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The Prediction


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  1. i didnt move at the end because he said before to move only when he says number
    no kidding but mad sick tho have to do with a lot of math and number counting

  2. I was trying to be smart ass and move my fingers all different „unexpected“ ways–my ass lost. πŸ™ Even if it is just „simple“ math, that stuff is impressive–SOMEONE had come up with a method, and whoever that was was a genius. Don’t hate; appreciate, yo.

  3. this trick fails because he says „You can move from side to side, you can move up and down, you can visit a square that you’ve visited before, but you mustn’t move diagonally.“ CAN is the key word… i chose to move to the house and stay there, so this failed.

  4. i landed on the house after the first set of numbers o_e and im pretty sure i followed directions. move up,down,right, or left, but NO diagonal. you can revisit a square.
    i started at the neutral smiley. 1(down).2(left,up).3(up,left,down).4(right,right,down,left).5(up,up,left,down,down).6(up,up,right,down,right,down)7(left,left,up,up,right,down,left) did i follow instructions?

  5. Technically you can skip over a symbol. Like when you are on start you can automatically move to the V when he tells you to move and then the arrows when he tells you to move again because you are still moving side to side and up and down. He never says to move to a symbol directly next to the one you are on. And therefore you can beat some of his predictions while still following his directions.

  6. @muDDyTeets: Then you have made a mistake.

    You had to make one move. Then he counts to seven. In total you have to do 8 moves.
    Left, Down, Down, Left, Up, Right, Left are 7 moves.

  7. David Cooperfield did the same thing but it was better. This is very easy to do as there are math tricks that can lead you to a tellers „Prediction“

  8. No predictions, it is simple mathematics… it is mathematically impossible to land on the squares he „predicts“ you do not land on… no magic, no predictions, no esp involved. Very clever though!

  9. @quelorepario Your prediction is completely wrong, I had my finger on the waves. I did it three times in a row, no faulty rule bending or faults in moving. So you also is a failure at predicting.

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