceans. the cloud wasn’t actually given a formal name until 2009 where it became the first new cloud named since 1951. want my credentials? oceanography and estuarine science major with a minor in geology. i don’t know much about the haarp program other than it’s a conspiracy theory used to explain incredibly erroneous events

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