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Living Plants


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  1. It would be alot more awesome, if it didn’t look like small mecanical parts and more natural living parts.. i mean they kind of look like metal…

  2. I guess it is a composit between real footage and computer creations. But how you could stick them both together so amazingly accurate (w/ camera mvts, shakes, , zooms in/out, exc)? Man, BRAVO!

  3. Why aren’t there any credits anywhere??? I’d like so much to know what softs were used, which renderer, how long it took to render, what pin this guys uses and if I can meet his 4 legged-girlfriend.

  4. alien fauna…now thís should go into the sciënce fiction movies, why do you never see something like this? Why does it allways have to bee something with zappy lasers, humanoid aliens and a lovestory? Why not something that looks as fantastic as these creations? Semi concious plants..pc intelligence.And your trying to colonise such a planet: you got a movie!

  5. Taking into consideration that this was uploaded in 2007 and technology wasn’t as good back then, otherwise this would look realistic because this doesn’t look realistic at all.

  6. Not really realistic, The shadeing and textures are rather poor and easy to spot, in some cases the imposed CGI moves out of sync with the camera movements of the orginal video.

  7. @Fireball9392

    he said most realistic, not best.. and find something better if you can. there is much.

    the bugs videos often shown on teletoon as well done too, but my god, look at the realistic lighting and rendering !

  8. @AEigner ever since I was born but then people tried to manipulate it later. If they can see me in an above kind’of way, then they are directly responsible for everything. I only have so many options, and I can do whatever I please so long as no laws are broken.

  9. Hmm it only feels so real because the backgrounds are Fotographs, they just applied some stuff on those fotos. Kinda lame? Looks still nice though 🙂

  10. trees must go through puberty……. if they dont then how the fuck do they get such bad acne….. i sure hope i dont get acne like that….. ever…..

  11. I think I figured out how this was done for the most part. I kept thinking the entire thing wa CG but its not. its merely very nice video footage of tree close ups and branches etc, with CG elements overlayed and rendered to appear as part of the plant or tree.

    the part where you see a flower with eyes, the flower is real but the eyes and such were camera mapped and animated over that plate.

  12. Oh. At first I thought the whole scenes were made in a 3D program, but it’s just some objects placed over recorded real plants and trees. Still nice, but also disappointing with the misleading info text.

  13. Im a grown man,I can truthfully say If I woke up on a planet with all these creatures all around,I wouldnt stop screaming.. CREEPY MAN. o,o

  14. considering i have no idea WTF that is i cant judge. next time can please model real lifeforms.

    that way we can see how realistic the graphics truly are.

  15. It still looks fake, but I have a lot of admiration for the time and effort. Especially with the motion tracking. And this is in 2007! You’re way ahead of me!

  16. I enjoyed this thanks for sharing.

    Is it your work or did you find it? Also can anyone tell me more info on the music feature in the video? Artist, track etc. Thanks

  17. cool!

    but if I look at the reflections closely .. am not sure why some of the reflection looks crappy? something distorted…

    2:15 (the most obvious)

    does anybody know an HD version of this?

  18. I thought I noticed a one or two images jump where the camera matching wasn’t quite right… a high def version would be great to see. But otherwise I’m impressed! I thought the lighting was good, the shadows were good, the models and animation were clever – and above all the idea was cool!

  19. Hmm. The motion (i.e. how the CG elements track with the real background) is perfect. But the surfaces still don’t look like plant surfaces to me; too smooth, too shiny in some cases.

    Still a nice video, though.

  20. 1:08 u can see a SHADOW mistake just as the METAL leaf are about to stop, i HATE this problem with the 3D softwares, including SHADOW problems with 3DMAX….. BUT i love the work its really amazing !

  21. I don’t get it „most realistic use of computer graphics“…. I am seeing leaves with eyes and petals with mouth’s. Really just a big waste of time lol. Wrongly labelled videos to get views, so cool.

  22. @aeonteleos the thing here is, that he made this WITH real nature… normally, you would create a similar forest which belongs to this… well… call this: add-ons… here he made these things on real existing trees… as you can see, these leaves and eyes are staying on one spot on the tree, while the camera is still moving…

    i think that he meant this with „realistic use of…“

  23. Lets see.. in the mid 90s, it was awesome to simply have 3D. In the early 2000s it was having everything shiny. In the mid 2000s it was bombarding everything with bloom.
    Now it is all the rage to make everything look like plastic.

