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Hang Drum


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  1. This music is really lovely and I am fortunate to have had this video come up among my search for things to make in ceramics-one thing leading to another and I am listening to this beautiful music! Just one of life’s gifts. Thanks so much for posting.

  2. @phatcorns

    Yea that would be awesome!! NOT… there are people who live by playing the hang :/
    and would the hang be so cool if it would be like a guitar, that everyone could just go and buy one for hundred bucks? I mean come on…
    I love how it’s hard to get.. you really need some motivation if you wanna get hold of these precious objects. and if you really love the hang, and want to get one, It’s not IMPOSSIBLE to get the money for it 😛

    hang full power

  3. I just listed one of these on e-b-a-y. Just go there and type „pygmy hang“ into their search bar. The auction ends Sunday Sept. 19th. I sat on a waiting list for 2 years and they are not taking any new orders so don’t miss this opportunity to get one of these super hard to get amazing instruments.

  4. These are insane….I have been trying to purchase one but i have had no luck!!!! Was wondering if you could put me in the right direction..Last i herd was that they stopped producing them due to repricing. Is this true and if so how do i place an order for one??
    Thanks for your time and music.

  5. i love hang music .. i saw a guy playing it yesterday walking down Sitges .. and i love it . i bought a CD of it here in Barcelona im starting to wonder where can i buy one?

  6. @lovelymelovelyu I think its a variant of the root D. E.g it could be Dmin/maj/# or a combination. This is from ear so I could be wrong. Hope that gives you a rough idea

  7. @99guinness

    Switzerland! Hard to get, you must write a letter asking for one, then wait till you here back from the makers! Ive had mine for almost 2 years now, and love it!!

  8. well the Hapi drum is slightly similar and around $200 – sounds great but I’m not a percussionist so spending $200 on an instrument that I can tune and is only capable of 8 notes isn’t very practical if its not getting a sound very close like the Halo.

    The Halo seems like a Bass Hang – sounds great, just still pretty expensive

  9. Try Pantheon STeel in USA, but there is a waiting list, I think and price is still about $1500 from last I heard. I think you can sign up for their email news about it.

  10. Pantheon Steel in USA makes one called the Halo. I think that there are some videos on youtube. From last I heard, there is a waiting list, but you can get on their email list to hear the latest. I don’t think they are cheap, though…maybe about $1500 or so, but maybe in future other companies will make some and price will come down.

  11. These instruments are incredibly difficult to get as they aren’t mass produced – thus their price and rarity is very high. You may be able to find someone selling one, but ordering one will place you on a huge waiting list.

  12. @hasitcum2this I wouldn’t really call the Hapi drum a copy. Just a different instrument that has similar sound. I mean If you think about it the hang drum and steel drum are very similar.

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