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Tesla Coil Music – Featured on Hacked Gadgets


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  1. when was he in this? thats not me.

    and calling that american isnt exactly morale either.

    i state facts how i see them. thats my opinon. as if i give if their bad. thats me. im not always in a good mood. and if u dont like wat i say, dont reply!

    oi ashproductions this snt political. and people were made selfish bitches. human nature.

  2. You know what would be cool?
    If people stopped posting all these back and forth sort of political arguments in places like this.
    I mean, when you think about it, it doesn’t make any sense, and it makes the people on both side looks like just….the biggest selfish bitches ever. It’s weird.

    What I actually wanted to say was:

    This totally owns. I wish I had one of those machines.
    Good for this guy! :-}

  3. oh and please don’t start all over with you plea about what’s right and wrong, because you know what? i don’t care what you think. I just know that Tesla did more than he got credit for.

  4. Besides the only reason why his wireless electricity isn’t used today, is because there is no way to control the use of it. And well. people just HAVE to pay for every breath they take, so this free and allways available electricity was a no go. Maybe his early version had a lot of energy-loss, but i’m sure if it got accepted, people found a way to improve it.

  5. @hyperkinetic

    Do you have some kind of build up grudge against everyone that improved something and got credit for it? I don’t know about you, but Tesla isn’t that familiar. At least not as much as Edison. Maybe he didn’t invent a majority of the stuff said above, but he sure improved it to a level that it got usable.

  6. Guy looks like a „bundle of sticks.“

    Christ, how retarded do you think I am?
    It’s „American“ to call everything „gay,“ „fag,“ „queer,“ and anything else you claim not to be.

  7. this is why I hate America.

    1) he probably isn’t gay, and
    2) Fag is just acceptable as me calling you a boner-nosed jew or a chicken-grubbing nigger.

    People are so fucking immature.

    your GAY enemy.

  8. Holy shit! That´s amazing!
    This year at Trance Energy (Utrecht/NL) they used a tesla coil for visual effects on the „hard stage“. Had a diameter of ca. 3,5m. Imagine, what sound that would have generated…

  9. Tesla filled 1897 and granted 1900. Marconi filled 1900, 1901, 1902 and turned down over Tesla patents. I sent you private message and please stop this conversation here.

  10. Sorry, but the patent commonly known as Tesla’s ‚radio patent‘ (U.S. Patent 0,645,576) was filed in 1900, NOT 1897. Even if your date was correct, Hertz and Marconi would have been transmitting 9 years before.

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