  24. Disagree. This is the most realistic physics engine I’ve seen:

    replace the xxx with www

  25. I find it extremely annoying when people praise their own work. And for that reason I really hope this wasn’t made by you. „Most Realistic Graphics Ever“? Not even close. C’mon. . .

  26. @cupidlsu actually in 2013 we’ll start seeing CGI quality graphics drawn in real time and before 2020 we’ll have video games that rival real life. Don’t say never, it’s inevitable.

  27. @jj1nine I doubt it. First off I beileve it’s possible, but these people need to make cash. Making video games that rival real life would cost way too much. Even if the American public heard this game had graphics that were like real life I doubt the company would make a pofit they would be satisfied with. I’d also like to know where you got this info from. But it is inevitable.

  28. @AndrewCWillis It’s not so much a matter of cost than having the computational power. When we get there, development will be more streamlined,production costs will be lower or gone (cloud computing), but games are expensive to make now so… I didn’t make these dates up myself, they’re from devs and tech mags and such. Next gen starts around 2013 we’ll start seeing raytracing then point based rendering etc. You should be able to find all this online easy.

  29. oh man I absolutely hate these kinds of images…who thought of that…please man anyone is grossed out by a pimple don’t give them eyes and shit…oh man…so disturbing

  30. @WeegeePerson as it said in the description „the most realistic use of computer graphics“ so its not fake fake, but it is fascinating and somewhat grotesque. it reminds me of a colony of giant barnacles only slightly less discusting.

  31. @lifeliver
    i think its a mix of minimum 3 programms
    maybe: maya/3DS Max/Cinema4D etc.
    adobe aftereffect or something like that
    sorry for my bad english ^^

  32. nice tracking .. think no tracker software involved?.. done by urself? step by step? .. the matching of 3d objects with the footage is very very good! sometimes it looks like a bit of shadow is missing .. xD nice work!

  33. i played a game called life .. boring and consumes money .. i have a big solid state drive which is pretty much my processor too .. 1000ghz i guess … i have a pretty decent graphic card called eyes and i play at 3908490328 x 93204832094 resolution .. anti aliasing 99x on mega extreme settings no lag .. around 500 fps per 0.01 seconds .. i dont over heat i need no cooler

  34. i played a game called life .. it’s fking boring and consumes money .. i have a big solid state drive which is pretty much my processor too .. 1000ghz i guess … i have a pretty decent graphic card called eyes and i play at 3908490328 x 93204832094 resolution .. anti aliasing 99x on mega extreme settings no lag .. around 500 fps per 0.01 seconds .. i dont over heat i need no cooler

  35. @Br3akTh3W1nd simulation becomes indistinguishable from reality. any sort of line drawn between reality and ‚fake‘ reality becomes irrelevant. people will live their entire lives in dream worlds.

    something like Neuromancer, cept less grungy.

  36. This is not CG, this was recorded from a mission to Venus, there’s only one forest left, and this is a recording of it, they recorded these and kept it so when the public was living in space, they would see this and not think it’s fake or scary, since on mars we already found half fish half dogs- i mean… Hot dogs are very tasty, very tasty indeed.

  37. I’m glad nature is not like this.Trippy creation alright. But I ‚d rather look at nature.It is more real yet exciting like “Weird Nature“ series or “Marvelous Motions“series or “the Supernatural“,Beautiful Indonesia“,etc.This although well made estranges me.Thanks anyways.

  38. OMG seriously computers have sucky graphics compared to me i run at reso 100000000 x 100000000 antialiasing x1000 and runs at 1000000 fps for 1 sec with anti lag and the graphics card is called EYES XD

  39. @JustinsBasicTuts You numnut… The retina has actually a quite low resolution and the refresh rate of the human vision only reaches around 20 to 25 fps. It’s the advanced image processing in our brains that gives us the abillity to see.

    OT: That’s some weird stuff in the animation… damn I would hit it with a big shovel XD

  40. the models are fun and organic, the animation it smooth and mostly natural, but the composition is the real amazing part. a lot of work went into this, no doubt. good stuff!

  41. 2007 maybe, but definitely not the best in 2010.

    Although interesting, this is not in any way realistic There’s not even texture in most of those plants, or anything organic about their materials/movements. They’re like hard pieces of plastic added to regular plants. You can actually see the boundaries of what is real and what is not, if you look closely

  42. This would have got less hate if the title wasnt so egotistical. As a buzz out creative thing its exelent, but state that its the most realistic use of cgi ever and youre just asking for confrontation

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