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Thermal Infrared Camera


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  1. Just saw a video of cops using infrared to spot a rober from a helicopter, and got interested on the subject…
    I here I am. Relly good video. Quick, strait to the point, and cool experiments overall.
    That stuff is pretty amazing eh.

  2. @Ph4ntom74 FLIR just removes the darkness. So use same type of camo as for daylight, but make sure the surface stays at room temp. Example: in the woods, you should be disguised as a bush, in the city disguise yourself as a collection of rubbish. But include a couple extra layers of clothing, and in damp woods keep the outer layer damp and chilled by evap.

  3. Great, I live about 30 minutes (by car) from where they manufacture FLIR cameras.
    Where? Danderyd – Stockholm – Sweden. Also do know that they were a part of the BOFORS concern (Celcius Tech, used to work there), still know a guy who works for them..

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